Check out these ‘Breaking Bad’-inspired career trends

Breaking Bad, the Middle School Musical


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4 Responses to Check out these ‘Breaking Bad’-inspired career trends

  1. oogaboogaman says:

    Hell yeah, SCIENCE BITCHES! Whenever idiots in the WN movement open their cock receptacles, and in their whiniest bitch voices say, “STEM degrees aren’t worth it” or “there are no jobs in STEM”. All you have to say is one name, Walter ‘motherfucking’ White.

    Also, if any of you watched the Discovery Channel show The Colony, which dealt with a group of survivors in a post-apocalypse scenario think back to the first season.

    The most valuable member of the group was not some rugby player construction worker on ex-infantryman. But a simple, ‘dork’ professor of electrical engineering and computer science. The prof made a flame thrower and Tesla gun. So when SHTF I want the ‘nerd’ who can make the toys to turn wild niggers into BBQ on my team. Also, alot of special forces/intelligence operators have degrees in STEM fields.

  2. Peak Finance says:

    I have heard of this show but never seen it (Don’t watch TV)

    I think this “life of crime” will never work out for whites, the fact is that white criminals will be more aggressively pursued by law enforcement than minority criminals and more hardly punished when caught.

    The entire “Meth” being a white problem is a myth anyway, which this show helps propagate I am sure. I have written about this on various boards over the years, as I have seen a lot of meth problems having traveled to or through every back-water town in the South and Southwest. Yes, meth did in fact start with white bikers, it was called “crank” because it was smuggled in the “crank cases” of motorcycles, but it’s moved now into the realm of minorities, just like every other major crime, at least here in the south and southwest. For example, the armpit of the southwest, Gallup, the meth problem is Indian and Black. And it’s REAL bad there, the worst I have seen personally, ghostly indians with rotten teeth wandering through the Walmart parking lots begging for change. The rotting teeth is the key, when you see a 20-something with rotting teeth you know it’s meth.

  3. Peak Finance says:

    To oogaboogaman:

    “STEM degrees aren’t worth it” or “there are no jobs in STEM”. All you have to say is one name, Walter ‘motherfucking’ White.

    I don’t disagree with this, but, I can’t fully agree with this either, because of the challenges that recent graduates face in the STEM world from H1-B’s. H1-B visas are killing white STEM degree holders, as you can’t graduate from a good university with 60k+ of debt, then compete with an imported Indian who can work for much less and has no debt burden. The new immigration bill will be the death knell for whites with STEM degrees. I explained all of this in an article I wrote for Northwest Observer, which I will copy and paste some it it here, I hope MW and NF doesn’t mind:

    The Asian Minority Problem – By Peak Finance
    May 29, 2013

    In my articles and blog comments I always try to give actionable advice on financial issues or how to free yourself from the system. However, I do read a lot of white nationalist sites and have found that a lot of newcomers to these sites, clearly understand the danger posed by the blacks and hispanics, but think somehow that the Asian’s, specifically the Chinese and the Indian’s, are “ok” and do not pose a problem. So I would like to take this opportunity to explain the economic and financial damage that these “Well-Behavied” minorities do to our local economies and to White interests. (We will use the term “Asians” to refer to both southeast Asians, Chinese, and Indians for the rest of this article)

    In all fairness, in at least one aspect they are right about in their lax attitudes towards the Asians. On all crime statistics across the board, in the *United States*, the Asian crime rate is lower than blacks, hispanics, and even Whites in some cases. However, these statistics don’t tell the entire story. You have to remember a migration from these Asian countries to ours is still difficult, and expensive. So, the families that are immigrating here are from the upper middle classes, and the politically-connected families with money. These classes of Asians are generally better behaved and more functional.

