Aggressive new HUD program rezoning wealthy areas in Long Island and Westchester; will this be the teachable moment?

HUD is developing a national diversity data map that looks at every community in the country — town by town, street by street — seeking “exclusionary zoning” and what it calls impediments to “fair housing.” It’s searching for census blocks — often no more than a street or two — where the African-American population is 3 percent or less and the Latino population is 7 percent or less. Once it finds those, it wants to use financial leverage to change local zoning laws that prohibit large apartment complexes and other multifamily building types. In other words, it wants to force large apartment complexes into America’s most expensive neighborhoods.
“This proposed rule represents a 21st century approach to fair housing, a step forward to ensuring that every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of — where they have a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life,” HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan said last week.
Where most people see expensive neighborhoods, HUD sees racism. Its housing monitor in Westchester this week declared seven municipalities in violation of “exclusionary zoning” and it will now try to force Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, a client of mine, to sue those municipalities to dissolve their centuries-old zoning laws. Westchester may be the fourth most diverse county in New York State — it’s tied with Manhattan — but that doesn’t matter to HUD. There are individual neighborhoods that don’t meet HUD’s prescribed racial cocktail.

This is very good news for us, the radicals. No longer will we be lone, fringe men and women crying in the wilderness. No longer will it only be the wrong kind of white people who are subjected to “diversity enrichment.” The rich people who can make things happen are no longer able to flee; they are being cornered and forced to turn and fight. Perhaps this is by design. If someone had a conspiracy theory that the Obama administration wants to turn the White upper middle class and upper class into White nationalists and fascists, I would find this conspiracy theory plausible. Is it possible that the Obama admin does not understand the dynamics of how this is going to work out?

So what will come of this? I’m hoping for some kind of pro-White Masonic style secret society — a Mannerbund and women’s relief society, whose goal is to support eugenics and White Mindweapon families, whose children will grow up to infiltrate the government and seize power from the Cultural Marxists and neocons.

If you are a person of means and action reading this, get in touch. It can be done. A combination of high academic achievement and Taqqiyah (pretending to support the Cultural Marxist agenda in order to infiltrate the governemnt and politics) can make this happen. It’s totally legal – it’s how the Cultural Marxists and Jews got into power in the first place. We’re not reinventing the wheel or proposing anything new here; it’s just that it’s a strategy that White people have not tried in living memory because we always could rely on hot lead and cold steel. The Jews and Muslims have a well developed MindWar. We do not, but if we are to start resisting evil agendae in a semitized society, we are going to have to learn MindWar.

The secret society should call it a “conservative” agenda, but the 33rd degree pro-Whites know that the agenda is eugenics and keeping up with the Chinese in biotechnology and designer super-babies.

Zhao’s goal is to use those machines to examine the genetic underpinnings of genius like his own. He wants nothing less than to crack the code for intelligence by studying the genomes of thousands of prodigies, not just from China but around the world. He and his collaborators, a transnational group of intelligence researchers, fully expect they will succeed in identifying a genetic basis for IQ. They also expect that within a decade their research will be used to screen embryos during in vitro fertilization, boosting the IQ of unborn children by up to 20 points. In theory, that’s the difference between a kid who struggles through high school and one who sails into college.

This is what our secret society should be pursuing as well.

I had a recent email correspondence with an anti-white and it was fascinating how perfectly he hewed to the MindWar principle:

MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all parties in a war,that we will win that war.

He deftly told a story of how WN’s were defective losers who would all end up dead or in jail. He had American History X in his mind and countless History Channel “documentaries” about skinheads designed to MindWar pro-Whites into despair. But that’s merely the illusory, TV MindWar picture of WN’s. The reality is that we are radicalized conservatives revolting en masse against political correctness and the destruction of the country. Even Rush Limbaugh is sounding like us!

I told a story right back to him about how racism is the default human nature and only paychecks and censoring pro-White opposition keep the facade of liberal dominance in place. Everyone sees that his side is dominant on television, so they think that everyone else agrees with the TV so they keep their mouth shut. But the TV consensus is a Potemkin village, and the paychecks are going to stop flowing to the paycheck liberal enforcers of political correctness.

White people are the people who actually get things done in the world. The Paycheck Liberals don’t do anything but bash us and crow about “white privilege” and “racism.” They have become a broken record, telling ordinary White people that everything about them and the people they love, their friends, their family, is all evil.

Anti-whitism, Cultural Marxism seeds the cultural revolt against it. It won’t take much to knock it over, and even if we don’t knock it over, it’s likely to fall over on its own. But I hope Whites will organize against it.


