Liberal documentary on hunger called “A Place at the Table”; More Subsidies for Corn Syrup! Nothing about relocalizing food production

Mostly unwatchable, but interesting for what it conspicuously misses.

Paycheck Liberals totally miss the point and are nothing but useful idiots for Agribusiness and Monsanto. You want to fix hunger? Get the hungry families donating some of their labor to their own food production! Duh!

There is a spot with a black girl interviewed by a doctor and all she eats is junk food. They complain about how fresh fruits and vegetables are too expensive! (that’s not why black people buy processed food though. they like the taste better!). The liberal “cheapest calories” is a fallacy. The poor want to play video games and eat sugar. You would have to provide some negative incentives to get them to eat right, which liberals are loathe to do.

Hand produced food is higher quality and can preserve heirloom varieties against the biotech onslaught. Locally hand produced food is the answer to obesity.

But they won’t do the obvious thing because it’s too politically incorrect, and that is to restore local agriculture. They know that it would be whites that would participate voluntarily and blacks would feel “enslaved” again.

We can make local agriculture happen on our own. We don’t need liberals or Uncle Sugar paying us and clapping for us. Fuck them! Just go and do it, and know that you are the liberals’ worstest fear, you Hipster Racist urban gardener!

You don’t have to own land to farm. There’s community plots you can rent, or you might befriend a landowner who would be glad to have his land cultivated. there’s lots of opportunities out there.

There’s a new kind of farmer now too, the landless technician farmer like Severine Von Tscharne:

Agriculture is a technological enterprise, and one can be an ag expert in the same way as a computer programmer or system administrator. You don’t have to go to college for it, it can be learned on the job and from books. Integrated Pest Management and Fertility Management are two of the job titles. You’d want to teach yourself some chemistry, microbiology and entomology. You might have to start as a laborer and work your way into an apprenticeship by being a good and favored worker. And books will get you pretty far. The books from Acres USA are where to start. And here’s a shorter reading list.

A very interesting aspect of this kind of career is that you could travel to exotic places. I think it’s very healthy for a young man to have lived and worked in some exotic places.

But most importantly, you can play an important role in a local community. There’s nothing like being able to produce a tangible, eatable good for people. People are so detached from this, but they are less and less able to take the Corn Syrup Cornucopia for granted.


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6 Responses to Liberal documentary on hunger called “A Place at the Table”; More Subsidies for Corn Syrup! Nothing about relocalizing food production

  1. Like these guys.

    One thing though is these people are mostly wealthy already and have time, money and energy to devote to this. I can’t imagine Trayvon Martin’s female friend (the one who encouraged him to attack Zimmerma for being a creepy ass cracker) being able to work for her food. Then again, maybe if/when the guberment stops giving our food stamps they will be forced to farm or die.

    This brought to mind Ireland during the potato famines. I’m Irish-American so I certainly mean no respect, just wondering. Why do this Irish not grow other crops to survive on? It is troubling to me that they did not do well at all when things “hit the fan” there. Any thoughts on this? And is there anything we can learn from that situation?

    • mindweapon says:


      Potatoes were a staple crop and they only had one variety. A fungal disease called Phytophthora broke out in a moist season and wiped out the crop, and the Brits didn’t allow or provide food aid, though they had the surplus food no problem. In the 1840’s England was very wealthy and still had a huge empire. They could have fed the Irish no problem but they said, “fuck it, let ’em die, there’s too many of those Papists anyway.”

      We need to grow multiple varieties of potato and multiple starchy staple crops. Potatoes, millet, sweet potatoes. Lentiles for protein — they don’t get too many diseases and are very hardy. If we have access to fungicides we can keep Phyophtora down, and modern potato varieties are fungal resistant. Just have to pinch off the potato bugs. There’s a couple of different kinds, and they could probably make good feedstock for chickens. That’s one good thing about insect pests — they are source of protein that can be recycled through chickens. if you had acres and acres of potatoes and corn you could gather the larval bugs on the potatoes and the corn earworms as a harvest in themselves and freeze them or otherwise preserve them as chicken feed.

      So insect pests should be viewed as a potential source of protein. You are growing a garden at least in part FOR the insect pests. You want them, so you can pick them off and use them as livestock feed. A lot of pests are very juicy little critters that chickens love!

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Why do this Irish not grow other crops to survive on?

      My understanding is that the plots allowed to the Irish serfs were too small to produce sufficient calories with any other crop they had.  The bulk of the land grew cash crops for the English lords.

      • Adit says:

        I read once, but have never verified this, is that part of the famine was due to Irish customs. It was explained thus: In those days, in most European countries, the eldest son inherited the land, while the other sons got some other inheritance. In Ireland, the custom was to split the land evenly amongst the sons, so you can immediately see the problem after a few generations. Eventually you’d inherit a plot the size of a handkerchief. As I said I haven’t verified if this is true. Perhaps one of the Irish-Americans might want to do some research. It also didn’t help, as was mentioned, that most of the land belonged to a few gentry who could have cared less about the people. I’ve always held that things like this gave rise to Communism, etc. If there had been real leadership at the top, these kinds of political nightmares never would have gained any traction amongst the people.

      • mindweapon says:

        Thanks Adit, makes sense. One thing we have to do is get the most yield per square foot, like the Asians do.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The lesson from Ireland is not to crowd up against the Malthusian limit.

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