Salon attacking GOP for being more afraid of White people than of liberals and Democrats

WEDNESDAY, AUG 7, 2013 08:30 AM EDT
Republicans’ whites-only gambit will spell doom Party may have claimed it’d be more inclusive, but now it’s reversing course. The result: It will pay a huge price BY BRIAN BEUTLER

Screw the article, but the comments are awesome!

Laurence Ballard just now
Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic recently pointed out “a glaring contradiction” in the colorblindness of certain members of the conservative commentariat.

Victor Davis Hanson of National Review recently wrote it was a reasoned and cogent response of whites to view black men with fear and trepidation because, as a group, they commit more violent crimes per capita than do white people. Go read it, yourselves.

Mr. Hanson is on record as opposing Affirmative Action based on race as anti-American. Fine, and having Yup’ik heritage, I would tend to agree. (I personally feel Affirmative Action should be based on economic need, instead, but that’s a discussion for another day.) Hanson has further stated college admissions and hiring practices should be “colorblind”. OK. The conservative’s contradiction? This call for colorblindness ceases when you see an African-American male on the street. Hanson asks his readers not to see this individual as such, but to judge him on the basis of his skin color–even though the vast majority of black men never commit crimes. A direct contradiction to his call to do just the opposite when it comes to entering a university, or applying for a job.

Special treatment that provides a benefit to a racial group? Bad. Special treatment that doesn’t provide a benefit (profiling, following, frisking, etc.) to a racial group? Good.

Bigots, racists, and malcontents come in all stripes and all colors. And not from just one wing of the political spectrum, either.

John Barleycorn 7 minutes ago
Day after day, we are invited to hate the white working class. Our media machines and their huddled suckling masses show scant pity for average Whites. Our magazines and sitcoms and blockbuster films are crammed with slams of hicks and hayseeds and hillbillies and crackers and trailer scum.

Gradually, we come to believe that working-class whites are two-dimensional cartoons-rifle-totin’, booger-eatin’, beer-bellied swineflesh. Skeeter-bitten, ball-tuggin’, homo-hatin’, pig-fuckin’, daughter-gropin’ slugs. We learn to laugh at-and fear-their zit-scarred visages and stupid filmy eyeballs. We chuckle at the crank-shooters and fart-huffers. The chip-tossers and snake-handlers. The bouffanted hausfraus and ducktailed loggers. The hairy-assed werewolves who occupy trailer parks out near Superfund cleanup sites. The obese, curler-wearing women standing unashamed in orange bikinis, their sloping boobs slung over Cesarean scars. Their unwashed, uncomprehending kids with cavity-peppered chartreuse teeth. The scaly, pale-grey skin of bucktoothed men who inhale turpentine and punch the fuck out of anyone smarter than them. Skull face after skull face of dull-brained peasantry. Rolling landfills of curdled whiteness. Cat piss and dirty diapers. Crusty dishes in the sink. Yellowy armpit stains on white T-shirts. Millions of smelly white assholes stinking up the nation.

But admit it white liberals, your contempt is especially palpable because they’re white…and you expect better. You hold them to a higher standard because of your inherent, deep down, ingrained racism. That is who you are.

Wang Dang Doodle. 2 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn

Wow !

robert lewis 10 minutes ago
Doughboy sez: make liberals complicit in the GOP recession toward white nationalist politics:

Well, fuckin-A right – if by extension you can say the Allies round-the-clock bombing made them “complicit” in Der Fuhrers putting a 9 mm through his kopf in his subterranean bunker in Berlin. Is it Ross-boy’s position if the Republicans want to commit political suicide it’s the Democrats job to talk them down off the ledge?

wysiwyg 13 minutes ago
They’ll do ok. In our system, money produces popular support and not the other way around.

breezi 22 minutes ago
The problem really is that the GOP, instead of working toward a more inclusive platform, is just simply trying to change PERCEPTION….that and desenfranchise as many voters as possible who might vote against their current reign as masters of corporate prostitution.

John Barleycorn 17 minutes ago
@breezi Please explain how the GOP could be more inclusive? I’d be interested to learn your well thought out suggestions.

How is the GOP trying to disenfranchise as many voters as possible? I assume you just mean legal citizens, right?

