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(Editorial note – it’s still worth it to study math and science on your own and to teach it to your kids. It’s very possible to learn the STEM basics (calculus, chem, physics, computer programming) on your own, CLEP most of your credits, and finish a STEM degree in a year or two at an inexpensive state university. Too bad for them. Also, please note that the below trend that Peak Finance writes about will have an unintended consequence — less college attendance, more default on student loans, and a dire future for the worst people in this country – college professors and college administrators)

Peak Finance replying to commenter oogaboogaman:

“STEM degrees aren’t worth it” or “there are no jobs in STEM”. All you have to say is one name, Walter ‘motherfucking’ White.

I don’t disagree with this, but, I can’t fully agree with this either, because of the challenges that recent graduates face in the STEM world from H1-B’s. H1-B visas are killing white STEM degree holders, as you can’t graduate from a good university with 60k+ of debt, then compete with an imported Indian who can work for much less and has no debt burden. The new immigration bill will be the death knell for whites with STEM degrees. I explained all of this in an article I wrote for Northwest Observer, which I will copy and paste some it it here, I hope MW and NF doesn’t mind:

The Asian Minority Problem – By Peak Finance
May 29, 2013

In my articles and blog comments I always try to give actionable advice on financial issues or how to free yourself from the system. However, I do read a lot of white nationalist sites and have found that a lot of newcomers to these sites, clearly understand the danger posed by the blacks and hispanics, but think somehow that the Asian’s, specifically the Chinese and the Indian’s, are “ok” and do not pose a problem. So I would like to take this opportunity to explain the economic and financial damage that these “Well-Behavied” minorities do to our local economies and to White interests. (We will use the term “Asians” to refer to both southeast Asians, Chinese, and Indians for the rest of this article)

In all fairness, in at least one aspect they are right about in their lax attitudes towards the Asians. On all crime statistics across the board, in the *United States*, the Asian crime rate is lower than blacks, hispanics, and even Whites in some cases. However, these statistics don’t tell the entire story. You have to remember a migration from these Asian countries to ours is still difficult, and expensive. So, the families that are immigrating here are from the upper middle classes, and the politically-connected families with money. These classes of Asians are generally better behaved and more functional.

Asian “lower” classes, (Untouchables and such) should they ever start arriving in numbers, are very dysfunctional and would cause widespread problems, specifically the Indians. (PLEASE read Camp of the Saints which is available for free on-line!) If you haven’t heard from the alternative media about the topic of Indian lower-class dysfunction, there is a HELLISH “Rape Epidemic” ( going on in India now, and some of their other unbelievable sexual perversions ( ) which are not widely known have no place in our civilized society.

The biggest problem caused by the Asian immigrants is actually fostered on us by the United States government, which is the granting of a H-1b visa. This is hurting the white professional class in the computer, science, and now the financial and medical industries. As you can see from the following H-1b is actually a back-door method of immigration, and the people that come in under H-1b never leave:

While the H-1B is a temporary, non-immigrant visa, the law allows H-1B holders to apply for permanent residency and, since H-1B workers can bring their families with them, any children born during their stay become U.S. citizens. While relatively few H-1B workers obtain permanent residency, anecdotal evidence suggests a significant percentage, perhaps the majority, of workers who come to the United States on H-1B visas come intending to stay permanently.

( )

These H1B’s are killing the career prospects of very talented White people, they are talking jobs from White people with STEM degrees, which are harder and require actual work to obtain, unlike the easy PC degrees like Political Science, English Lit, et etc.. Basically, the problem in a nutshell is that a White person spends a minimum of $50,000+ and four years of their lives getting a STEM degree from a good college, only to find out that when they get out of college, they can’t get a job, because it was given to an Asian who is willing to work for much less. If you are wondering why the Whites don’t just “suck-it-up” take these jobs with the low salary, well, they simply CAN’T. With the rising cost of living, and the huge student loan debt to service, they can’t take the jobs for the same pay as the Asian worker without those burdens. A new problem for Whites is that they are now un-welcome in the tech shops due to “capturing”.

Capturing is another problem for white workers. which is caused by the Asians tribal nature. Basically, “capture” works as follows, an IT Shop starts by hiring a few H-1b’s, who work their way “up” the food chain, until they get in a position of responsibility. Then, once they have control, or at some least influence over the hiring and firing of other workers, they hire their own kind, until they have completely “captured” the shop and it becomes a 100% Asian. This entire business becomes closed to any further whites wanting to work in their technical departments. These captured Tech Companies:

“do not want to employ Americans. They import labor from overseas, pushing for H-1B visas. Check the job boards. They basically say, ‘H-1B Visa. Americans need not apply.’

( )

The tribal mindset of these Asian minorities also effects their voting patterns. They are basically socialists, and between 66% – 70% (depending on the source) of Asian voters support issues like expanding immigration, gun control, extended welfare benefits, and other programs that directly hurt the white population. Asians are as reliably socialist voters as the Hispanics!

Asian American voters are also quite comfortable with a host of “liberal” views. They are much more likely than whites to support affirmative action, to call themselves environmentalists and to favor a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers. A Pew survey found Asian Americans reflecting a quintessentially “liberal” viewpoint in endorsing a bigger government that provides more services over a smaller government providing fewer services (55 percent to 36 percent, respectively), almost the mirror opposite of the electorate overall (39 percent vs. 52 percent, respectively).

( )

Asian minorities also have better access to capital. I think by now it’s common knowledge that favorable loans that are given to minorities for mortgages, but, this also applies to SBA loans, business loans and grants as well. Asians can use the “Immigrant Scam” discussed in my last article to build a lot of capital, or use minority loans to start businesses, or take advantage of loans from their countries of origin, or of course use some combination of all three to get ahead. ( and list just some of the programs minorities can take advantage of)

All of these points demonstrate that the Asian has a unique unfair advantage over whites when they come to this country. Specifically when starting a business and when seeking loans to buy a business. Interestingly, this access to capital for business formation also reenforces the “public perception” that Asians are smart and successful, due to the large number of businesses they control. In reality their success over Whites is the distinct unfair advantage in access to capital, which makes them more likely to own businesses, as I have shown above.

They have to go!

Please feel free to email me with questions, comments or corrections to the above article,


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  1. “Capturing is another problem for white workers. which is caused by the Asians tribal nature. Basically, “capture” works as follows, an IT Shop starts by hiring a few H-1b’s, who work their way “up” the food chain, until they get in a position of responsibility. Then, once they have control, or at some least influence over the hiring and firing of other workers, they hire their own kind, until they have completely “captured” the shop and it becomes a 100% Asian. This entire business becomes closed to any further whites wanting to work in their technical departments”.
    This is all common sense to me. Why do Europeans always assume everyone else is as selfless and obsessed with “fairness” as they are? This, more than anything else, is whats killing us!!

