Alternet publishes yet another open borders article; Commenters are 90% opposite of Alternet view

It’s like the setup to a joke.

So a liberal published yet another article at Alternet calling for Open Borders. and then what happened?


tomdoff • 15 hours ago
No ‘study’ is necessary to know that Mexican men (and, for that matter, women and children) are less likely to cross the border if they know that immigration law requires they be shot unless they follow it.
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Harriet Logan tomdoff • 6 hours ago
Tom, you are just a real sweetheart here. I mean advocating for shooting kids because they don’t have proper papers is just so AMERICAN! You are as AMERICAN as apple pie even. Too bad the rest of the Americas think you are nothing but a group of moralistic fascist gangsters, right? You are proud about that even. KILL THE KIDS, says Tom! (Next your many racist cohorts will be writing and saying they’re not against the undocumented, and blah blah blah… It’s just that they are lawbreakers and Americans all love the law> Gag me!)
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tomdoff Harriet Logan • an hour ago
Harriet, you are just a real assette here. I mean an illiterate attempting to post is just so FEMALE! You are as US FEMALE as chicken soup even. My post suggested a way for illegal aliens to stay out of trouble by obeying the law, and you interpreted that to mean I advocated shooting them, even ‘KILL THE KIDS, says Tom’. If you are that demented when you are drunk (I presume you were drunk when you wrote this, no other excuse occurs) you should enroll in rehab AA, immediately. FYI, I am against shooting, including assettes such as yourself shooting off your mouths when you have no idea what you are talking about. Or, (OMG) was this reply of yours an attempt on your part to be ridiculously satiric, funny perhaps, in it’s absurd lack of rationality? If so, may i suggest that you went WAY, WAY over the top in inanity. Gag yourself!
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Albert Camus • 15 hours ago
In other words, Stanford funded a study that concluded that humans tend to rationalize their choices when it’s to their own benefit.

I wonder how much collective student loan debt is shared between the researchers who made this fascinating discovery?
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clue4morans • 15 hours ago
I think gas is way too damn much at $3.50. I want to immigrate it into my tank for $0.00, and I’ll make it up to you by eventually spawning a valedictorian. I am indignant towards your fascist laws that state I should pay for such goods!

Did I get that about right?
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Albert Camus clue4morans • 15 hours ago
Clearly you’re a racist!
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Don • 14 hours ago
More liberal nonsense justifying criminal behavior. It is against the law to cross our borders illegally and if you do so you are an illegal alien who should be deported.
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2Gary2 • 6 hours ago
I do not give a fuck what mexican men think. We need to shoot to disable anyone trying to cross illegally. Round the mother fuckers up and deport. Though shit for the kids–they can blame their parents after they go back to their side of the rio grand.
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Harriet Logan • 6 hours ago
Left completely unsaid in this commentary, is that Latinos of all nations know that the US intervenes against their own interests INSIDE their own countries daily, so why the Hell should they obey any American laws that are broken continuously by the US government itself, and that does not respect international law at all?

PLUS, I notice also that none of the hate mongers spreading their political venom against the undocumented commented any at all about how Latinos also know that there is racial prejudice against them in the US because they are darker skinned, as well as that they speak Spanish instead of English? YES, Paisanos mios, your country is as racist as it gets and your blather about respecting the law and blah blah blah is just so much hypocritical shit as far as much of the world thinks about America.

My fellow Americans, you are a bunch of stinking jingoistic bums. Stop your own government’s international illegalities before talking it up again about how the undocumented supposedly break ‘your’ nationalistic laws. Creepy hypocritical bolillos, you don’t really care 2 bits about any law at all. You’re just racist and cultural chauvinist bullshitters, that’s all.
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Bill Denim Dan Daniels Harriet Logan • 3 hours ago
The US is as racist against darker-skinned Mexicans as Mexico is. They aren’t wanted. God knows why they would be; they created Mexico, after all. They’ve shown what they’re capable of. Polish a hunk of shit all you want, it’s still a hunk of shit.
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Bill Denim Dan Daniels • 3 hours ago −
It sounds like a line of stakes, each decorated with an individual captured while attempting to illegally enter this country, would send the right message. Stay out, or we’ll kill you.
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9 Responses to Alternet publishes yet another open borders article; Commenters are 90% opposite of Alternet view

  1. Liberals are incapable of rational reasoning, unless maybe they have a criteria that is opposite ours.
    If they WANT their children to be raped and murdered and Want their country to go bankrupt so their families will be themselves condemned to miserable lives of poverty, well then I guess they make perfect sense.