John Barleycorn 22 minutes ago
Ideologically, the Guilty White Liberal is down with the program; materially, he’s still a filthy-rich imperialist Yankee hyena. His “shame of being white” is more cutesy role-playing than anything tangible. He’ll write soppy-wet articles about the homeless, but he won’t offer his spare bedroom. He’s tortured with guilt about his relative leisure and affluence compared to most people worldwide, yet he’s not quick to pawn his cozy condo to the less fortunate. He’s outraged about the oppression of blacks, but he isn’t moving into the black slums. He feels terrible that the land was stolen from the Indians, but it doesn’t appear as if he’s giving it back anytime soon.

Why doesn’t Mr. Multicultural give all his cool toys back to the Injuns? Because that would release him from guilt, and he likes to live in guilt. His guilt serves a definite psychological purpose for him, and he wouldn’t ever want to get rid of it. The Guilty White Liberal takes pride in his own shame. Ever wonder why comfy urban white liberals feel such guilt about history and rural people don’t? The white liberal’s guilt pangs have little to do with noble contrition; his guilt reflects an uncomfortable sense of his place in the historical order. If he feels so guilty…well, maybe he should. Maybe his guilt is real. Maybe that’s why regular whites and blacks feel no guilt, while white liberals are stricken with it.

breezi 21 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn I hope you get lots of payola for writing this drivel. Goebbels is rolling in his grave.

John Barleycorn 17 minutes ago
@breezi @John Barleycorn Godwin’s Law. You lose.

labman57 24 minutes ago
The two most powerful players in the GOP’s strategic planning for state and national elections continue to be … Gerry Mander and Jim Crow II.

John Barleycorn 21 minutes ago
@labman57 Your woeful rewriting of history and grasp of the present is laughable. I know that passes for intelligence down at the coffee shop where you rip off wifi but it doesn’t fly with regular Americans.

bserius 31 minutes ago
Salon’s daily racebaiting racist smear piece,,

Seriously ,, Joan Walsh,,,,,, What is your contract with Al Tawana Sharpton,,,,, or is his tongue 11 ”

Scarecrow57 36 minutes ago
No amnesty for Criminals!!!! That would also be a huge slap in the face to all immigrant who came to this country legally.

I do enjoy this ignorant race baiting nonsense though.

jeffbahr 27 minutes ago

“Many people assume that their family immigrated to the U.S. legally, or did it “the right way.” In most cases, this statement does not reflect the fact that the U.S. immigration system was very different when their families arrived, and that their families might not have been allowed to enter had today’s laws been in effect. In some cases, claiming that a family came “legally” is simply inaccurate—undocumented immigration has been a reality for generations.”

Details here:

robert lewis 7 minutes ago
@Scarecrow57 Being in the US in undocumented status, absent aggravating circumstances, is not “criminal”. It is an administrative violation, similar to a zoning violation. If the Feds had to prove each immigrant was a criminal, they would have to provide a lawyer, due process, prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, etc. At present – it’s an administrative hearing, not a criminal trial.

TomStewart 42 minutes ago
The GOP is betting it all on two things: enough white people buying it’s particular version of race politics, and voter suppression working.

Both might work for a while, but not long. It’s political duct tape, and those solutions will only work until they don’t.

John Barleycorn 29 minutes ago
@TomStewart What are the GOP’s race politics? Be specific. What is it about obtaining a photo ID that you find particularly challenging for minorities?

jeff 45 minutes ago
A friend of mine was born in Mexico. She married an American 25 years ago and moved to the US with a green card. She has lived and worked here legally for 25 years, and she never bothered to get her US citizenship. Never felt the need to. Until now. She is becoming a US citizen to specifically vote against Republicans. She’s no fan of the Democrats, but she sees the Republican party going bat-shit crazy and feels compelled to get the right to vote so she can vote against them.

Way to go, GOP!

John Barleycorn 42 minutes ago
@jeff Your anecdotal evidence has swayed me. I no longer believe in hard work, achievement, limited government and the rule of law.

I’m now for an all-powerful government bureaucracy, wealth distribution and race discrimination.

jeff 3 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn @jeff Um, I’m sorry that my point was lost on you. By effectively becoming an anti-women, whites-only party, the GOP is not only losing existing voters, but creating new ones that will vote against it.

Oh, and she has worked hard and achieved a lot in her career. Not sure about limited government, but I know she believes in the rule of law.

