ANOTHER White Student Union!!!

h/t to Maureen — another White Student Union, this one in Georgia.


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9 Responses to ANOTHER White Student Union!!!

  1. Let them say we’re crazy
    What do they know?
    Put your arms around me
    Baby don’t ever let go.
    Let the world around us just fall apart
    Baby we can make it if we’re heart to heart.
    And we can build this dream together
    Standing strong forever
    Nothing’s gonna stop us now.

  2. RangedMartialArtist says:

    Do not share any personal info with them, also don’t have the different WSU’s share info, just lend moral support and let them do their own thing.

  3. Roy says:

    Reading the comments section on the Creative Loafing Article —

    We’ve got a long way to go! It appears our true enemy is our own people. Sad, pathetic and not very hopeful.

    Check out the Red haired lady. She writes — “If GSU authorizes such a ‘white union’ then I will pull my kid out and enroll him elsewhere.” Anna Foote –

    I wish misery on all these traders.

  4. Roy says:

    Robot Sam……..

    “Trader” works too. They are essentially “trading” their race. They are traders. They “trade” their race for all the rest. Trader of ones race – traitor to the race…………both work for me.

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    Nice white women playing the game of one upmanship over other nice white women. Of course our reactionary shrieking is all part of the game where we help them appear nicer.

    They’re women, human beings without reason or a sense of accountability, hence these race traitors must be held accountable socially for being “anti-white.” But everyone is stuck on the same script we have had for 50 years and even saying the phrase “anti-white” comes up against the PC mental block inserted by the anti-white Left, and since none of our leaders of the past used “anti-white” here we sit trading essays about crime stats.

    Of course everyone doubts me and thinks me an asshole (true) but go read the intro into Rockwell’s “White Power”, same stuff different decade.

    The red haired woman should be asked if she is anti-white, from there she can be shall we say corrected Hipster R. style.

  6. I’m not concerned.

    A bunch of Non-Whites bitching about it is to be expected. The only advantage they have managed to achieve for themselves against Whites was when Whites got a collective brain fart and decided to STOP advocating and working for their own interests. The idea that Whites will start up again scares the bejeezus out of them.

    I’d be more concerned if there was not a single comment from a White person on that board. Because people who are not interested in the idea, don’t give a damn either way, or think the idea is stupid, self-defeating, crazy and/or a waste of time simply roll their eyes and click onto the next article. Without comment. That’s what I do. I think “Whatever,” and surf somewhere else.

    Call me a cynic, but why ARE these drama queens making a huge production out of clutching the pearls and having the vapors over the very idea of GASP! A! WHITE! STUDENT! UNION?!
    They are paranoid, with good reason, that their internet visits are either being monitored by FEDGOV or some other quasi-official censorship bureau like the $PLC. So, if they don’t post SOMETHING condemning this idea, then that fat troll, Heidi Bearbitch, rats them out to their employer for the act of reading something.

    This whole thing reminds me of the way DWLs carried on and wrote “Well, I NEVER” posts all over the damn place when some site mentioned all these Black on White beatings. They all condemned the racism of reporting it, but then they’d link to OTHER racist sites about OTHER incidents like these.

    I’d die of shock if that silly red-haired bitch made good her threat. Where does it make sense to yank your child out of a perfectly good university that permits a White Student Union rather than quietly telling your child not to join it?! Like, DUH! Methinks Thou Protest Too Much, Lady.

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