  2. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    My comment, should it make it through moderation:

    What do I care what Mexicans think? What about what MY people think?

    With affirmative action, an anti-White President, race card holding Eric Holder (he keeps an ACTUAL race card in his wallet), It’s time we asked, WHAT IS GOOD FOR WHITE PEOPLE.

    What about MY Children, MY job prospects, MY safety. White people are tired of caring about everyone else to the detriment of their own interests.

    Darn I forgot question marks!!! ARgh!

    • mindweapon says:

      Awesome Maureen! Did you catch this comment by the one liberal there:

      Harriet Logan tomdoff • an hour ago −
      You were advocating that you wanted immigration law to shoot to kill no matter what? And in that what was you wanted it not to matter whether they were kids or not either.

      Tom, you were wanting immigration to kill even kids, weren’t you? So stop trying to weasel out by pretending that was not the actual meaning of your words, when it most precisely was.

      ‘No ‘study’ is necessary to know that Mexican men (and, for that matter, women and children) are less likely to cross the border if they know that immigration law requires they be shot unless they follow it.’

      Tom, you want Migra to just shoot to kill first, and simply to just then walk away from having any responsibility to not kill folk as far as the law would be interpreted. In fact, you want the law to REQUIRE immigration to just shoot to kill and to be asked no questions after the men, women, and kids are all lying dead on the ground.

      In short, you and the 6 plus folk that agreed with your comments are advocating cold blooded murder of the undocumented people that get caught..

      and also:

      Harriet Logan • an hour ago
      Where are all the supposed rust belt liberals here now with their sweet little comments? They just want the law to be respected and all supposedly, and not to cold bloodedly kill people like ‘Bill Denim’ of the nativist working class certainly does. Where are all you liberals when it comes to stopping the homicidal desires of ‘Bill the Denim’ and KKK buddies? Still working alongside this rather typical American guy?

      Public opinion is with us! and Gott Mit Uns as well!

  3. oogaboogaman says:

    The solution to the beaner problem is really very fucking simple for mindweapons, yet is very ‘complicated’ for your average working/middle class white goyim. The solution is this stop fucking eating at fast food/restaurants, god forbid wash your own car, get your lazy ass son playing ps3 to mow the lawn, get your daughter to quit fingerbanging herself and clean the house, and lastly what MW is big on grow as much of your own produce as possible. Bada bing, bada boom problem solved.

    Ignoring the H1B1 Indians and Paks, the final solution to the wog convenience stores is also very simple, DON’T SHOP THERE! All these white goyim bitch about the muslims yet they’re in there stores buying cigs, booze, and convenience items. When my white ass needs booze I could go to the corner Paki store, but no I get my exercise and walk the 2 miles back and forth to white OPERATED, fuck the owners, store and god forbid pay a couple bucks extra.

    Any white goyim lurkers here, the time is NOW to soldier the fuck up.

    • mindweapon says:

      there’s no white owned liquor stores left in my area. all owned by pakis/hindis.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        Yeah that’s true mostly anywhere. But when I buy booze and groceries I go to a grocery store. Here in Shitcagoland we have Dominick’s and Jewel-Osco where the employees are majority white and unionized. Yeah, it’s more expensive.But fuck it, I’m not going to fund my displacement.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        You know what they call that, MW?

        “Target-rich environment.”

        Imagine if White kids did to the infiltrators what Blacks do to everyone.

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