    Asian “lower” classes, (Untouchables and such) should they ever start arriving in numbers, are very dysfunctional and would cause widespread problems, specifically the Indians. (PLEASE read Camp of the Saints which is available for free on-line!) If you haven’t heard from the alternative media about the topic of Indian lower-class dysfunction, there is a HELLISH “Rape Epidemic” ( going on in India now, and some of their other unbelievable sexual perversions ( ) which are not widely known have no place in our civilized society.

    The biggest problem caused by the Asian immigrants is actually fostered on us by the United States government, which is the granting of a H-1b visa. This is hurting the white professional class in the computer, science, and now the financial and medical industries. As you can see from the following H-1b is actually a back-door method of immigration, and the people that come in under H-1b never leave:

    While the H-1B is a temporary, non-immigrant visa, the law allows H-1B holders to apply for permanent residency and, since H-1B workers can bring their families with them, any children born during their stay become U.S. citizens. While relatively few H-1B workers obtain permanent residency, anecdotal evidence suggests a significant percentage, perhaps the majority, of workers who come to the United States on H-1B visas come intending to stay permanently.

    ( )

    These H1B’s are killing the career prospects of very talented White people, they are talking jobs from White people with STEM degrees, which are harder and require actual work to obtain, unlike the easy PC degrees like Political Science, English Lit, et etc.. Basically, the problem in a nutshell is that a White person spends a minimum of $50,000+ and four years of their lives getting a STEM degree from a good college, only to find out that when they get out of college, they can’t get a job, because it was given to an Asian who is willing to work for much less. If you are wondering why the Whites don’t just “suck-it-up” take these jobs with the low salary, well, they simply CAN’T. With the rising cost of living, and the huge student loan debt to service, they can’t take the jobs for the same pay as the Asian worker without those burdens. A new problem for Whites is that they are now un-welcome in the tech shops due to “capturing”.

    Capturing is another problem for white workers. which is caused by the Asians tribal nature. Basically, “capture” works as follows, an IT Shop starts by hiring a few H-1b’s, who work their way “up” the food chain, until they get in a position of responsibility. Then, once they have control, or at some least influence over the hiring and firing of other workers, they hire their own kind, until they have completely “captured” the shop and it becomes a 100% Asian. This entire business becomes closed to any further whites wanting to work in their technical departments. These captured Tech Companies:

    “do not want to employ Americans. They import labor from overseas, pushing for H-1B visas. Check the job boards. They basically say, ‘H-1B Visa. Americans need not apply.’

    ( )

    The tribal mindset of these Asian minorities also effects their voting patterns. They are basically socialists, and between 66% – 70% (depending on the source) of Asian voters support issues like expanding immigration, gun control, extended welfare benefits, and other programs that directly hurt the white population. Asians are as reliably socialist voters as the Hispanics!

    Asian American voters are also quite comfortable with a host of “liberal” views. They are much more likely than whites to support affirmative action, to call themselves environmentalists and to favor a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers. A Pew survey found Asian Americans reflecting a quintessentially “liberal” viewpoint in endorsing a bigger government that provides more services over a smaller government providing fewer services (55 percent to 36 percent, respectively), almost the mirror opposite of the electorate overall (39 percent vs. 52 percent, respectively).

    ( )

    Asian minorities also have better access to capital. I think by now it’s common knowledge that favorable loans that are given to minorities for mortgages, but, this also applies to SBA loans, business loans and grants as well. Asians can use the “Immigrant Scam” discussed in my last article to build a lot of capital, or use minority loans to start businesses, or take advantage of loans from their countries of origin, or of course use some combination of all three to get ahead. ( and list just some of the programs minorities can take advantage of)

    All of these points demonstrate that the Asian has a unique unfair advantage over whites when they come to this country. Specifically when starting a business and when seeking loans to buy a business. Interestingly, this access to capital for business formation also reenforces the “public perception” that Asians are smart and successful, due to the large number of businesses they control. In reality their success over Whites is the distinct unfair advantage in access to capital, which makes them more likely to own businesses, as I have shown above.

    They have to go!

    Please feel free to email me with questions, comments or corrections to the above article,

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