Rangel: Tea Party same group of ‘white crackers’ who opposed civil rights

Charlie Rangel don’t like us white crackas! He wants to punish us and put us in our place! LOL.

Rinku Sen is bitching that “:the power to punish explicit racists” is not enough. He wants to be able to attack all those implicit racists out there:


The combination of implicit bias and power gives explicit racists a lot of cover, through rules and arrangements that don’t need to be explicitly racist to get massive support. The entire Zimmerman trial was influenced by just these sorts of actions—from the initial botching of the crime scene, to the disturbing admissions of Juror B37 in her CNN interview, to the adoption of Florida’s so-called “stand your ground” law in the first place. This combination—conscious racists who know not to use the n-word, unconscious racists who can’t recognize bias without the n-word, and policymakers who can easily deny racist intention—affects every issue. This is why it is so hard, for instance, to establish that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s voter suppression policies were designed to target African Americans and Latinos, or that drug sentencing laws need a major overhaul.

We are so clever! it’s like whack-a-mole, or the Racist Hydra Heads! Take heart — we’re making Rinku Sen very very frustrated!


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12 Responses to Rangel: Tea Party same group of ‘white crackers’ who opposed civil rights

  1. Anti-whites like Rinku Sen are our best allies. As Spike Lee’s excellent film Bamboozled showed, even if a white man marries a black woman and has bi-racial children, he’s still a racist. Literally, racist = white, and white babies are born with racism, like original sin.

    We simply need an anti-discrimination campaign to show people that we racists were born this way. It’s our racial orientation, it’s natural. You can’t “educate the racism away” because it’s the core of our very being.

    NO H8! God Loves Racists Too!

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Detroit bailout coming down the pike, that ought to help us as well.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      I know we like our complicated plans and all, but if the term “anti-white” gets applied to dirtbags like Rangel it will help us immeasurably. As of now he can spew his anti-white hate and the masses thinks he speaks from moral authority, of course that is BS.

      • I try to use “anti-white” as much as possible, I agree once it goes mainstream, the show is over.

        “Anti-racism” has already become one big joke and basically 90% of white people know it but don’t say it too openly for obvious reasons.

        But the “anti-racists” can be assured everyone is laughing behind their backs.

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  4. Mosin Nagant says:

    I find a number of interesting blogs like this http://www.freerangehumans.net/strategies/AllElse.html (note “Solutions”) and this http://tomatobubble.com/index.html through the blogroll of “Tea Party – related” Unsolicited Opinion http://theunsolicitedopinion.com/2013/04/09/when-hate-hustlers-speak/ .

  5. more of the same says:

    Was talking to White and normal guy last night comparing the Z trial to the O J trial. How we didn’t like the latter verdict but didn’t threaten riots or blackmail. This guy would call me a “racist” or KKK’er if he knew I read and commented on blogs like this one. Nevertheless, he’s almost on the same page. I’m convinced there’s a lot of justifiable White rage out there and the days of the anti-White race baiters are numbered.

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