    • mindweapon says:


      So here’s what I think is going to happen. As a result of this stressor, Whites will learn to be tribal again. Any “easy niche” that seems too good to be true, is too good to be true. It’s not permanent, and in fact it’s going to make Whites go way to the other end of the spectrum to extreme racial selfishness as a result of the current Hell in which we suffer.

  2. Getting a BS degree in a STEM field is always worth it, just for the job opportunities alone. Yes, H1-Bs make it harder, but you’ll still be ahead of about 80% of people, even if it’s from a not particularly exclusive state university.

    • Peak Finance says:

      Yea, Hipster Racist maybe you are right, FOR NOW. What about two years after the immigration bill? Five years? The trends right now look hopeless.

      In the new immigration bill, everyone is talking about the mexican amnesty, which of course is really bad , but, in versions of the bill I have seen, it’s literally OPEN BORDERS for these H1-B types. This could completely kill STEM in this country. Look, right now there are entire regions where whites can’t get construction jobs, now there’s going to be entire regions where there will be no white STEM work.

      • Adit says:

        If what I read is correct, the US graduates approximately 150,000 STEM graduates a year (no stats on how many are actually White however.) The proposed bill will allow up to 300.000 H1-B Visas a year (more if you count other visa categories.) In other words, STEM people are screwed. Another thing to know about STEM, even as it currently stands, is that once you reach about 40 you literally become unemployable due to the glut of these imported workers. So in effect, your career will only last about 15-20 years before you can look for something else.

        There is another problem that most people never think about. STEM usually goes hand in hand with manufacturing. If you have very little manufacturing, you really have no need of STEM. Wherever manufacturing goes, STEM is sure to follow. Eventually, all of these Engineering outfits will relocate out of the country to where the products are manufactured. We’re just in a transition period now, but eventually they’ll figure out that its just plain cheaper to have the whole thing next door to the manufacturing plants instead of around the globe. This will become increasingly true as Whites are pushed out of STEM (as illustrated in the article with ‘capturing’) Why have the Engineers (if they’re all Chinese) in the US, when all the plants are in China? We will be plucked cleaner than a Christmas Turkey and once its all gone, Good Luck in getting it back. White engineers will have to go overseas if they wish to practice their profession then. Oh the irony.

        Very often professions are passed down in families. Back in the mid 90’s, Engineers were actively dissuading their children from Engineering degrees because they saw the handwriting on the wall then. That should tell you something. ‘Capturing’ has been going on that long, but nobody listened to the Engineers then. Nobody will listen now. I know, I was there.

        Obviously STEM is important and the winds of change can happen quickly sometimes, but you need to be aware of these facts if going into STEM. Your education debt will be high, jobs will be scarce, and your career will be most likely short lived. That is why most Whites are skipping these professions for something else. As it stands today, I think a licensed Plumber, Electrician, etc, will end up making much more money than someone in Engineering. Put the profit back into the profession and people will train for it.

        If you are bound and determined to go into Engineering, make sure you get loads of real work experience before your graduate. Do internships, work for free, hell, PAY THEM to work there if you have to. It all helps, however you had better have a good plan B if it doesn’t pan out. Also, remember to have an exit strategy for when you hit your 40’s since you can forget it after that.

    • Anon says:

      Depends on the location, if you live near an immigration machine forget it.

      • You tell me any other field where a white man from a middle class background can make 6 figures in his 20s and over that in his 30s. State universities are not particularly expensive. I haven’t actively sought new clients in 2 years and I still get recruiters contacting me.

        So, H1-Bs are taking our STEM jobs, so we should forget about science, technology, engineering, and math, and become plumbers?

        Whites still have one great advantage too – we can get security clearances, H1-B visas generally do not. Since war is about the only thing Americans are good at these days, it’s a growth industry.

        A year and half ago, my cousin earned a BS in STEM, from a state school, was hired by a Fortune 500 months afterwards, is making at least 50k if not more, and finished paying off all his debt. He’s 24.

        Stop the doomer porn, it’s not nearly that bad yet. Let’s not surrender prematurely.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’m with you Hipster — keep fighting no matter what. And get your STEM degree on the cheap from a state university.

      • Adit says:

        “So HI-B are taking our STEM jobs…”
        No, but you need to take into account that there will be stiff competition (sometimes rigged), and that not every STEM graduate is going to make 6 figures. I never did, never came even close. Actually for me it wasn’t even worth the college tuition. YMMV.

        Lucky you if you’re getting job offers. However it always depended on location and exactly which field you’re in. The market is also very fluid, what they want now desperately, might be worthless next year. You have to pick and choose very carefully. Contacts are extremely important, since tons of engineering jobs are never even made public and also its very important who you work for. A lousy company can screw up your career faster than you can say ‘Bob’s your Uncle.’ You’ll have to just trust me on that since you appear never to have had that particular experience.

        As for security clearances, you have to simply be a citizen, not a white citizen. I worked for a Sub and the big military contractors always had loads of ‘Naturalized Citizens’ working in those places. Don’t forget that government projects mean contractually obligated diversity. Last time I tried for a job requiring a security clearance I was denied since one of my parents is a non-citizen (German – Oh no! The Evil Nazis have come to finish the job! ). Ironically, our Government is happy to hire ‘Naturalized’ citizens for top security jobs and then act surprised when our secrets end up in their country of origin (remember the Chinese Nuclear Scientist a few years back? Remember how shocked our Gov. was when all our MIRV technology ended up in China?) What a damn farce. Its all a mixed bag at best.

        However, you’re right its not all doom and gloom, but it isn’t all roses, high salaries, and fortune 500 either. Not every STEM grad will be as lucky as your cousin, and some will get the shitty end of the stick. They need to know that as well. The median is probably somewhere in between my experience and yours. I got the shitty end from the minute I graduated. For me, the end came when I realized that border jumpers slinging drinks were making more than I was after 10 years in engineering. No damn joke. All in all, it left a very bad taste in my mouth. On the bright side, who knows, maybe I left a job opening for some white kid who went on to greener pastures.

  3. White Dragon says:

    If you’re a STEM graduate and you’re having trouble finding a job, just put down on the job application that you are Hispanic. I’ve known people who put down Hispanic and received free scholarships at my state university, who didn’t even know any Spanish! If you are confronted by the admin (which I have never seen happen) you just tell them that your grandfather was an Argentinian, 1/4 is good enough!. I once knew a kid who had a Spanish (as in Europe) grandmother and got free Hispanic money, but immigrant kids from Ukraine or Poland, actual poor countries, don’t.

    George Zimmerman is a white Klansman but Juan Pablo Galavis is the first “person-of-color” Bachelor. America has jumped the gefilte fish.