John Barleycorn 2 minutes ago
@jeff @John Barleycorn How is the GOP becoming an anti-women, whites only party? Please explain.

h0tr0d 40 minutes ago
@jeff I’ve been an american citizen for 52 years. I’ve been a registered democrat for 34 years. This past presidential election was the first time in those 34 years that I voted against the Democratic candidate, although I voted for an independent rather than a Republican. I can no longer associate myself with a party that is anti-white, anti-male, anti-family and ageist.

orbitboy 33 minutes ago


h0tr0d 28 minutes ago

orbitboy 26 minutes ago

Broken link, dude.

Scarecrow57 33 minutes ago
@jeff Back when I was young and naive I was a democrat. That lasted until I realized their policies were upside down and dangerous to a free society. I switched to the Republican party and soon learned they were just as bad.

I now support neither party. Libertarian is the way to go.

John Barleycorn 48 minutes ago
Salon is the Cal RIpken of racism. Nearing 2,131 consecutive days of anti-white articles!!! What a ride!!

TomStewart 46 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn

How is this article, or any of the others for that matter, ‘anti-white’?

orbitboy 32 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn

If it bothers you so much, why to keep coming back?

John Barleycorn 28 minutes ago
@orbitboy @John Barleycorn I like to see what regular Americans are up against.

orbitboy 27 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn

How’s that working for you? What have you accomplished in your time here? Changing hearts and minds?

John Barleycorn 20 minutes ago
@orbitboy @John Barleycorn I like making effeminate and emaciated white liberals cry.

SarahGr just now
@John Barleycorn ” I like making effeminate and emaciated white liberals cry.”

John, it’s not working fella. You’re only succeeding in making us laugh.

Resisting Defamation 49 minutes ago
Alex, you pose an interesting question that needs to be taken seriously. I realize that your motive is to conform to Salon’s unquestioning adherence to the anti-white narrative.

Nevertheless, your dystopian vision of one “white” party and one “multiracial” party is one that ought to be treated with respect. Here’s just one point for today, although there is a lot to tease out of this paradigm.

To focus the discussion, you might want to start with the beginning of the 20th Century when “pluralism” was foisted on this country by virtue of a whole lot of yelling and screaming epithets about people who didn’t think it was a good idea. Maybe they remembered that before the Civil War, the advicates of slave states called their doctrine pluralism too, in order to claim a role among a majority of free states.

Nevertheless, pluralism morphed into multiculturalism in the Sixties, again to the tune of much verbal abuse of people who saw in it a harbinger of division. Then in the Nineties, at least on the West Coast, multiculturalism morphed into multiracialism in which each “race” is its own political party. Observers fear that multiracialism will morph in its turn into multinationalism, but that’s another story or another crime to lay at the feet of those who gave us pluralism.

I understand your rant on an all-white political party, but such politically institutionalized racially-determined subsections of the Democratic Party are already in existence, connected by thin strands of ideology and power-seeking which will break down when tensions between Hispanic Americans and African Americans finally surface..

The creation of an all-white party would be the nightmare of a whole lot of people, and deserves more careful analysis because if it happens, and it cannot be stalled by mere verbal abuse as has served to change history in other instances, then we will be living in another nation altogether from the one we think we live in today.

It will be interesting times if it happens. Take it seriously and tell us in a learned, thoughtful way how it can be avoided.


Jeffrey P. Harrison 40 minutes ago
@Resisting Defamation

You doofus! Alex didn’t write this piece, Brian did. Your reading is just about as good as your logic.

John Barleycorn 39 minutes ago
@Jeffrey P. Harrison @Resisting Defamation Ad hominem passes for reasoned discourse in white liberal circles.

Jeffrey P. Harrison 38 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn

You’d know.

elteluno 32 minutes ago
@Jeffrey P. Harrison @Resisting Defamation He’s a very naughty boy then.

artpiece 53 minutes ago
What in the world does SKIN COLOR…have to do with ANYTHING. In 30 years it is projected that fair skin will be a “minority” in USA.

TomStewart 45 minutes ago

Yet the GOP seems to want to double down on ‘whiteness’.

John Barleycorn 39 minutes ago
@TomStewart @artpiece How so?

elteluno 55 minutes ago
How very novel, a party that recognises that White people have interests and concerns. I’d vote for that if I could.

