Comment Of The Week: 60 Years Of Shivving

Every monster and manboob, every fat feminist and single mom, every quadgender and third world wretched refuse had to be appeased and their crocodile tears dried, and the cause of all their histrionically dramatized hurty — white civilization itself — razed to make room for the glorious vomit of vibrancy that is currently prolapsing the rectum of the historical West.


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2 Responses to Comment Of The Week: 60 Years Of Shivving

  1. quadgender

    Dear god please don’t tell me that’s a thing now.

  2. Tom Bowie says:

    Well it’s not quite the coming thing yet; more like the next coming thing and the correct term is “Quad-Sexual”. (It’s somebody that has sex with men, women, animals and plants.)

    The current new thing is “Polymorphic-Sexuality”. That’s somebody who’s sexual orientation changes and/or has a male and female (possibly other) personality trapped within the same body and they could also have a heterosexual and homosexual version of each sex. (It’s not “Quad-Sexual” however as only one orientation is normally evident at a time.

    See it’s not as bad as you feared Hipster Racist; it’s much worse.

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