    Remember WN’s if someone asks about your ancestry you tell them “My maternal grandfather was Argentinian, and my maternal grandmother was a secular Russian Jew.”

  4. Llew says:

    This taking over of economic sectors organised foreign minorities is beautifully explained in this series of articles that´ve read recently in this British nationalist blog. I hope that you find it interesting. Cheers.

  5. Peak Finance says:

    Hipster Racist, you are not a dumb guy and I like your writing, but I don’t understand what part of this you are not getting:

    If what I read is correct, the US graduates approximately 150,000 STEM graduates a year (no stats on how many are actually White however.) The proposed bill will allow up to 300.000 H1-B Visas a year (more if you count other visa categories.) In other words, STEM people are screwed.

    Almost 3 H1-B’s for each graduate, take race into account and I am sure the number is even worse. The H1-B’s can work for less, and may already be going into a “captured” shop which increases their chances yet again. Adit and Myself are giving references and numbers, and you are just giving anecdotes.

    I have an anecdote too, I just lost a consulting contract at a company, I spent months working on the deal. The White managers liked us, liked our the numbers, but the staff (100% Indian shop in the middle of Texas!) torpedoed the deal so they can give it to the firm they liked better (another 100% Indian shop!), management went along with it because they had no choice, they knew the programers would just sabotage the project and get who they wanted anyway! Management now knows the Indians have their balls in a vice, but what are they going to do? Fire everyone in the shop and start over? The die had been cast when they went 100% Indian. This is the new reality, and it’s only going to get worse.

    Since you call yourself “Hipster” maybe you are in some enclave or overwhelming white area where you’re not seeing this personally yet?

    • mindweapon says:

      I was in the high tech industry in the 1990’s and the white programmers were open borders libertarians who thought themselves macho men who could handle any competition from Indians, and scoffed at any idea of Indians “capturing” a shop. I didn’t use the term at the time, but I said that Indians would favor their own kind. These programmers were ready to get me fired for being a wacist. So they/we are learning the hard way.

      The long term outcome of this will be that Whites will learn to look out for Whites. So I welcome this hardship. It’s our punishment for not being racist enough.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        MW, take this lesson back to the farming thread.  It doesn’t matter how much value you can add if you’re shut out because of ethnic tribalism.

      • Adit says:

        As I’ve mentioned I was in manufacturing, and whole industries were just shuffled out of the country relatively quickly. I still remember some White engineers lording it over the others that they still had jobs, because they had specialty X. The point they loved to make is that if you were in an industry that was outsourced, you had to be a absolute loser. Clowns. I always hoped that that statement came back to bite them hard.

    • No, I spent my 20s and beyond in NYC and in San Jose, I’ve never had a job that didn’t include shitloads of H1-Bs, and I remember the doomer stuff about H1-Bs for a decade now, since I first found out what they were from a college prof. I know how racist and tribal the Indians are. I’ve read numbers like that since the beginning, but the doom scenarios never play out that way. H1-Bs are in a precarious position politically and socially and the situation could change on a dime.

      A BS in STEM that you don’t over pay for is about the only 4 year college degree that is still worth anything, and it’s transferable to just about any occupation or grad school. The BS is still a good deal economically. If whites become a minority in the field we’ll get the minority advantage, it will get tribal real quick. Plus, again, there is defense money. I could move to the DC suburbs next week and be employed at $100k easy.

      That’s 300k potential H1-Bs a year, they likely won’t fill the quota. The numbers just mean we need to work at it harder and smarter. There will be a backlash, protectionist legislation will be passed, and the H1-B system needs an economy of scale anyway. We’re gonna get screwed, but they can’t kill us all.

      Who knows, maybe my boys will be the last whites in STEM, which means we’ll be better off than 90% of whites.

      • Adit says:

        If someone wants a STEM degree its better than any of the other options, BUT don’t present it like it is a guarantee of a job (esp. a high paying job.) That is what I take great exception with. It is no guarantee of anything. My personal experience bears this out. It may give you a few more options, but that doesn’t mean that someone with a BS in STEM won’t end up as a short order cook or pushing a broom for the rest of his life. If there aren’t any jobs, there aren’t any jobs. A BS in engineering obviously doesn’t qualify you as a microbiologist for instance. There is also something else most people forget to mention. STEM Degrees have an expiration date as well if you don’t use them. This is not a deal killer, but things like that need to be mentioned. A STEM degree does not guarantee you a STEM job.

        BTW, have you ever actually worked in a defense industry? I have this feeling not, but I could be wrong. Anything Government related usually has multiculturalism stamped all over it with diversity requirements. Now if you were a black female lesbian jew in a wheelchair you’d be in like a shot, otherwise I think your chances ain’t so hot unless you have some rare specialty. We’re spending a fortune on bullets and bombs, but we aren’t building tons of new planes, tanks and the like.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        @Peak Finance:

        Yes, Republicans are arguably worse than Democrats. Which administration forced integration on White Southern schoolchildren at bayonet point? Truman or Eisenhower? Which administration passed Affirmative Action and designated Hispanics as a new protected racial class? LBJ or Nixon? Which administration passed Amnesty? Carter or Reagan? Which administration initiated NAFTA? Bush or Clinton? Which administration put us at war in Iraq and passed the Patriot Act all the while hyping Amnest Part DUH? Clinton or Bush?

        The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts happened during Democrat administration, but not thanks to the vast majority of Democrats (or Dixiecrats). That’s where the Republicans “reached across the aisle in a spirit of bipartisanship” to liberal Democrat Presidents to screw White people. But what else can you expect from the Party of Lincoln.

        I lived in Texas when you could only hold public office if you were a Democrat and shit – good shit for White people – got done! Conservative Democrats thought nothing about rolling up their sleeves, getting down into the dirt, and rumbling with Liberal Democrats. The battles between Conservative like Bob Bullock who was known for his blunt and sometimes politically incorrect speaking style and Liberal Leftist Democrats like Ronnie Earle were legendary.

        Republicans were, are, and always will be a rich man’s party. They were patronized by the robber barons of the Gilded Age one of whom famously said, “I don’t give a damn where I get my labor; it could be a Nigger, it could be an Injun, it could be a Chinaman. Hell, it could even be a jackass for all I care.” Precisely, where has anything changed? Oh, yes. “Family vaaaaaaluuuuze don’t stop at the Rio Graaaand!” Per George Dubya Bush. Thanks, but no thanks.

        Democrats hate White people, because they know that White people become Republican the millisecond they reach the bourgeoisie class. They are all wannabe millionaires, not getting that Corporate American Cronyism is responsible for stuff like NAFTA which H. Ross Perot, the last real populist candidate predicted would “create a big sucking sound of jobs out of the country.” The Democrat Party did not leave Whites; Whites left the Democrat Party.