Thank god you don’t have political parties acting in the same fashion in search of the Black or Hispanic vote.

agrippina minor 53 minutes ago
@elteluno Cough. I believe that elected officials take an oath to uphold the rights of ALL citizens, don’t they? If you have to buy votes by promising to protect the privileges of one group by ignoring the needs of another, you won’t get MY vote.

elteluno 47 minutes ago
@agrippina minor @elteluno They done a good job by taking sides in the GZ debacle. I wonder where he and his family are hiding now?

orbitboy 53 minutes ago

“a party that recognises that White people have interests and concerns.”

To the exclusion of everyone else. That’s the problem.

John Barleycorn 44 minutes ago
@orbitboy @elteluno How is anyone excluded from a Republican vision? Please explain.

The Republicans message of hard work, achievement, limited government and the rule of law falls flat with you because you’re a loser and a failure.

To assume every minority has as limited capability and work ethic as you is racist.

orbitboy 35 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn

If you don’t get it by now, you’re never going to get it. I can’t make you see what you stubbornly refuse to see.

jeffbahr 31 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn @orbitboy @elteluno

How does the Republicans message of hard work, achievement, limited government and the rule of law compare with actual legislation and executive actions taken under their leadership and/or control? Show your work.

breezi 8 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn @orbitboy @elteluno When I hear “hard work, achievement, limited government and the rule of law” from a Republican, I want to gag. You scream “ad hominem” and then proceed to try and belittle everyone who disagrees with your narrow, self-serving viewpoint. The GOP has been waging class warfare for 40 years…actually more. Time to level the playing field.

John Barleycorn 3 minutes ago
@breezi @John Barleycorn @orbitboy @elteluno How so? Please explain. Or are you content with broad bromides serving as your thoughts?

elteluno 37 minutes ago
@orbitboy @elteluno Don’t worry non-whites won’t be rounded up and sent to camps.

agrippina minor 56 minutes ago
It will spell doom unless of course their voter suppression efforts work. What this means for Democrats and minority communities is a massive get-out-the-vote drive, starting months before election day, with volunteers willing to drive older people to the offices where they need to get voter ID’s, or to get birth certificates, if their proof of birth is a family Bible, etc. Then we’ll need to organize transportation to polling places on the increasingly restricted early voting days, to distribute absentee ballots, and so on. Basically, we’ll need a nationwide version of the”Operation lemonade” project that worked so well in a lot of states last November in turning voter suppression lemons into a tasty victory.

John Barleycorn 38 minutes ago
@agrippina minor Oh, you’re one of those ‘non racists’ who think blacks are too stupid to figure out how to get a photo ID?

Wang Dang Doodle. 37 minutes ago
@agrippina minor

But THAT’s where the Dem’s ‘problem’ is….so to speak.

The reason Obama won (and why some polls were ‘wrong’) was that black women voted in much larger percentages than ever before. A second ‘over-voting’ group were first-time voters.

That did NOT happen in 2010. Remember the ‘shellacking’?

With no black guy on the ballot in 2014 and (presumably) 2016….will these people show the same enthusiasm?

vp19 1 hour ago
The problem for House Republicans is that they are divided into two groups — one representing the southern wing of the GOP, the other reflecting the party’s western wing. (Texas is sort of the dividing line.) The former whips its constituents into line via fear of blacks, the latter via fear of Hispanics. There’s thus an inherent disagreement between the two wings, united only by keeping party leadership in the hands of white non-Hispanic Protestants. Which wing will ultimately win control — the side that wishes to limit immigration, or the side that frankly is more concerned with limiting the number of Negroes at the ballot box?

John Barleycorn 37 minutes ago
@vp19 The problem with the Democratic Party is that they are a loose confederation of the aggrieved that really don’t have much in common other than their mutual hatred for straight white men with non union jobs. The entire House of Cards could come down at any time.

breezi 25 minutes ago
@John Barleycorn @vp19 The “House of Cards” already fell…that was George W. Bush’s October Surprise, the capper to his reign of destruction, immorality and greed.

John Barleycorn 19 minutes ago
@breezi @John Barleycorn @vp19 You should take a basic civics course and see how the federal government works.



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4 Responses to Salon attacking GOP for being more afraid of White people than of liberals and Democrats

  1. People who still fervently buy into the two party system are naive. I’m amazed at how much to the left the right has moved over the past 50 years and I don’t see this trend stopping, just accelerating. Some funny comments there, which of those guys is you? You can tell me through email if you don’t want to blow your troll account!

