Police Chief Hurley covered up Trayvon’s burglarizing and complained about leaked report

Here’s the link to the full document.

media outlets and the public with a great degree of specificity, and in some cases local media outlets
have claimed to have obtained copies of this report. They can speak to it and actually quote the language
of this report. I feel that this is indicative and clearly illustrates a leak, a violation of the policy set forth by my office and this police department. The office of the chief and police information officer are the only points of release of information to the media. The only points of release of police reports, and obviously this suggests that somebody else somewhere else within this police department leaked information to a number of external sources. There is also indication to support that a member or members of the local media were allowed inside the investigative division for reasons unknown and were allowed to engage in conversations with members of the investigative division. There is also information that suggests that several members of the investigative division requested copies of this report, had copies of the report, touched copies of this report, and actually handled evidence that was impounded regarding the deceased child, T.M., a former student of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School to include jewelry and a screw driver. There’s no apparent reason for anybody to have handled this or certainly if they did have a reason they should have done so back in October when the report was taken, not as a result of the media frenzy and the highly controversial stir that has come upon this case that has become a racially charged event and a controversial investigation taking place in Sanford.I have great concerns as the chief of police here that several members of the investigative division are the points that the leak occurred.

Some “racist” LOL cops leaked this report to debunk the myth of St. Trayvon! So if you have to debate libs, here’s the original evidence — Trayvon was a burglar, and an oil drilling white police chief covered up for him, and was probably covering up a lot of black crime!

Also, here’s from the Daily Mail

Trayvon Martin was suspended from school three times in the months before he was shot dead by a neighborhood watchman, it emerged today.
The new claims, revealed in a leaked report, paint a different picture of a teenager who frequently found himself in trouble with authorities.
It was also revealed that he might have attacked a bus driver, according to a Twitter account that it is claimed belonged to the teen.
The Miami Herald claims that in October, he was caught with a ‘burglary tool’ – a flathead screwdriver – and 12 pieces of women’s jewellery. Martin insisted that they did not belong to him.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2120504/Trayvon-Martin-case-He-suspended-times-caught-burglary-tool.html#ixzz2ZzjDPv47
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2 Responses to Police Chief Hurley covered up Trayvon’s burglarizing and complained about leaked report

  1. tg moderator says:

    I’m not surprised to see juvenile police reports kept confidential. Sure glad somebody leaked. The Sandy Hook thing was really odd… Was a police report ever issued? My wife used to be a cop. (20 years plus–now retired) She thought the Sandy Hook thing was bizarre. Am I turning into a conspiracy nut? I don’t think the President faked his birth certificate, but the one released on the whitehouse.gov website was sure as hell doctored. So we see a pattern of disinformation in almost every major media story. Sometimes it may just be an effort to make the conspiracy nuts come out of the woodwork, but you also never know what to believe. To get to the point… What is important about the Mindweapon plan is that it is local and community based. Major media cannot change what friends and neighbors create and build at the grass roots. So MW plan is immune to the confusion and disinformation.

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