        Once Whites deserted the Democrats, Party of Andrew “I Killed The Bank” Jackson, the Democrats were left with no choice but to cobble together the motley dysfunctional bunch of voters they have now. White Democrat politicians know the score when it comes to racial politics and they know it is only a matter of time before their voters will all push them out for a Democrat who looks more like them. They would LOVE to get back the White vote; they just don’t know how, because they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

        Republicans take White Votes for granted and throw them under the bus every chance they get to court minority votes, because where else are White voters going to go? Whites need to go back to the Democrat Party. Democrats defend each other truth and nail. They shrug and change the subject if one of them utters and inconvenient truth. Republicans scatter for the bushes and leave such people twisting in the wind. Democrats purge their party traitors. Republicans keep them around and are surprised that the same idiot who formed the bipartisan Gang of Fourteen is now part of the bipartisan Gang of Eight which works against everything the Republicans are working for. A Democrat version of John McCain would never be tolerated. He’d be history.

        Had David Duke run as a Democrat, he’d at least be in the Senate right now, like Bob Byrd. He’d be positioned to be President right now as the economy tanks. He ran as a Republican who was marginalized to a state rep level before the Republicans purged him.

        The Republicans are no friends of White people. They need to go.

  6. Peak Finance says:

    Ok, I see your points, agree / disagree on some, I guess that the only hole I see in my thinking is that possibly I am overestimating the cost of a STEM degree from a second or third tier school? I am thinking 50k – 75k in student debt, for a 50k – 75k a year job starting (assuming that you did an internship in college and can hit the ground running), but the jobs are in places that 50k give a miserable standard of living? I guess I can check this out and see where my numbers are wrong.

    However, this point here:

    There will be a backlash, protectionist legislation will be passed

    There is a backlash, and their has been a backlash, for two years now, states passing anti-imigration stuff. And what happened? Fed judges striking every new law down, telling the states basically to go to hell, nothing anyone says matters.

    Now the immigration bill is the death-knell, it will be one party democratic rule from that point on, as they legalize the illegal and get their 9 – 30 million votes (depending on whose numbers you believe), and the votes of millions more streaming across the border. They will never have to listen to the opposition again on this or any issue.

    So, maybe you have heard this doom and gloom stuff for 10 years, so discount it. I guess one of the points of the Frankfurt School tactic is to numb you to the possibility of it happening, because it happens so slowly, at first, that you barely notice it or discount it, until it’s everywhere and unstoppable?

    • Every generation thinks they are the last. Even MW is well on his way to losing his bet with me over $2k gold (I haven’t forgotten, MW, $1316.00 as of now.) H1-Bs go up and down. Legalize all the non-white foreigners, let them vote – whites will just restrict democracy. We’re simply not doomed, and nowhere near doomed enough we should discourage bright young white guys from getting a STEM degree – and, unless Cupcake is actually having babies, she should probably get one too, instead of wasting time doing whatever else at 18-22. She’ll even get affirmative action.

      Why is one party rule bad? Republicans are arguably worse than Democrats. Cly always suggested whites join the Democrats where bare knuckled brawling for ethnic spoils is engaged in by everybody, including whites. Look how the feminist women behind Hillary fought it out to the end with the Obamaites.

      If you can get into MIT, sure, it’s worth probably whatever price tag in necessary. But even a relatively poor white can do two years cheap at a community college, getting all the general credits out of the way while getting a solid math background, then transfer to State U. to get the BS. With grants, scholarships, and loans, it’s still well worth the money.

      If it gets really bad, whites will get tougher.

      No actually I’ve heard to doom and gloom for my entire life. First, the Ruskies were gonna nuke us, then Jesus was coming back with the Rapture, then NAFTA and GATT, then Y2K, 9/11 and Al Qaeda in every town, imminent financial crash (4 major ones so far in my lifetime) global warming, peak oil, global cooling, the ozone whole, asteroids, tidal waves, dogs and cats living together, etc.

      Whites love waiting for the Rapture and hunkering down in their rural bunkers with their guns, because that’s easier than fighting.

      • Peak Finance says:

        I wasn’t sure I was going to respond to this, because I think I am just getting trolled at this point, because I can’t take anyone seriously that says this:

        Republicans are arguably worse than Democrats.

        Where have you been the last 5 years? Democrats have taken every already insane republican policy from the Bush years and doubled-down on it! Bush GM bailout failed, Do it again, but Bigger! Bush TARP fails, Do it again bigger! Oops, that failed, so let’s do QE1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4ever! Debt was bad under Bush, so lets double that too! Oh, let’s amnesty illegals during a depression! That will work!

        Anyway, I think the real point of contention is this:

        imminent financial crash (4 major ones so far in my lifetime)

        I see, you are saying this, like, “hey, there have been 4 financial disasters in my lifetime, and I am still here, we are ok”

        Well, actually, we never recovered from the first financial crisis! Wages have not increased, one dime, by any measure, in over 40 years, which was the first financial crisis in our lifetimes, when Nixon took us off the gold standard to pure fiat under the MMT (Magical Money Theory).

        The solution to every subsequent crisis has just been to blow the financial bubble bigger, and bigger, more money printing, more liquidity, more derivatives, more credit, more debt, without ever fixing any of the issues that caused the original problems. The mini crisis “pass” and you just get used to the “new normal” but nothing is ever fixed. Nothing is ever fixed, nothing is better, just more toys and distractions to make you forget you are being robbed, and they get more and more each year from you. You think that everything is not measurably terrible worse than it was 40 years ago?

        You think this can go on forever?

      • Not trolling, I’m serious. I did a few years in finance, I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I know the deal.

        QE infinity will work just fine, always has, always will. The government didn’t stage 9/11 to invade Afghanistan and Iraq on a whim. The Arabs take our dollars for their oil, as long as that lasts, the dollar will be fine. Inflation? Sure, we’re still in the middle of a massive deflation. The fantasy derivatives will just get written off in one way or another. Dollars measure nothing, there are limits to the physical economy, there are no limits to finance. Just keep adding zeros.

        The fact is the entire world financial system essentially crashed a few years ago, and the actual physical economy and infrastructure of the US is basically unharmed.

        Finance is getting close to obsolete thanks to the internet. People still think in terms of gold and silver, or that the “quantity” of dollars actually matter.

        You are right – nothing is ever “fixed” – or more like it, everything is “fixed.” Finance is just a social construct, we will never run out of dollars, and 90% of the inflation scare is just bondholders bitching. As long as gas and groceries are reasonable, we’ll live. The North American continent has enough natural resources to provide us with the best material standard of living on earth. Plus, whites are heavily armed.

        No collapse. Take any economic indicator and I’ll bet you it won’t be as bad as you think.

        Finance is a social construct, it’s all hand wavey illusion. When the numbers don’t add up, print more – or destroy some dollars. The inflationistas always forget that money is both printed and destroyed. All that matters is the physical economy, and the USA has more physical wealth now then ever before.

