Beta Male Move Of The Day

Watch your body language. Don’t “peck” with your head like a chicken to express agreement with an interlocutor.


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16 Responses to Beta Male Move Of The Day

  1. oogaboogaman says:

    My drunken watching of Dr William Pierce’s videos on youtube was just disturbed by a link to an ‘artist’ koowl fury and their song titled trayvon martin on youtube. The comments section is already being dominated by the race realists,go there to voice your support. In terms of the whole omega, beta, alpha male bs the only thing you have to keep in mind as a MAN is that if you keep yourself physically fit as well as build your wealth, at 40 twenty yr old hotties will want to fuck you whereas those formerly haughty hotties will be getting botox injections and praying to the gods for some young dick to fuck them. Peace, salam alakum etc etc

    • oogaboogaman says:

      Also, I have mucho respect for you and your blog MWIR, but in my humble @** opinion plz don’t turn this shit into Chateau Heartiste. Yeah game works, exercise and looking good works, but plz don’t turn this into 150 commenters every article, where every MFer is arguing every point about approaching a bitch, or circle jerking eachother nonstop. We have more important topics to discuss our survival in the dystopia. Also, a lil’ advice if you live near a major city, ecspecially with an int’l airport with entertainment and or a casino you got business class whores galore all around make use of them, no games or shit tests included. And they’re clean.

      • HerewardMW says:

        Agreed, in principal, but there is an important lesson for us in game. It can be summed up as “the man is the message”. People respond to social and physical dominance and if you want to convince people of something the easiest way is if they naturally look up to you.

        Confession time: I’ve made some poor decisions over the last seven years and as a consequence I’m less fit and poorer than I was back then. As a consequence I avoid talking to people about anything controversial as I think my current demeanor – weight, obvious lack of wealth and status – would actually turn people away from our ideas no matter how eloquent I was or well reasoned the argument. I’m sorting myself out now but it’s been a difficult road.

        The point is that when you try to convince people of something you don’t just carry a message, from their point of view you are the message. A confident, wealthy and attractive messenger makes more impact and gets more respect. That’s why politicians crave celebrity endorsements. Ben Affleck may be as dumb as a box of rocks (I don’t know anything about him) but he’s handsome and people automatically defer to him as a celebrity. One vapid five second NO H8 video with him looking all soulful and serious is worth a thousand articles in our little corner of the internet.

      • mindweapon says:


        Game is about more than picking up women. It is how we conduct ourselves to anyone, for any reason. Game works for job interviews, for persuading your uncle of your political position at the family reunion, for jobs themselves since it’s all about dealing with people.

        I will discuss game on this blog, but it’s universal applications. Getting rid of an incongruent behavior such as chicken pecking is very important for any of us who might do it. I’m not sure if I do it or not, but I’m going to watch out for it.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        hereward and MW: Yeah I agree with your points that having a good grasp of body language, public speaking, physical fitness, and dress are all something mindweapons should cultivate. Although I think Heartiste puts out an informative blog, and I do believe in most of the tenants of ‘game’, my fear was that blogging about it would attract what eradica calls ‘fight club faggots’, which is what I would classify a sizeable portion of the Chateau’s commenters as.

      • X says:


        As Alex Kurtagic put it “impress to inform”. Informing to impress rarely does.

    • conchobar14 says:

      amen, this overly self conscious mentality is retarded. as well as the overly sexual worldview. game is stupid. at eradica ‘ferd was unmasked as a fat basement douche. there are dominators and dominated. as for attempting to play this stupid psychological game with women inside of these current moral/social cue is stupid and a waste of energy. there are better things to do with your time if you are a WN. and if you are really interested in dominating women become a muslim.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        Yeah I agree with and disagree with you Conch. As a mindweapon there are much more important things that we could be doing to cultivate ourselves, as opposed to the repetitive arguments and petty clashes of personality at the chateau. But there is nothing wrong with learning about the true psychology of the ‘fairer’ sex as well as current marriage and relationship issues in the USSA.

  2. Tom Bowie says:

    I’ll not say it’ll work for everybody but I’ve found it’s easier to learn than to unlearn. Those bad habits are ingrained on an unconscious level. I’ve found it’s easier to make a conscious effort at doing rather than maintain a vigil over unconscious habits. You in effect become an actor playing a part by gesture, tone and stance for an intimate audience until you become the role you play.