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  1. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    I’m hoping the Occupyers, Teapartiers, WNs etc will converge and go after our common enemies.

  2. This news both alarms and disgusts me. You do everything you can to get away fro these savages and now the govt is hunting us down and rubbing them in our faces. I have ancestors who financed and fought in the Revolutionary war to preserve this country for us, their posterity and these jews are giving all our money to animals and swamping us in apelike barbarians.
    I would agree with you that this will finally bring the lesson of tnb home to even the most liberal, but I never cease to be amazed at how brainwashed most of these idiots are by TV and movies.To them that jew spew is more real than there own actual life experience. I’m moving thousands of miles away to get away from this scummy state but I fear that in a few years my new home may be even more fuxated!!
    Sorry, but this new development just really angers me.

    • Sorry if I sound negative, but I see tough times ahead for us. Soon I pan on setting up shop again and going into back into production and this time I will be making pro White art. There’s not too many of those that I now of. I guess A. Wyatt Man is the most famous, but I hope to be more popular than even him, and I will ave the advantage of infiltrating the main stream.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s great! I should give you some ideas! We have great flyers from the old days. A good artist could provide material for flyers and pamphlets. Remember the old kind of social media — pieces of paper with drawing and words on it!

        I look forward to the new pro-White art. Your rage and frustration needs to make itself manifest in the world and create powerful memes that finish off the TV manufactured consent nightmare.

      • I’m jiggy wit dat!

    • mindweapon says:


      What you have to understand is that you are not alone. You feel alone and isolated, but in your sentiments, you are in a crowd of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of Whites. This stuff isn’t just messing you up, it’s messing up a LOT of people who are going to get pissed and get organized and do something about it!

    • Anon says:

      genuine force projection is difficult, and this particular program relies on the tacit acceptance of whites to continue. what happens when people start falsely reporting their race on the census, or not reporting it?

      • If you think we could get away with it, why not try it like that and see if it works?

      • Peter Blood says:

        Mark as “Jew.” That’s mindweaponry!

        Christians can do this in good conscience, I believe, but you have to know the apostle Paul’s writings so you can do the theology. Paul mentions that those who believe in Christ are “children of Abraham by faith” and that the Church is the “true Israel.” (The Jews who reject Christ are part of the Synagogue of Satan.) Mark “Jew” on your application to Harvard and sail right on in!

  3. more of the same says:

    Yes, the white anti-White elites very much need a taste of their own medicine. Westchester County or Greenwich, CT, two excellent places to start. Lowell Weicker’s backyard.

  4. more of the same says:

    Yes, the anti-White elites very much need a taste of their own medicine. Westchester County or Greenwich, CT, two excellent places to start. Lowell Weicker’s backyard.

    Ironically anti-Whites are our friends. The more aggressively they push the White Genocide agenda the more apt our fellow Whites are to come to their senses about the “racist” scam. Yes, even turn the elites against them and they are done.

    • mindweapon says:

      Comment of the year:

      Ironically anti-Whites are our friends. The more aggressively they push the White Genocide agenda the more apt our fellow Whites are to come to their senses about the “racist” scam. Yes, even turn the elites against them and they are done.

  5. Of course fruits and vegetables are expensive if you do all your shopping at 711.
    I have a video I think I posted on m blog, only I don’t remember what it was called so finding it would be difficult. Anyway some liberals tried growing vegetables in an empty ghetto lot and the negroes trashed it and had the city chase them off.
    These creatures are truly messed up but they are not interested in changing for the better.

    • mindweapon says:

      Of course! Some Hipsters should do an urban garden and set up video surveillance and show how the negroes trash the garden. Who cares about having them arrested or antyhing, just have it be a race realist expose!

      The urban garden — a work of White civilization, destroyed by negroes! a silent short movie.

      • Brandon says:

        …a silent “snort” movie…:=)

      • mindweapon says:

        I had something like this in mind:

        Rollingwriter should make a movie like that showing the destruction of an urban garden. Sometyhing that is so artistically perfect, yet containing the payload of our message, that the hipsters cannot resist watching it and making a cult film out of it.

  6. ContemplativeMorrigan says:

    While I’m sure a lot of it just has to do with the fact that it wasn’t an established part of reproduction when I was growing up, I just don’t feel emotionally or ethically comfortable with embryo screening. I have a hard enough time wrapping my mind around manipulating the genes of an embryo to make it supersmart; the thought of lining up a bunch, picking the best, and tossing the rest out just sickens me on a base level. Thankfully, in the present dysgenic society, there’s more than enough room in the eugenics movement for those like me who would rather just focus on environmental measures like nutrition, upbringing, etc.

