Open Borders Logo Contest

Open borders Jew Bryan Caplan gets trolled hilariously doing an Open Borders Logo Contest.

I like all these ideas, rule number one it must be about accepting diversity, rule number two it must be about welcoming others to your place, without these rules open borders doesn’t make any sense. I made another idea which shows a border sign falling down and people welcoming newcomers who can now freely enter. You can’t tell because I didn’t color it in but the newcomer is a person of color (African American). Thank you.

I like this one because it shows how one of our greatest allies (people of Israel) have always been borderless and cosmopolitan

I don’t have any graphics skills , but this might be a good template for people to spray-paint on banners and march around at rallies in Fairfax, VA:

Leroy Krune
this is my first attempt at a logo, it represents the spirit of open borders, with new people of color who are happy and work together and the dying older people who are angry and selfish

This one symbolizes the warm, friendly feeling that open borders will provide to the average Western citizen:

here is my other idea, which is more simple and inviting…it shows a house with an open door, because open borders is about inviting in your neighbors, and the person upstairs is excited to meet new friends

“There’s gonna be large cavity Within my new territory ” – Henry Rollins

I want to represent the truly patriotic nature of open borders and liberty — the American immigration policy for over a century — and the numbers and diversity your great nation could achieve with this policy again!

Chateau Heartiste

Sperglord, or Master Meta-Troll, Bryan “the moral and utilitarian thing to do is open the border to my rectum to any undersexed homosexuals so that Gross Domestic Penis is increased” Caplan is hosting an Open Borders Logo Contest. Naturally, the site was infiltrated with mischievous pranksters (Leroy Krune!). My favorite so far:

I think the funniest thing about the pranksters is how oblivious Team Autist appeared to be to their pet project getting tooled so blatantly. One of the Team Autist members, Rojas, “Liked” Krune’s obvious trolls multiple times.

If I were to design an Open Borders Logo, it would pack a little more visceral punch.


Here’s the Immigration Restrictionist Logo:

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5 Responses to Open Borders Logo Contest

  1. Adit says:

    You know, this is the first time I’ve really seen the mantra put visually. If the mantra needed a logo this is it.

  2. pluto the dog says:

    Does back door Caplan realise how retarded he is, self diagnosis can be tricky lulz. I had a conversation with a homo at work – l pointed out that homos are usually handsome, personable and often above average iq- the kind of people who should be fathering children as the white race is in dire peril of disappearance. He said he didn’t give a f..k about the white race – didnt care if it did disappear – and stormed out of the building forsaking the transaction we were in the middle of – l doubt he will ever return and good riddance l say, however, my question is when they come out and admit so openly and emphatically that they dont give a toss about the white race is not unreasonable to assume a state of war exists between these kinds of “traitors” and us? The lack of children signals that they have literally no stake in the future whatsoever, zero commitment. I assume homo Caplan has no white children (okay denotes aren’t white) therefore there’s nothing connecting him to future whites but not only does he not breed white children- he actively works to flood a western white country with non whites – the fact of his existence is a depressing site for any white person who has white children.

  3. Landsknecht says:

    As a former fan of Black Flag that Rollins quote and logo really pisses me off. Then again, I understand that Henry is a pretty big pro-queer activist these days…

  4. o/t but “Master Meta-Troll” is like the best name ever

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