Racist High School kids!

Rush Limbaugh ws calling for “no more white guilt” on his show today. Millions of White conservatives nodded in agreement. This week has a Berlin Wall falling down air to it. No to White guilt, yes to White Racial Solidarity and Exclusivity.

OMG more diversity training now!


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10 Responses to Racist High School kids!

  1. conchobar14 says:

    yuck that was unbearable. nothing makes me rage more than watching a older evangelical cultural marxist professional type judge peoples thinking. its as if the liberal masochism grants them, like a catholic flagellent, a podium to preach from. who’s daughter or sister is that being interrogated with cheesy programs? that shit is all designed to make her feel guilty for something utterly natural. you can see if they keep these younger ladies/ girls away from these folks (college social justice philistines) then they remain fairly agreeable. may public school go the way of the bayonet charge and the horse carriage. 14 words hailed to the highest!

  2. North Vinlander says:

    Notice how their list of possible sources from which people could’ve picked up “unconscious racism” doesn’t include real life experience. The parents of the black girl were never interviewed either.

  3. This is crappy social science, the interviewer is signaling so much with her voice inflections and her body language it’s clearly impacting the subject. This isn’t real research at all, this is social conditioning. It’s almost certainly unethical too.

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  5. Stary Wylk says:

    Only 24%?

  6. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    This is child abuse. We will never forget.

    If White people had countries of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.

  7. gemjunior says:

    Mikayla (normal kid) has disgusting parents. Any fucker who says “teachable moment” should be instantly backhanded and the mother is a fucking asshole. While I’m typing this I am watching “Little People” about 2 midgets with a tall kid, and the mother midget just got a job at the local elementary school teaching GUESS WHAT? Teaching……drum roll………..DIEversity. Makes me want to scream – you can’t get away from it. I only put this show on because I didn’t want to be distracted by a show like Person of Interest, and then I have to hear about diversity? Oho, something has to go, and I know it’s happening when someone sends me an e-mail about the little white child shot in the stroller. That means a bunch of whites waking up! and that’s a great thing.

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