      • mindweapon says:

        All that matters is the physical economy, and the USA has more physical wealth now then ever before.

        as far as the most important physical commodity, oil, I would dispute that.

        Kunstler interviews petroleum geologist Jeffrey Brown

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        While I have no doubt plenty of women are willing to put up with your particular brand of humor, do the caliber of women you like to date really have such a small response to being called Cupcake that it’s worth your while to throw it into an unrelated conversation? Or is it just posturing to make yourself sound like a big man on the internet? LOL

        I have enjoyed reading your take on the financial sector, as my two accounting courses didn’t really cover derivatives/QE/etc. I think it’s inherently dangerous to assume that just because something hasn’t spelled disaster before, it won’t in the future – especially a future where we’ve stripped our nation of the conditions that provided a soft landing during previous financial crises.

        As for the price of food – your singleness and comparatively high salary are showing. Ask the average middle class stay-at-home mom with multiple kids what it’s like trying to satisfy their little calorie demolishers without overdrawing the bank account. If a kid is getting the recommended amount of calcium it’s likely going to be through milk and yogurt, which isn’t cheap. Even the corn syrup crap is getting more expensive, though at a slower rate.

      • Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

        CM Cow’s milk is terrible for people, including children. There are other ways to get calcium and the gov has lied about how much we need because they need to get rid of all the milk they’re subsidizing.

        I like being called Cupcake. 🙂

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        Hey, Maureen! I know that the growth hormones in cow’s milk are terrible for kids, and I’ve enough vegans/animal rights activists talk about the horrors of dairy farms to understand why some are against it. However, in rural areas where organic farmers sell cow or goat milk, I still think it can be beneficial.

        Do you mind sharing how you get your calcium? I know certain green vegetables have it, but otherwise the only times I see it mentioned are on orange juice jugs.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think cow’s milk is OK if it’s made into yogurt.

  7. oogaboogaman says:

    Whats up everybody? Replying to Peakfinances statement about H1B workers in STEM, as well as about the assumption that WN will be better off in the trades. Ok, yes I am aware about the Indian problem in the STEM fields, but as hipster racist stated does that mean we should stop learning STEM altogether? Also, the idea that the trades will always be secure is false for a couple of reasons, first off most of the construction industry (carpentars, masons, roofers etc) have been overtaken by beaners. Second, manufacturing trades like welding and machinists are being destroyed because of advances in robotics, 3D printing, as well as a diminishing manufacturing and construction industry. Lastly, the residential/light commercial side of HVAC is a hugely overrated trade: no new construction for installs, the beaner is slowly creeping in, and the work is feast or famine depending on the weather. Yes, having hands on knowledge is good but don’t think you’re automatically secure.

    In terms of my comment about cont’d

    • oogaboogaman says:


      Breaking Bad’s Walter White was not meant to encourage WN to take up STEM to pursue a life of crime, although they certainly could for example: hackers, bomb makers, poisons, or cooking/growing drugs; but to illustrate what a well motivated person trained in STEM could accomplish.

      Also, this whole bs about debt or getting a job, fuck it. Unless your last name is Rothchild, Bush, Warburg, or Rockerfeller you’re fucked as a white person in todays USSA. To end my poorly structured rant, in the breaking bad musical article I mentioned the discovery ch show, The Colony, which dealt with a group of survivors in a post apocaplypse scenario. In the first season of this show the MVP was a professor of engineering and comp sci who made a flame thrower and tesla gun.

      Lastly, if any of you are familiar with the post apocaplypse video game series Fallout, who are the 2 most powerful factions? The Enclave and the bros of steel, 2 heavily STEM strong groups who have power armor, laser rifles, and combat robots.

  8. Let’s see, LTCM bailout, the “Mexican” (read: Citigroup) bailout, the recent bailouts, and one I’m forgetting. Each was heralded as “the end” and no collapse, no riots, no food shortages, no nothing. Going back to the 1980s. So, that’s over 30 years of predicting collapse.

    Before that, we had the same types predicting collapse from the 50s to the 80s. A long unbroken chain of doomers getting it wrong 100% of the time.

    Finance is a social construct, it’s just numbers. Numbers can be and are adjusted.

    Of course, various interest groups want collapses in various economic sectors, because they will be able to buy assets cheap. Imagine if the administration had allowed everything to collapse – China would have just stepped in and bought everything. Would that have been a more positive outcome? Only to those taking the financial abstraction too literally.

    • Back in the late 90s I think, Warren Buffet and his partner Maruice “Hank” Greenberg bought General Re, the reinsurance company. Buffet immediately started making noises about the derivatives. He thought they were risky, dangerous and would blow up. He said they were trying to “unwind” some of General Re’s derivative exposure. It led to a split with Greenberg, who continued on with AIG until he got convicted of fraud and slapped on the wrist.

      Well, Buffet was right, the derivatives did blow up. Every Austrian and Monetarist started screaming “inflation! inflation!” Treasury calmly extorted 700 billion (or whatever) dollars out of the tax payer, and openly described it as a distraction. What they were really doing was taking the derivatives off of the bank’s balance sheets and putting them into Maiden Lane I, II, and III, front companies for the Fed. This took the (virtually worthless) assets off of the market – withdrawing a huge chunk of assets that could be borrowed against to create money (in non-crisis times), and replaced that money with QE 1, 2 and 3. This replaced the non-circulating derivatives (worthless in the current market) and swapped them with a much smaller amount of cash that did circulate. The theory was that as everything recovered, the derivatives could be put back on the market. (Likely, that won’t happen, they will be written down in some way.)

      Inflationistas didn’t seem to understand the magic trick. Sure, the “total quantity” of money increased – but the vast majority of that money was just stuck in the Fed (Maiden Lane, etc.) thus didn’t circulate, thus didn’t cause price inflation. In fact, it didn’t even stop the deflation. We successfully exported a lot of that potential inflation to China and indirectly, to the Euro.

      We have real physical limits (like oil) to economic growth, but finance is limitless. Finance is nothing but a social balancing act between creditors and debtors that is adjusted – in completely artificial, non-free market ways – on a regular basis. Has been since 1913 domestically and internationally since Nixon dropped the gold exchange.

      The financial system in general is an information market, that’s why the Fed kept a monopoly on check clearing well into the electronic age. It was the information they needed. The internet (as a whole phenomenon, including cell phones and the like) has made traditional finance more and more obsolete. Notice how strongly TPTB went after every alternate system, from e-gold, to the Ron Paul gold coins, to the current hand wringing over bitcoin. Corporate scrip has made a comeback in a huge way, see airline miles, even coupons to some degree. Virtual currencies like the video game Second Life actually developed an exchange between the game currency and the dollar. Africans have a new cell phone based borrowing system. That’s the sort of thing that is going to happen with technology more and more as time goes on.