    RE: the HUD initiative – I don’t think blacks and other non-whites will like this either, honestly. Just a few days ago I saw a comment from some college-educated black talking about how “disgusting” Boulder, CO was because of all the white people (LOL). While blacks definitely want whites in close enough proximity to take advantage of white infrastructure and money, I honestly believe that all but the talented tenth prefer their own company. The mestizos might be a different story – I don’t have enough experience one way or the other to hazard a guess – but I would bet the Chinese or Indian communities, for example, will be pretty angry about this. Obviously, they won’t want low-IQ blacks in their neighborhoods, but even if all of their new neighbors were whites or other Asian ethnicities, I doubt they would be rolling out the welcome mat.

    • Peak Finance says:

      I love science, don’t get me wrong. But I have a rule of thumb that helps me determine if a particular new technology is potentially dangerous or not.

      If the explanation of the set-up, sounds like it could be the opening sequence of a Horror movie, then it’s most likely very bad.

      Genetically modified humans surely meets my rule of thumb.

      • mindweapon says:

        As long as the horror movie has the liberals as the victims, I want to make that movie!

        I am 100% in favor of genetically modifying humans into mindweapons and cyborgs.

    • bluegrass says:

      I agree, I think a society made up of a majority of high IQ people would be unstable.

      I’m not a geneticist by any means, but from what I’ve gathered genes can operate in complex ways, turning on desired effects while simultaneously altering something completely different, i.e., boosting intelligence at the cost of decreased libido, or something along those lines.

      High intelligence is also correlated with eccentric and schizoid personalities, depression and other subtle and not so subtle deleterious effects.

      So, my only advice to the Chinese it to be careful what you wish for.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        There are plenty of deeply unhappy, disturbed individuals who have no great intelligence or artistic ability, yet of those with great intelligence and artistic ability, most seem to be deeply unhappy and disturbed. Why that is, and what would happen to society if they made up the majority of the population, are frightening considerations.

        Personally, I’m skeptical that something as complex as intelligence – which isn’t worth much without motivation and one or more suitable outlets – can be pinned down by one gene. It seems much likelier that it’s due to one or more gene sequences, and is influenced not just by composition but expression.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, BGI Shenzen isn’t just looking for one gene, they are looking for sequences/combinations. If all else fails, they can just clone the smart people.

    • Brandon says:

      …how disgusting Boulder CO was….Let em go build there own “Boulder”…..oops…I forgot, they already have. It’s called Detoilet.

  7. Wally D. says:

    “This is what our secret society should be pursuing as well.” While I cannot prove it, I’d
    wager that the Israelis are doing the very same thing the Chinese openly admit to. After all they do quite a bit of research on which viruses and bacteria affect their neighbors, the Arabs,

  8. Robot Sam says:

    This little whining puke is the typical squeaky voiced nerd perv who grew up frustrated vowing that he would get revenge on all the jocks in high school and teach them a lesson.

  9. Ryu says:

    I think this will help us with middle class whites, who don’t have the juice to ignore the rules. You may bet that George Lucas won’t have his neighborhood enriched. We live in a 3rd world country; the laws apply to some but not to others.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Once this database exists, it will be accessible to we the people through FOIA, which means we can get official government maps of where NOT to live.

    Regular go-along-to-get-along whites will become mindweaponized by exposure to blacks.

    A few wealthy traitorous whites and YKWs may even end up having to practice the diversity they command upon the rest of us

    Win win win

  11. Is this a last ditch attempt to save the cities? Detroit is only one canary in the coal mine and there are only so many more canaries that are starting to wake up and sing as well. And White America has made it clear that they have no interest in seeing their taxes used to save cities like Detroit.

    Our elite are loath to admit this, but what is killing the cities is a huge concentration of Blacks resulting in White Flight. Republican conservatards can yammer about socialism, but it worked just fine for Scandinavia when it was all White.

    Whites consider the thought of pondering the possibility of Going Gault all the time. Raising tax levels to resurrect the Detroits on Whites would be the quickest way to ensure that Whites Go Gault in record time. One has to wonder if this Housing Bubble wasn’t deliberately engineered with saving the cities in mind. You have all these empty houses in safe suburban neighborhoods just waiting to be filled with the cities’ criminal element. If that fails, you force low-cost housing into high-dollar suburban communities.

