Trainspotter on liberal unintended consequences and failed outcomes

“I suspect you’ll see this HUD “initiative” quietly disappear, at least with regards to the wealthier zip codes. You’ll see it used like a cudgel to brownbomb some middle class areas for sure, but the elites will nip this geek’s overreach…”

Possibly, but whether it disappears or not, similar lunacy will pop up in its place. Anti-white liberalism is fundamentally bankrupt, intellectually and morally. It appears that it is soon to be bankrupt fiscally.

Literally nothing turned out the way that liberals claimed it would (I refer here to the white liberal cultists who are the true believers, not Jews or various malcontents who were simply engaging in straight up ethnic warfare and destruction/subjugation). Integration of schools was supposed to equalize the races. What did it do? Destroy literally thousands of formerly good schools. Welfare for blacks was supposed to give people a helping hand to better themselves. What did it do? Fund a bizarre and utterly dysfunctional criminal underclass that operates completely apart from notions of responsibility or even common decency. Fill in liberal racial policy here – disaster. If the liberal claim that “we’s all be equals” were correct, things would have turned out very differently.

But what does the liberal cultist do in the face of overwhelming reality? He doubles down. He gets loonier and loonier, and there are countless examples of this. He suppresses news of the massive non-white on white rape epidemic, and latches onto obvious frauds in a desperate attempt to find a single example of the reverse: the Duke rape hoax. Since he can’t find an actual example of a decent black male shot down for “being black,” he runs with the thug Trayvon, Patron Saint of Iced Tea and Skittles. He can’t find examples of actual discrimination, so he invents “white privilege” and “institutional racism.” No matter what, whitey is to blame!

The lies get ever more outlandish and ridiculous. Just recently I read an Oprah interview in which she claimed that millions (yes millions) of blacks were lynched. The true number is closer to a few thousand, and no doubt most of them were rapists who had it coming. Plenty of whites were lynched too, and I don’t doubt that most of them had it coming as well. But in Oprah World, it was millions of blacks (white deaths aren’t mentioned, because they don’t matter). She then, in irony both rich and no doubt completely lost upon her, goes on to decry the historical ignorance of today’s young people. Ha! Just another day in the Kwa, I suppose.

In the same interview, Forest Whitaker claimed that he’s been arrested so many times that he doesn’t even remember the number. LOL! Funny, I know plenty of professional blacks well enough to be aware of their criminal record, if any, and precisely NONE of them have ever been arrested. Ever. But poor old Forest, even wearing a three piece suit and whistling while he walks, and the po-leece just can’t stay away. Will a brother ever be able to catch a break?

So two of the most successful people on the planet, people who live truly privileged lives, use that privilege to spread the most wanton and shameless of lies about our folk. I also have to add that these lies are so utterly shameless that, and feel the irony on this too, one suspects that even a few Jews would blush at the whoppers that Oprah and Forest just blithely told.

So that’s it, that’s all liberalism has left. So expect more of it: Lies, nuttiness and thinly veiled malice. Intellectually and morally, it truly has jumped the shark. The nuttier they get, the greater our opportunity. I’m loving every minute of it, and if that means that the sorts of whites who have enjoyed looking the other way for the last couple of generations are no longer able to do so, then I’m good with that too. MW’s right, this is good for us.

For now, break out the popcorn. For the future, the sky is the limit.


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