      Peak oil may get us, but peak dollar never will. Finance Capital hates democracy, because the majority of debtors tend to vote away their debts, thus harming capital. But what finance capital hates even more is a loss of their Fed/dollar monopoly, but they are going the way of the Post Office, physical stamps, and typewriters.

      • mindweapon says:

        Matt Parrott thinks bitcoin is goign to be “it.” There are many alternative currencies popping up, you are right. There’s one you didn’t even mention that circulates copper coins, since copper has intrinsic value.

        Now if you combine local food production and processing with your alternative currency, you can build the alternative currency, since everybody buys at least 50 dollars worth of food per week. I personally like the idea of minted coins of some sort, whether silver in teh form of mercury dimes and silver dollars and rounds, or the copper coins, or both.

        And food itself could be a form of currency, or a barter item. With electricity, gasoline, and water, it is one of the few things we are all but guaranteed to be consuming daily. That’s why I think it is the prime fuel to kickstart, and maintain, a local economy.

        I’m going to be dehydrating peaches and storing them in honey this weekend. Also be making plums into prunes. Give us high food prices, or a public that wilfully switches from GMO highly flavorful goy-poison to locally produced real food.

  9. I think the goal is to stop thinking of education as a series of rungs on a ladder leading to a job at the top of that ladder, and more like a key that will open up new opportunities to you, not all of them directly related to making money or earning a salary. Or getting laid, for that matter.

    • mindweapon says:

      Absolutely. Do you really want to go through life without ever having done calculus or chemistry, especially if such things are available? They might not always be available. You might end up one of the few people in your group with this knowledge who can pass it on.

  10. Gwyth says:

    If whites are pushed out of STEM jobs who’s going to do all the innovating? Surely someone has to or is technology going to be allowed to stagnate? Will the Asians and Indians be able to fulfill that role of being innovators? I think that is where whites have the power. We have proven over and over again that we have a very high capacity to create and develop. I’m not sure if the Indians and Asians will be capable of sustaining their current status for too long. They have what they have because it has been given to them. If whites go they will have to do everything themselves and they may not have developed the necessary discipline to do that.

    • mindweapon says:

      Whites gotta go Galt!

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        I’m almost halfway through Atlas Shrugged, and at this point I just want Galt to show up and make his fifty-page speech so I can call it a book. It pains me that a book with so much heavyhandedness and cognitive dissonance has become the Bible for anyone with a conservative bent.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, it’s too long. I could give you better books to read. Try “The Good Soldier Svejk” by Jaroslav Hasek, or The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Atlas Shrugged is an endurance test, ’tis true.

        Maybe that explains something about the nature of its devotees:  it takes a certain amount of ability to do mental grunt-work just to finish the thing.

      • Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

        Watch the Fountainhead on Youtube.

  11. @CM “cupcake” is what my father called his daughter – my sister – and daughter was clearly implied by the context. Any negative connotations you choose to impute to such a term are yours alone. Generally speaking the women I have dated have been college educated professional women.

    That is the second time you’ve complained about generic comments of mine regarding women, neither of which were directed at you or anyone in particular. Be grateful you are a woman. Some have been known to call men “button pushing faggots.” Now that is umambiguously negative.

    Understandable as women often have conflicting and confusing feelings about me.

    • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

      We’re simply not doomed, and nowhere near doomed enough we should discourage bright young white guys from getting a STEM degree – and, unless Cupcake is actually having babies, she should probably get one too, instead of wasting time doing whatever else at 18-22. She’ll even get affirmative action.

      Aside from the fact that you were talking to an older commenter, nothing here clearly implies that you are talking about what “we” should be encouraging someone’s son(s) and daughter(s) to do. To me, it was very clearly written in the context of what attitudes/strategies WN 2.0s should have regarding young white people. Other commenters didn’t take notice of the pejorative; I did, because of the facial expressions and tone that usually accompany a pet name like that coming from men who aren’t old enough to be a grandpa. We both associate those kinds of names with different social situations, and as often happens online, that caused confusion.

      I have no idea how the average college educated woman feels about pet names within a romantic or father/daughter relationship, but I doubt all of them would take kindly to hearing one from the mouth of a virtual stranger, whether meant for them individually or for the “no one in particular” that is an entire swath of the female population.

      I’m sure that I’ve called different factions of WN men childish or, at worse, misogynistic – a word that has been so warped and overused that I cringe just typing it. I have never called another WN (or anyone for that matter) a button pushing faggot, however, so I can only assume you’re taking a potshot at some other female commenter. I am happy to be a woman for many reasons, none of which have to do with how quickly I take offense at a perceived insult. I’ve met too many touchy, defensive men to buy into the idea that this has anything to do with my gender.

      I would imagine that if women seem to have conflicting feelings towards you, it’s because you coat whatever pearls of wisdom you have to offer in a hearty layer of shit. As backwards as it sounds, that’s one of the reasons why I value your contributions to MW’s blog. One of the best skills you can have in life is to be able to confront information that upsets you on a visceral level, whether because of content or form, and dismantle it so you can absorb anything useful. I roll my eyes occasionally when I read one of your comments, and a whole *two* times I’ve felt strongly enough to make a comment, but as I said above, I enjoy the insights you have to offer on some subjects as well.

      • @CM,

        Thanks, I think. I laughed at your comments about Atlas Shrugged though, that’s basically the way I felt half way through, I was thinking, “ok, get on with it already!” I think Rand was a decent author of fiction, and had certain good ideas, but I don’t take “Objectivism” seriously and find her cult annoying. I read AS first, got about half way through Fountainhead and got bored, and I read her novella We The Living which I thought was pretty good.

        Oh, and my email in on my about page, so you can always contact me and let me know how offended you are by my sexist attitude. Don’t let some of my articles scare you.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        HR, it was intended for a laugh – I’m pretty sarcastic in real life, though I can “keep sweet” as well as southern belles when it’s needed.

        Ironically, I found the writing style of the first chapter of Atlas Shrugged to be dreadful, but as that improved the thematic elements of the book started to nettle me more and more. She had some good ideas, but I’m left with the feeling that this woman had no interaction with the real world. Her romanticized view of corporations and the complete lack of non-whites in the story make it inapplicable to our society.

        If I e-mail you, it will probably be to pick your brain on some of the pop culture trends that interest me – for example, why women/young girls get so invested in homoerotic tension between men on various media platforms. I have my own thoughts, but getting a blunt second opinion would be fascinating.

  12. Peak Finance says:

    Hi clytemnestra57!

    Yes, you are right, if this was the 40’s, we would all be democrats!