    You empty the city of all the violent Blacks and ship them to Lily-White suburbs of every income level. In doing so, you make it clear to Whites that there is nowhere they can outrun the Black Plague, so why forego the amenities of the city while bankrupting themselves with the costs of commuting? They move back and gentrify the city, raising property values and tax base returns.

  12. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    I suspect you’ll see this HUD “initiative” quietly disappear, at least with regards to the wealthier zip codes. You’ll see it used like a cudgel to brownbomb some middle class areas for sure, but the elites will nip this geek’s overreach jig time– no way they want ‘diversity’ in their neighborhoods (what would it do for property values for God’s sake!). Memo to HUD geekling from TWMNBN– next time you come up with a ‘good idea’ check w/us first– got it?

    • Trainspotter says:

      “I suspect you’ll see this HUD “initiative” quietly disappear, at least with regards to the wealthier zip codes. You’ll see it used like a cudgel to brownbomb some middle class areas for sure, but the elites will nip this geek’s overreach…”

      Possibly, but whether it disappears or not, similar lunacy will pop up in its place. Anti-white liberalism is fundamentally bankrupt, intellectually and morally. It appears that it is soon to be bankrupt fiscally.

      Literally nothing turned out the way that liberals claimed it would (I refer here to the white liberal cultists who are the true believers, not Jews or various malcontents who were simply engaging in straight up ethnic warfare and destruction/subjugation). Integration of schools was supposed to equalize the races. What did it do? Destroy literally thousands of formerly good schools. Welfare for blacks was supposed to give people a helping hand to better themselves. What did it do? Fund a bizarre and utterly dysfunctional criminal underclass that operates completely apart from notions of responsibility or even common decency. Fill in liberal racial policy here – disaster. If the liberal claim that “we’s all be equals” were correct, things would have turned out very differently.

      But what does the liberal cultist do in the face of overwhelming reality? He doubles down. He gets loonier and loonier, and there are countless examples of this. He suppresses news of the massive non-white on white rape epidemic, and latches onto obvious frauds in a desperate attempt to find a single example of the reverse: the Duke rape hoax. Since he can’t find an actual example of a decent black male shot down for “being black,” he runs with the thug Trayvon, Patron Saint of Iced Tea and Skittles. He can’t find examples of actual discrimination, so he invents “white privilege” and “institutional racism.” No matter what, whitey is to blame!

      The lies get ever more outlandish and ridiculous. Just recently I read an Oprah interview in which she claimed that millions (yes millions) of blacks were lynched. The true number is closer to a few thousand, and no doubt most of them were rapists who had it coming. Plenty of whites were lynched too, and I don’t doubt that most of them had it coming as well. But in Oprah World, it was millions of blacks (white deaths aren’t mentioned, because they don’t matter). She then, in irony both rich and no doubt completely lost upon her, goes on to decry the historical ignorance of today’s young people. Ha! Just another day in the Kwa, I suppose.

      In the same interview, Forest Whitaker claimed that he’s been arrested so many times that he doesn’t even remember the number. LOL! Funny, I know plenty of professional blacks well enough to be aware of their criminal record, if any, and precisely NONE of them have ever been arrested. Ever. But poor old Forest, even wearing a three piece suit and whistling while he walks, and the po-leece just can’t stay away. Will a brother ever be able to catch a break?

      So two of the most successful people on the planet, people who live truly privileged lives, use that privilege to spread the most wanton and shameless of lies about our folk. I also have to add that these lies are so utterly shameless that, and feel the irony on this too, one suspects that even a few Jews would blush at the whoppers that Oprah and Forest just blithely told.

      So that’s it, that’s all liberalism has left. So expect more of it: Lies, nuttiness and thinly veiled malice. Intellectually and morally, it truly has jumped the shark. The nuttier they get, the greater our opportunity. I’m loving every minute of it, and if that means that the sorts of whites who have enjoyed looking the other way for the last couple of generations are no longer able to do so, then I’m good with that too. MW’s right, this is good for us.

