Alternative Right; The Racism Bubble

Tracking the term “racist” with the google NGRam viewer.

Further confirmation that Cultural Marxism is on the wane comes from studies showing that Whites increasingly see themselves not as the perpetrators of racial discrimination but as the recipients of it. In a 2011 paper titled “Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing” (Perspectives on Psychological Science), authors Norton and Sommers write, “Changes in Whites’ conceptions of racism are extreme enough that Whites have now come to view anti-White bias as a bigger societal problem than anti-Black bias.”

Public support for race-based Affirmative-Action now stands at a record low. A Gallup poll just released in July found that two-thirds of Americans—and fully three-quarters of Whites—disapprove of racial preference schemes aimed at engineering more “Diversity” on college campuses.

Make no mistake, the high priests of PC orthodoxy still control academia, government, and establishment media. They will continue to militantly push their agenda through the institutions they control, even as they lose their grip on the minds of Whites.

But the point is that they are losing control. They have revealed themselves to be moral dogmatists who push pre-Darwinian views of human evolution. Having failed to persuade us through evidence and argumentation, they can only resort to force and intimidation to try to silence the growing numbers of us who hold heterodox views.

They have lost the intellectual battle. The neo-Trotskyites should now lose their undeserved positions of power. Let them be replaced by neo-Jeffersonians who embody the principles of free inquiry and who unapologetically pursue truth, wherever it may lead.


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2 Responses to Alternative Right; The Racism Bubble

  1. Well, it’s last minute but apparently a lot of people are finally waking up and smelling the negro!

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