    In any case, about your argument, well, we can argue this history for hours, and it ultimately doesn’t mean much to today, and I’ll explain a bit as to why, and again this is a topic we can talk about for hours! (and it’s pretty interesting!). Between the civil rights fights, there were a lot of shifting alliances, and remember over time, from Ike to Reagan, the Republican and Democrat parties started to “switch”, where the Republicans took more interests in whites and the Democrats started taking more of a minority interest. This really happens more rapidly in the late 60’s as LBJ started all his insane social programs (“We will have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years!”). Remember in the 60’s, the Democrats were the party of war! Nixon and LBJ were both vile thugs! I would never defend Nixon or any of them.

    This is why if you look at the context of my post, you see how I focus on the most recent Republican / Democrat split it really seems that as bad as the Repubs are, the Democrats now are full-bore out of the closet Marxists. They promised “change” in 2008 but we got Bush on steroids instead! AS much as I hate Obama with a bright flamey burning passion, when he got elected I said to myself, “Well, at least he will end the middle-east wars” LOZLOLLOZ!!!!!!

    And just one minor correction, Clinton passed the NATFA bill with Democrat control of the house.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      @Peak Finance:

      Sorry, but the Republican Party never took that much of an interest in the welfare of Whites. Ever. They have always been corporatist and much more concerned about Wall Street than Main Street.

      You are probably too young to remember, so you buy the hype from the MSM who made a big to-do about condemning Nixon for his “Southern Strategy,” but the Boll Weevil Democrats didn’t become Republican until something called the “Reagan Democrats” manifested itself in the electorate.

      However, the ground for “Reagan Democrats” were seeded with the 1968 Democrat Convention where anti-War radicals disrupted the convention and put a big rift between leftist and more conservative Democrats. White working class people were totally torqued by the sight of the spoiled elite class of “fortunate sons” having all kinds of smack to say about the middle class and working class “not so fortunate sons” where the war was concerned.

      I think Zionists saw all this patriotic fervor on display and decided to divert it in defense of their country. To that end, they became Reagan Democrats and eventually morphed into Neoconservative Republicans who favor open borders for the USA and endless wars for Israel.

      IMO, LBJ was blamed far too much for his Great Society. He was a one term president! How much of that program could he implement? You may be too young to remember this, but Richard “Peace With Honor” Nixon swept into office in a landslide of White votes because he ran as a LAW AND ORDER candidate.

      Nixon was given a mandate by pissed off voters to stomp out crime and if he had simply repealed the Anti-White aspects of LBJ’s Great Society while going after Black rioters as sternly as he went after the war protestors at Kent State, he’d have been impeachment-proof. Instead he passed Affirmative Action and made a new protected class of Mestizos.

      BTW, NAFTA was proposed and promoted by Ronald Reagan who also amnestied the illegal Mestizos squatting here. It was further promoted by George H.W. Bush until the lobbies were able to buy off Clinton and his democrats, because there was no more strong working class White representation in the Democrat party. But if not Clinton, then George Dubya Bush would have passed NAFTA, because “fambly valoooooze don’t stop at the Rio Graaaaand!”

      • Peak Finance says:

        Umm, I am reading your post and it seems like you are agreeing with me, you are agreeing that the parties switched sides, you seem to have a good grasp of the neo-con split and why it happened, (although it started earlier then you are saying) and agree in general, so I don’t really understand the antagonism.

        LBJ didn’t need to implement the entire great society, the parts that he did implement were the worst of it, medicaid and welfare. From this point on, sloth and being a baby machine were rewarded in the black community, and whites were drained of funds to support healthcare. Of course people don’t realize it at the time, because the damage takes many years to become apparent. Our Healthcare system is still screwed to this day because of these programs. Healthcare was already becoming a disaster by the mid-70’s, and congress “saved” it with HMO’s, which if you examine it carefully you will see it’s just a redistribution scheme from whites to minorities. This just delayed the day of disaster.

        This here:
        because there was no more strong working class White representation in the Democrat party.
        Well, yea, it’s clear that by the early 90’s the Democrats were the party of blacks. Now early 2010’s they are the party of out-of-the-closet marxists.

        And this:
        if he had simply repealed
        If you have been watching politics as long as you have, you should realize there is no sure thing as “simply repealed”

        It was further promoted by George H.W. Bush until the lobbies were able to buy off Clinton … NAFT”

        Just a general point I notice that always gets my goat, Why with Democrats it’s always someone else’s fault? I can tell you Reagan was an ass for signing amnesty, and Bush was a general jerk for the Iraq war resolution, Romney is a Hard-on and an idiot for passing Romneycare, but with Democrats and their supporters, it’s always like ” whine whine Clinton HAD to sign the Glass-Segal repeal, it’s the REPUBLICANS fault they (somehow magically) MADE him sign it” (Of course, at the time Clinton was a lame duck and didn’t have to do ANYTHING he didn’t want to), Or why EVERY DEMOCRAT signed the iraq war resolution (except for like 3 out of hundreds) then backed out when it became un-popular (oh, the Republicans MADE US go along, or, uh, they would be MEAN to us!!! whine whine)

        I can come up with examples all day of this democrat sycophant crap, it’s really tiring.

      • @Peak Finance:

        I’m not saying the Democrats are blameless, but dammit, the Republicans are NOT The Great White Hope! They have NEVER been “The White Party” and the very idea that they are called “The White Party” NOW just boggles the brain cells of anyone capable of critical thinking.. Always keep in the back of your mind that the GOP is “The Party of Lincoln.” The same party that, shortly after coming into being, oversaw the deaths of over a half a million White men on both sides of the Mason Dixon lines not only so they could force men who just wanted to leave the Union to remain part of it, but so that they could then disenfranchise them and put their freed slaves over them.

        Why do I prefer the Democrats over the Republiscum? There was a Republican Robber Baron back in the gilded age who famously said, “I don’t give a damn where I get my labor; it could be a Nigger, it could be a White man, it could be an Injun, it could be a Chinaman. Hell, it could be a jackass for all I care.” That’s still the Republican sentiment in a nutshell. Thanks to the Neocon takeover of the party, they value White men only as cannon fodder for Israel.

        Well, Democrats don’t care where they get their votes. It could be a pro-abortion feminist lesbian. It could be either a Zionist or Marxist Jew. It could be a Muslim. It could be some seven yard of screaming lavender chiffon homosexual. It could be a Negro or Mestizo snivel rights activist, it could be an Asian and hell, it can even be a White guy.

        Republicans routinely stab their White constituents in the back, because the Democrats are even “worse” and where are the Whites going to go? Whatever you want to say about the Democrats, they keep their promises and aggressively support their constituents as long as they remain their constituents.

        The biggest tragedy for White people was when the Boll Weevil Democrats switched parties and ended up under the control of the checked pants country club Republican conservatives. All these guys care about is their stock portfolio. If the country ends up looking like some Brazilian hellhole where they have to be ferried back and forth their homes in helicopters, they can live with that.