      For now, break out the popcorn. For the future, the sky is the limit.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    The myth of Scandinavian Socialism
    Jun.22, 2010 By: Davy in Economics, External Content, Freedom
    Just wanted to quickly share this post from the forums which serves as an awesome resource to combat the oft-repeated meme that Scandinavia shows that “mixed-economy-socialism” can work great. Full credit to krazy kaju for the excellent post. You can read the full thread here:
    Many leftists often point to the “superiority” of Scandinavian “socialism.” Leftists often use Denmark and Sweden as their examples, since they are the most successful Scandinavian nations. I already covered this issue in an earlier post, but I feel it is important to rehash this topic and to post a refutation of this leftist fallacy. For this post, we shall define Scandinavian countries as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Some might dispute whether we should consider Finland and Iceland as Scandinavian, because of cultural differences (Finland) and geographical barriers (Iceland), though we the point of this post is not to argue whether or not these countries are Scandinavian, but to dispute the fact that they are indeed successful socialist states.
    First of all, most leftists will use the USA as the measure of laissez faire capitalism. We all know that this is completely false, so I won’t go into detail refuting this casuistry here but I’d like to point several things out: Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, and Australia were all rated as “more free,” according to the Heritage Index of Economic Freedom. It would probably be better to compare these Scandinavian nations to Hong Kong or Ireland than to the United states.
    Furthermore, Scandinavian nations are not nearly as socialist as leftists claim they are. Although the United States ranks higher than these nations on the Index of Economic Freedom, Scandinavian nations are more free in several decisive areas. Denmark has greater business freedom, monetary freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom, freedom from corruption, and labor freedom while having comparable property rights and trade freedom scores to the U.S. Sweden has greater business freedom and freedom from corruption, while having comparable trade freedom, monetary freedom, property rights enforcement, investment freedom, and financial freedom to the United States. Finland has greater business freedom, monetary freedom, and freedom from corruption than the United States, while having comparable property right enforcement, financial freedom, and trade freedom.Norway, the least successful Scandinavian nation, has greater freedom from corruption than the United States while having comparable business freedom, trade freedom, and property right enforcement. Iceland has greater business freedom, fiscal freedom, and freedom from corruption, while having comparable trade freedom and property right enforcement. In many ways, Scandinavian countries are more “laissez faire” than the United States.

    To finish of this deal, here are some articles, excerpts, etc. about the failure of specific welfarist policies the Scandinavian countries follow, change occurring in these nations, and the like:

  14. Peak Finance says:

    Ok, let me tell you a few things about Westchester.

    First, it’s socialism central. A lot of high-power libs live there and commute to the city.

    Second, it’s highly segregated. Some of the towns there, because of the way they are situated among the hills, have only two or three main roads going into them which are controlled by the police. YES, access is controlled by police. There are places where the cops ALWAYS hang out and stop people that don’t belong there. In a place like Scarsdale, for instance, the “Rich” section only has like four main roads going into it, and after a few weeks of training, the cops have a good idea of the comings and goings of the locals, and will stop cars with occupants that don’t look like they belong there. Can you IMAGINE a southern town getting away with this?

    Third, the houses there are REALLY expensive. Westchester consists of some really tony towns like Scarsdale, Rye, Chappaqua ( The Clintons have a house there actually) and many more rich places who’s names escape me this instant.

    When they section 8 this place, it’s going to cause a MASSIVE loss of wealth to these liberal types, who, on one hand support all this multi-cult crap, but now will be forced to “eat their own dog food” so to speak, and personally lose tons of wealth over this new policy.

    Personally, it’s not going to happen. Outside of Manhattan, Westchester is THE place where the power brokers live. So, Back-door deals, political threats, and such will end this quietly, at least in this area, and Greenich (sp?) as well.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, if Fairfield and Westchester counties get a “Passover” of this HUD while other towns get screwed, we should at least expose this fact. I’m seeing small towns in my area getting diversitied already. It’s quite tragic, but it isn’t my fault or your fault, and it’s going to teach these people to hate. The Passover places are outposts of implicit Cultural Marxism. Places that don’t get diversitied have people that support Cultural Marxism and are a power base for the Cult Marxists. They are destroying their own power base, the result of which will be the culture turning against them en masse. THe hardy survivors of diversity will be stronger and meaner. we just have to make sure that the survivors reproduce prolifically, and the way to do that is make farmers of them.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        It’s funny; after reading WN sites online, I always come to the conclusion that I agree with the intellectual thrust of everything written, but don’t hold a great deal of resentment toward blacks/Jews/etc. on a personal level. Our failure to look out for our racial interests shouldn’t mean that they are the paragon of evil for keeping their own interests in mind. Yet, as more blacks have started trickling into my town, I’ve caught myself stewing over their presence on more than one occasion. A few times on the street, I’ve had to stop myself from getting in some innocent black person’s face and sniping, “Just what do you think you’re doing here?” And I don’t even live in good town! When WNs envision whitopias, my community full of teen parents, permanent disability recipients, and sex offenders/drug addicts isn’t exactly what they have in mind. But I know enough to know that adding blacks to the mix is only going to make it worse. I can only imagine what someone from the nearby upper-crust areas will think, when they realize buying their way out of the less desirable whites was the least of their worries.