  2. bluegrass says:

    I tried to be coy, pretty much copy-pasting something Tim Wise wrote, and then tried to sneak in this youtube link in the comment:

    “What a ridiculous concept: Liberal contempt comes from what is clearly the racist, degenerate element of what is considered “White” America.

    Republicans have a completely unfounded fear of America’s vibrancy, and the quicker the GOP dies the quicker we can get away from injustices like the racist murders of innocents like Trayvon.

    We can finally move toward a system in which White supremacy is not engrained into its very social fabric, resembling a country that handles diversity much better than ourselves; like South Africa.

    Here’s a video to help prove that it is White’s fault that America is still a segregated, backwards place.

    Apparently it didn’t bass the moderator’s mustard, and so is trapped in comment purgatory.

    I think their comment policy is to let just one, two or three pro-White commentators in there so the rest can just spam with ad hominem replies.

    It gives the appearance of equal representation, while simultaneously making it look like the VAST majority of people think the “right” way about race.

    That may mean for every one anti-White commenter, there’s two post-whites who don’t get to post their rebuttal.

    • I remember when the mainstream newspapers first got online and built websites. Comments were supposed to be the big selling point, the readers could “interact” with the reporters, the conversation would be “two way” the news would be “user generated” (now they say “crowd sourced.”)

      Immediately, the audience started calling out the newspapers on their overt bias, the newspapers fretted over “racism” “sexism” “conspiracy theories” and the like. Their contempt for their own audience couldn’t have been more obvious. Many stopped all comments, or heavily edited them.

      But it didn’t do them any good. People just linked to the newspaper’s websites and commented on other forums. They still don’t know how to deal with it. Nobody believes anything in the media these days anyway, the era when gullible Americans “believed” Walter Cronkite is thankfully gone.

      But we still let the media drive the agenda, especially pro-whites with the “news and jews” stories. We have to set the agenda and stop reacting.

  3. It’s time to pull the plug on the Republican Party. At this point, it doesn’t matter what they do. They can continuing pandering to “conservatives” like Mestizos and Blacks, but it will be all for nothing. They can “reverse course” and dog whistle to Whites all they want to, but it will do them no good.

    Looks like the Republican Strategy of “running to the right” during the primary only to “shift to the center) for the general elections or IOW acting Pro-White during the primary only to throw them under the bus “in the spirit of bipartisanship compromise,” and “me-tooing” on every Anti-White initiative promoted by the Democrats is finally making its effects felt.

    It does not help when the GOP runs faux moderates like John McCain and Mitt Romney. And it will not help them one iota if they decide that eight years of Obama has overcome White America’s Bush Fatigue and run yet another “compassionate conservative” in Jeb Bush. The point is, John McAmnesty lost to Obama, because he was so loathsome to many Whites that they stayed home on election night. When the Republicans ran Romney on a platform to rid the nation of Obamacare (which is Romneycare on Steroids), even more Whites gave up in disgust and stayed home. When they run Jeb Bush and his running mate, Marco Rubio, even more Whites will not show up.

    For those folks worried about “one-party rule” should the GOP hopefully go the way of the Whigs, I have one point to make. We already have one party rule. If you watch what the GOP does rather than listen to what it says, you will realize that there is little to no daylight between the two parties. The GOP is nothing more than controlled opposition to the Democrats. Look at the history. The Democrats NEVER compromise with Republicans. If they have a majority of one, they treat it like a mandate. The Republicans ALWAYS compromise with the Democrats even if the “Mavericks” trot out to form GANGS with them to obstruct appointing conservative constitutionalist judges, etc.

    IOW, the “one-party” boogey man is a paper haunt. Whites have nothing to lose and everything to gain if the plug is pulled on the GOP and the Republicscam is ended. What would Congress look like if the Democrats controlled virtually every seat in the Congress? IMO, more Parliamentarian. You’d have coalitions of racial interest groups, including White racial interest groups. Right-leaning Whites may not be a majority, but they’d have enough of a plurality to join forces as a swing vote with various groups.

    Whites would not be corralled into the equally Anti-White pens that represent each side of the duopoly. They would not be offered the grim choice of either being Zionist Conservatards or Rainbow Marxists. They would have far more choices available to them and far more autonomy.

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