  13. Peak Finance says:

    @ Hipster Racist

    I don’t even know what to make of your two-post financial rant. A lot of it doesn’t make sense, or is contradictory, clearly the parts about inflation, for you say theres none, they say there inflation but it’s “successfully exported” as if that’s possible, then back to denying inflation, I mean WTF? Inflation cannot be “successfully exported” as the exported inflation raises the cost of goods, services and raw materials in that country, which in turn raise the price of imports from those countries. Take India for example, we export inflation there, the Indian workers need more money just to keep the same standard of living, then have to raise the prices they charge us for outsourcing and such.

    A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that the reserves printed and given to the banks are sterile and not causing inflation. The financial reserves ARE NOT STERILE. First, the fed is actually paying interest on all of those reserves, which is printed and becomes hot money, and then the reserves are leveraged by the banks holding the reserves and used for Prop Trading and other investments instead of loans. Really, even if you not a finance guy, anyone who’s bought gas or food in the last 5 years knows hot money is going into ATBCP, which is “Anything That Ben Can’t Print”

    As for the rest of it, it is basically an argument in support of Keynesian Economics. I am just floored that you are supporting Keynesian Economics. That’s exactly what you are arguing in your rant, even if you don’t recognize it as such, with statements like this:

    Finance is a social construct, it’s just numbers
    peak dollar never will

    I am not even going to waste my time or the ink to even address something that so creditably failed everywhere and completely debunked, with recent examples like Zim and Argentina. Tell the Argentina guys that “Finance is a social construct, it’s just numbers”

    I would recommend you start here, where Keynes and this type of economic thinking is debunked on a daily basis, then read “When Money Dies”

    • I’ve been reading zerohedge since it first started.

      I am not even going to waste my time or the ink to even address something that so creditably failed everywhere and completely debunked, with recent examples like Zim and Argentina. Tell the Argentina guys that “Finance is a social construct, it’s just numbers”

      OK, I’ll tell the Argentina guys that finance is a social construct, it’s just numbers. Argentina owed dollars – a social construct of the American society, not the Argentinian society. You are mistaking a social construct for some physical reality, due to ideological reasons.

      Argentina owed dollars. The USA owes dollars. Who prints dollars? That’s right, The USA does. How is the Argentina economy doing now, years after the crash? Not bad. Did Zim do what the US has done in the last decade, take billions out of circulation? No, they didn’t, hence inflation.

      Is gas $50 a gallon right now? It should be, according to the doomers, but it’s not.

      Yes, that’s right, finance is just numbers. Financial capital is a social construct. Physical capital is not a social construct. The amount of financial capital in the system is adjusted “artificially” on a regular basis. Bernanke made a fool out of the doomers because they simply ignored what he was doing, because it was complicated. All the doomers could do is scream “inflation! they are printing money!” We’re not even close to 1970s levels of price inflation yet. In fact the main financial problem in the US right now is asset DEFLATION. That’s why people’s mortgages are underwater.

      . I am just floored that you are supporting Keynesian Economics.

      Yep, just as I suspected, you are an ideologue, likely an Austrian or a monetarist, thus you can’t even see the issues because you’re blinded by the ideology. You’re mistaking the model for the reality, the typical mistake of an ideologue.

  14. kurt says:

    For those who don’t know, Asians count as affirmative-action hires, and this has been the case at least since the early 1990s when I first learned of it.

    In other words, companies don’t have to hire blacks; they can hire Asians instead, and those Asians count toward that company’s affirmative-action quota.

    For a human male (white) getting a STEM degree today, you may be disappointed at the outcome, with all the affirmative-action cards in the deck stacked against you.

  15. PA says:

    White men have one major advantage in a STEM industry: their extraversion and social skills over South and East Asians. The successful white STEM’ers take the project management / business development career track. Project management is essentially like running a business — ensuring that your teams perform within the budget and schedule. Business development means networking with your clients and others in the industry to bring in more work.

    • mindweapon says:

      Very good point! Though one has to do the STEM and learn that stuff and start as a programmer in the first place.

    • PA says:

      Absolutely. It’s just that you can’t just be a programmer/designer as a long-term career track. You have to strive toward leadership or value-added roles, where white men do hold an edge.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think that’s why they should learn statistics and be familiar with business studies — cost-benefit analyses and such, all that crazy modeling with charts and graphs that business analysts and finance people do. Knowing that stuff will make you a better coder too.

        I find statistics a lot of fun because it is computer programming, and it’s graphical — you make cool charts and graphs that help you visualize what you are trying to figure out. I have been doing regions between curves and disk/washer method for finding volume and volume by shells. That stuff is fun as hell!

        It looks like Calc and Stats mush together into one too. Get good at the raw math, and then study the applications of this math in programming and business.

        So far you could still get a job as a “quant” helping the international crooks game the stock market using high frequency trading. If you used the money you made to build White communities and a non-GMO local food system I think it would balance out, morally speaking.

        I think White communities are the business models of the future. They are going to realize that they can’t make new profits unless they allow White people to be White people. So someone’s going to come along and finance teh first White community. Hell, they are going to realize they need more people in farming, that we are the golden goose.

        THe risk tehy take, of course, is that the golden goose gets too strong and they can’t control us. This is the paradox they face in dealing with us. And of course, we have every intention of breaking their control over us and then destroying them. That is mindweaponization, and it’s likely to happen anyway.

  16. Sam Barber says:

    Naysayers are useless. Most of them like to hear themselves talk or see their words read online while offering very little in terms of an alternative. The proactive people are actually doing something instead of complaining about it online. We keep studying physics, chemistry, higher mathematics, engineering and the hard sciences all the while looking to the future and not wasting our time complaining about what won’t work or trying to make others stumble.

    The Christians have a saying, or rather a mentality, of putting on the mind of Christ. They live as they believe their god would do and act as they believe their god would act. I put on the mind of the Mindweapon. I act as the Mindweapon would act and think as the MW would think. I encourage others and I don’t nay-say people solely for the pleasure of hearing my own voice and buffering my own ego.

    We Mindweapons study STEM, learn languages, buy rental estate and small businesses, grow our own food, teach our children and encourage others to do the same. We MWs look 500 years down the road with a solid plan in mind and we are not distracted by those who have a doom scenario for every situation that presents itself.

  17. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    I want to submit Physician’s Assistant as a possible career choice.

  18. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    And Asian immigration is a disaster for us as a race, especially when our government favors them. When they have all the money and our men have none, White birth rates go down either because of miscegenation and/or because White couples simply won’t feel they can afford children.

    We need a homeland.

  19. trouble says:

    Learning practical skills is good – whether welding or chemistry. The important tthing is *don’t pay for it* except in time.

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