        This won’t be applicable to people in my parents’ generation, who were spoon-fed the anti-white narrative all through their childhoods and never met enough non-whites to have it disproven. The amount of casually racist teenagers in my state is shocking, though, and I can’t imagine that changing for the better once our towns have been forcibly enriched. Suddenly that insidious implicit racism leftists are always nattering about will be in-your-face. Kenny Chesney might just have to start using the dreaded “n” word in his songs if he wants to stay in business.

  15. Attila says:

    The Kosher Krowd must be in a state of high alert. Lawng Island is the original habitat of that species- The Jawish-American Prince/ss.

  16. Tom Bowie says:

    “Perhaps this is by design. If someone had a conspiracy theory that the Obama administration wants to turn the White upper middle class and upper class into White nationalists and fascists, I would find this conspiracy theory plausible. Is it possible that the Obama admin does not understand the dynamics of how this is going to work out?”
    Well if you’re looking for a Conspiracy Theory I can possibly provide one that’s not all that common. Then again it’s not quite a Conspiracy Theory as I don’t believe in what most people think of as a Conspiracy Theory; Peas in a Pod don’t need to conspire anymore than Blacks needed to conspire to overwhelmingly Vote-Obama, Curse-Zimmerman or, Praise-Trayvon; Peas in a Pod are like that.
    The usual suspects have been tossed out of our Nations time after time only to return again. The pattern repeats over and over again but only part of the pattern gets attention. I’ll be skipping most of what occurs and only concentrate on a few points.

    While it’s true some of the usual suspects escape detection when they were tossed out the last time; somebody lets them back in. I’ve often heard it said that we forget and in part that’s true; I’d not expect the farmers or others to remember given the low literacy rate and lack of communication over distances as well as day to day work taking such effort for the average person. I would however expect those families at the top to have remembered, they sure remember far lesser slights over generations.

    The families at the top often seem to be tossing the usual suspects out but every so often an account is found about an average person who is on to the usual suspects before they get tossed out. For every account of an average person speaking out against the usual suspects, there would likely have been thousands more howling for blood; after all how often did an average person’s view points get recorded in those times. The families at the top only seem to be ready to switch sides and present themselves as heroes when the average person is just about ready to put paid not only to the usual suspects but anybody close to them as well. While those families at the top are playing heroic saviors, they’re only tossing the usual suspects out, when it’s a group of their own people who are even a minor annoyance, they’d rather burn them at the stake. Those families at the top have pursued groups of their own people without relent or mercy for as long as it took but, the hunt to expel the usual suspects only lasted long enough to make the problem appear to be resolved while leaving a fifth column behind and the grandchildren of the expelled able to try another return.

    While it’s not a complete overview of history, it’s a general pattern from my limited understanding of history that makes me wonder. The usual suspects use others as weapons against our people given the chance; are the usual suspects also a weapon used by somebody?

    • ContemplativeMorrigan says:


      I think you would really enjoy H. Avenger’s theories on the ties between “Pink Rabbits” (anti-white whites) and “Joo Rabbits.” Mindweapon has him on the blogroll under WhiteRabbitRadio.

      • Peak Finance says:

        Hi Contemplative Morrigan!

        I wanted to reply to your reply here:

        but don’t hold a great deal of resentment toward blacks/Jews/etc. on a personal level

        I am not trying to promote hate for hates sake, but I have to say if you don’t hold personal resentment yet, your not deep enough down the rabbit hole. The entire system is designed, by Jew and Jew Lackies, to extract wealth and power from whites, and enrich the Jews and minorities. Once you see how this all works, technically, the resentment will build.

        You’ve seen the internet sites that document all of the racial crimes against whites? Know what “Beat Whitey Knight” was, see the video of the black lady telling whites in Walmart, “You work for me now”, seen the lines of smiling Nergos at Walmart on EBT day while you are worried about having a job the following week? Read the “Joe vs Jose” article? You know how the Federal Reserve system works, who runs it, and who runs the IRS? You know about the 85 billion printed a month and given to mostly Jew Bankers and Finance companies? Who controls the media, and brags about their control in overseas papers (like the JP)? I mean I can go on and on here for hours.