  3. Anon says:

    Definitely watch your body language, it reveals quite a bit about you.

    • conchobar14 says:

      lol you can scare people quite a bit. i have totally strained my chest and back from two years of lifting barrels up into a dumpster everyday for ZOG tokens and as such whenever i am done and perhaps “socializing” with degenerate nihilist hedonist i can stop stretching my arms and shoulders and chest and as such most people think that i am a grappler and am looking for a fight. also being a jaded WN like most of you all i am an angry young man. i am not a big dude but alot of big dudes think i am trying to fight, this one drunk nigger kept sayin’ how i was flexin’ up on him. the true aryan of course is more conceiling of his true nature, but then again violence is the building block of hierarchy.

  4. A.Ralston says:

    “Game” is the Chateau’s term of art for charisma, bearing, or demeanor. When he discusses “frame” I think of poise, balance, or stance – both physical and mental. One takes the red pill, awakens (rather harshly, in my case) to all the Marxist and anti-male conditioning which our culture has force fed us over many decades, and then begins to unwind the lies and illusions regarding human nature, adopt a new and initially uncomfrotable mind set, practice new skills, act the role, and otherwise “fake it ’till we make it,” to use a 12-step slogan. It is a form of social power, morally neutral like any other tool, usable for good or ill.

    It is my firm opinion that White men and boys allowed themsevles to be gelded and marginalized for far too long. Now they must, with much effort, regain their Aryan birthrights, including freedom, nobility, power, and expanded consciousness. One of their most urgent tasks is admit our past gullibilities, shed them. and learn how to provide strong, consistent, masculine leadership for White women – something which White women direly need. The Chatueau would argue that women crave a man’s dominance without knowing that they crave it. I agree with him.

    The YKW-iinfected culture has taught White boys and men to be equal, passive, submissive, overly sensitive, and spiritually irrespsonsible. This we must rectify forthwith, and “game” is a set of tools and skills that can help many of us to do so.

    • @A.Ralston

      Agree with everything you wrote. “Game” is far more than just picking up women, although it works for that too. The “game” scene makes some harsh generalizations about women, often true but usually, purposefully, uncharitable and unsympathetic. That’s an unfortunate necessity given the current state of affairs, but we’ll be able to have a more friendly conversation as “peak feminism” passes. Just like how Tryvon and the Million Hoodie march represented Peak Negro – this too will pass.

      The YKW-iinfected culture has taught White boys and men to be equal, passive, submissive, overly sensitive, and spiritually irrespsonsible.

      The solution is rebuilding social (and economic, and quasi-military, and intelligence) institutions where membership is strictly and absolutely restricted to men only. My pet term is the Mannerbund, cause it’s German and tough sounding. This is how we restore what we’ve lost and both white men and white women will be happier, eventually. Might have to get worse before it gets better though.

      Picking up women is easy. When you meet a pretty girl, look her directly in the eye, make subtle facial expressions indicating you find her attractive (easiest way – widen you eyes a little bit and sort of purse your lips. The idea is you want to communicate “wow you’re so hot but I’m stopping myself from saying it), ask her an inane and irrelevant question in a way that makes her laugh, set a “trigger point” with a body gesture (talk with your hands like an Italian – but just for one second) then smirk. The basic idea is that when you are talking to women to pick them up, you don’t communicate with your words – it doesn’t matter what you say. You communicate with your body – double entendre intended. If you really need to be autistic about it, think about how a pitcher signals a catcher.

      I have no idea why it works but it almost always does.

      Learn how to communicate with your body language (and lie) and read other people’s body language, and it’s amazing how transparent people’s emotions and “inner state” really are.

      PS I read the article but I’m not sure what “pecking” your head is? Is that like “chicken head” where the ghetto black girls move their heads from side to side, like a chicken?

      PPS as for “cultivating stillness.” I read that in the military, guys who “fidget” are taught to control it by pressing your thumb and middle finger together, you focus the energy on that and it keeps you still.

      • mindweapon says:

        Pecking is like nodding along to everything someone says with rapt attention. Another thing is to look at someone while you are talking to them, but don’t look at them while they are talking to you. It signals higher status.

  5. ZOGWHORE says:


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