Must see movie: Ooga Booga Man Edit: this is a Hipster Racist ironic movie

Ooga Booga Man!

I just realized that Ooga Booga is a hipster racist piece, ironic movie that is mocking movies like A Time to Kill. A Time to Kill took itself seriously. Ooga Booga is laughing at a time to kill and it is saying the Mau Mau tribesman is the real heart and soul of the black medical student. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Mau Mau, but it’s not what we are and we have no desire to be anything but ourselves.

So Ooga Booga is a hipster racist movie.

Wrongly gunned down by a pair of crooked cops after witnessing a deadly convenience store robbery, African American med student Devin finds his soul transferred into a spear-toting tribal action figure, and teams up with his grieving girlfriend Donna to clear his name. Along the way, the vengeful duo dispatches any scumbag criminal or corrupt politician foolish enough to stand in their way. Karen Black, Stacy Keach, and Maddox star.
Clearing One’s Name Reincarnation


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10 Responses to Must see movie: Ooga Booga Man Edit: this is a Hipster Racist ironic movie

  1. oogaboogaman says:

    I’m bigger

    Thank you MWIR for bringing this to my attention. I have been using this handle since 2012 on various race realist sites, and on your provided link one of the taglines is racists beware leading me to believe that some Hollywood jew stole my handle.

    Therefore, I will be contacting my attorney Saul Goodman (gentile who changed his name for career purposes) to sue for every penny this C-level film made. Doubting that this film made any money, I will settle with the film company if they make you and good buddy MWIR permanently in charge of ‘interviewing’ potential starlets on the casting couch.

  2. I posted the trailer for this thing a few months ago. It’s typical liberal newthink. The cops are evil, bumbling White buffoons and of course the negro is a virtuous nice guy who wouldn’t harm a fly until he gets killed and becomes Ooga Booga. Hollywood is retarded. The animated OOga Booga doll is the most believable part of the film.

  3. I find the little ooga-booga voodoo doll to be a positive representation of Black rage and a sympathetic anti-hero righteously exacting his revenge on Racist Whitey. The character captures the true inner essence of the diaspora African. You can take the African out of the jungle, but never the ooga-booga man out of the African. Or something like that.

    I wonder if I could get a gig at Salon?

  4. Joe Rebel says:

    Interestingly enough, Karen Black (who recently passed away a few days ago) starred in a TV movie called Trilogy of Terror, which too had a stry involving an African doll inhabited by an evil spirit.

    The story begins on timeline 45:50.

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