        Regardless of your personal feelings, they hate you and are actively working towards your destruction.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I’ve got my head in the clouds as far as diversity goes. I lived in Prince George’s County, MD for three years as a kid, so I’m well aware of the general feeling blacks have toward white people. I don’t always practice what I preach, but I’m at a point in my life where, ideally, the attention that I give to non-whites is limited to awareness of their movement and activity, so that I can understand what we are up against. They are doing their best to dominate the ethnic conflict model, and while I think their strategies have been self-defeating and really hate what they’ve done to us, I can also respect that they are trying to look out for their own racial interests. White people can’t even say that much to excuse the mess our elites have been making over the past hundred years or so.

      • Tom Bowie says:

        Thank You CM for taking the time to offer that suggestion.

        I was thinking about the religious cult of PC recently and the true believers when I had an idea. The old Soviet Union at one point was somewhat of a Gerontocracy and there was a swift turnover in a procession of leadership lasting in some cases as little as a few months.

        Their system like ours was based on lunacy that ignored facts. One of the things that is devastating to such a cult is for it to be run by a true believer. So long as such a system is run by those who only pretend to believe in it so as to gain power it can lurch along. At some point however such a system gets taken over by those raised under the cult mindset and they do more damage almost anything else can.

  17. oogaboogaman says:

    Whats up everybody been busy with work lately. I agree with pretty much everybody who says that this HUD/Agenda 21 nonsense is going to force dumbass middle class yts to wake up to the diversity nonsense. I know that MWIR has talked about peak oil, and Irecently checked out a book titled, Physics for Future Presidents, by a physics prof at UC Berkeley. In this book he states that producing oil from coal through the Fischer-Tropsch process is our best bet to meet our future energy needs. He then goes on to state that plants to convert coal to oil will not be built unless the fed gov subsidizes any loss, which with baffhouse barry in office don’t count on it. The reason for these gov’t subsidies is that OPEC ass fucks us by making $98 profit while spending $2 to produce a barrel of oil, so can therefore wage price war on the coal ind trying to break its hegemony. How does this affect the HUDs plans, well it will force YT to stay in the same area that the groids are being imported to. I don’t see any more new.

    • mindweapon says:

      Not being able to flee means we’ll be forced to fight. I thnk that’s a good thing. Let the pressure cooker heat up!

      Coal to oil works, but it won’t be enough to keep the economy growing and the highways running and Walmarts warehouse on wheels to stay supplied.

      You need to understand — these solutions are very very partial solutions. They amount to getting a drink of water by using your warm breath to melt ice.

  18. oogaboogaman says:


    suburbs being built like LA’s Inland Empire, or Chicagoland’s perpetual southbound and westbound trek into the cornfields. Peak oil just doesn’t support it, as well as water/resources, and a shitty economy which doesn’t leave much cash for govt/infrastructure to be built.

    In terms of rollingwriters concerns about where to move to, as well as other peeps in the WN movement fuck that shit about moving to buttfuck Montana, or cornpone Iowa. As much as I enjoy outdoor activities I love Chicago. I love going to baseball games, getting drunk on the lakefront, museums, and all the other cool shit you find in cities. You have to remember that our ancestor built all these cities and suburbs for our enjoyment therefore never abandon them.

    Also, RW and others who visit MWIR, we are the mfing illuminati 33rd degree Scot Rite of WN websites. We’re the doers and self improvers that dumbass YTs gonna need to guide them when their burbs start to get fuxated, us being out in the Idaho boonies and gonna do shit to

  19. oogaboogaman says:

    Cont’d again

    To wake up these dumbshit suburbanites. As a 20 something in my neighborhood I talk to the HS shorties who fortunately have not swallowed too much PC bs. I try to gently steer them towards RR, as well as encourage them to workout and take up martial arts, and happily I’ve had a decent amount of success. Also, I’ve always been able to conversate well with the older Fox News crowd and move them on to sites like SBPDL and True News Usa to break them in. Be the light in the darkness. Good luck and God speed.

    • mindweapon says:

      Goood for you oogaboogaman!

      • oogaboogaman says:

        Whats up MWIR? I’ve got a question for you cause you’re a smart dude. But do you think race realists should be settling in the Pac Northwest, or should we be standing our ground? Also, not to seem like I’m creeping on you, but if I remember correctly you’re from New England. If so, would you recommend it for RR or is it too many libtards? What is the level of fuxation like in Boston area, Providence, or Connecticut?

  20. Peak Finance says:

    If I can chime in here:

    Whats up MWIR? I’ve got a question for you cause you’re a smart dude. But do you think race realists should be settling in the Pac Northwest, or should we be standing our ground?

