Communist victory attained by stealth

Consumerism and Button Mashing Faggotry allowed Communism to grow like a mold around us. To those who remember the Cold War? We lost, by stealth. The Bolsheviks gave up on Russia and focused on the USA, while using Russia as a distraction.

We only could have fended off not losing by protecting our local economies. We let everything go without a fight. It was rigged, set up, and taken away from us. We were socially engineered into car dependent suburbs and absurdly anti-intellectual public schools.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, now we know, and so we can figure out where to go from here. They only won by a collective trance of consensus, by Manufactured Consent as Chomsky called it.

It is within our power to withdraw the manufactured consent.


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6 Responses to Communist victory attained by stealth

  1. PA says:

    Corporatism took off big in the 80s in opposition to regulations, antitrust laws and localism. The CONNEDservative position was that if you’re against big business, you’re against free trade, and therefore a librul commie.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah I remember that. We surrendered earlier than the 80’s though. We didn’t protect the farmers! Rich men have an obligation to organize the rest of us to manage the food supply better. the Monsanto thing and obesity and diabetes are great examples of this.

      • I would modify that a little- the system protected the Midwestern grain farmers, who are very politically powerful, and destroyed the rest. I can think of at least two specific fruit and vegetable farms close to where lived in suburban California that came to an end not because the family decided it, but because government-subsidized developers wanted the land.

        The origin of the grain-based diet as a Puritan imposition is a story in and of itself, I wrote a few things on that.

      • mindweapon says:

        Send the link! I want to read about the origin of the grain based diet! This decision to make us all into grain eaters is why Americans are so fat and diabetic.

    • Adit says:

      Graham crackers were also originally a health food. Then they added cinnamon and sugar and the rest is history.

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