    I love the South, I love Southern people, and I fully support the Southern Nationalist movement. That being said, Personally, I like the Butler plan and will be doing a scouting trip to the Northwest really soon, most likely by summer’s end. My area in South Florida, which *was* a “Whitopia” is now completely overrun, and it’s time to go. Mexicans now cruz rural areas in their pick-up trucks looking for easy things to steal. I have already re-located twice here within the South, only to have each area overrun, the first time it took 6 years, the second time we were overrun in a mere 2 years.

    You say “Stand your ground”. I mean really, how EXACTLY are you going to stand your ground when the EBT cards stop and literally 1,000,000 blacks leave Atlanta searching the countryside for food? A military stand-off in Blue Ridge? You’ll have the high ground but are you going to have the numbers to fend off all those blacks? Same problem all through the South with blacks, and the Southwest with browns. The Pacific Northwest is the ONLY place right now that does not have this demographic problem. Most of the minorities there now I understand are dual-citizen Chinese who will piss-off right back to China when SHTF here.

    So, when they vastly outnumber you in an area, which the blacks do in most of the South and the browns do in ALL of South Florida, it does not make sense to stand your ground, it’s better to find a new place, defend it , and at least live a good life with much fewer minorities around while waiting for the final collapse.

    And yes, I said Defend it! You better believe next time I move I will be defending my territory! Yes, there are legal and non-violent methods that can be used to drive-out the undesirables in your area once you realize the how to address the problem and make your stand! Economic co-operation, outcompeting the mexicans at their own game, campaigns of “legal” harassment, there are ways.

    • Anon says:

      If the shit hits the fan it doesn’t take a lot of force to cow scared and hungry people, and mobs aren’t the best at discipline and force projection in any event, so the south is not in any more horrible shape in that scenario than they are right now.

      In all likelyhood the shit will not hit the fan, but rather there will be a long and drawn out collapse.

      • Peak Finance says:

        To Anon:

        If the shit hits the fan it doesn’t take a lot of force to cow scared and hungry people, and mobs aren’t the best at discipline and force projection in any event, so the south is not in any more horrible shape in that scenario than they are right now.

        We are not talking about the white population here and what whites would do in a SHTF scenario, we are talking about the savages. Looking at African and Haitian SHTF scenarios from the past, they instantly turn to extreme savagery and cannibalism. We are talking really dark and sick stuff here.

        In all likelihood the shit will not hit the fan, but rather there will be a long and drawn out collapse.

        Actually, historically, the answer is no. These economic and social collapses then to happen quickly, sometimes the world completely changes in as little as a few days, like in the Eastern Bloc. Recently, think of the Russian Collapse of the 90’s, timelines of the various Argentinean collapses, fall of the Berlin wall, the Zim collapse, etc. All very fast. South Africa, yes the die was in fact cast 20 years ago, but the final stage of the collapse seems like it’s going to play out very fast.

        Historically, the only slow-collapse (more than one generation) I can come up with is the Roman Empire. Are we the Roman Empire? I don’t know? When I look around, I see the Weimar Republic when it was run by the Jews, and we all know how quickly that place crashed and burned, only 10 years from World War I to the lowest point of their depression.

      • mindweapon says:

        that’s probably a good idea. So Mexicans are big into thieving, eh? I heard the same stories from April Gaede about Mex in California. Doing the jobs Americans won’t do, eh?

      • Adit says:

        I’m originally from LA (SF Valley) and I can tell you, Mexicans will steal anything that ain’t nailed down. If it is, they try and pry it up and steal it. Alcoholism is big among them as well. They can also be extremely violent, and being smarter than Blacks, they are actually a more dangerous enemy. (They can actually manage to organize themselves.) People tend to forget that before the Conquistadors, they were killing/eating each other as a way of life (remember the Aztecs, Mayans, etc.) and that was not that long ago. That thought should give everyone pause, and there are millions of them here and millions more reinforcements just a short hop away.

      • Anon says:

        I’d certainly hope that our collapse would happen quickly, but the USA really does not have a rival that can threaten her power as all those others did, and demographically speaking the closest examples to us are the Roman empire and the Soviet empire.

        “we are talking about the savages” – Again, they don’t do force projection. If they could unite and overwhelm us they’d have done so yesterday.

  21. guest says:

    Maybe they should start by integrating the Hassidic neightborhoods. Not only are they racist as a matter of observation of their doctrine, they aren’t even remotely modern, American, Western, secular, or tolerant. They don’t accept homosexuals. Maybe we can begin by bussing some into their schools.

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