The natural fermentation of Jewish power, and the desperate measures to forestall it

Jewish power requires constant drama; like some people you know, perhaps.

There are people who must always have some conflict going on; always whispering to one that another is a piece of shit and that we need to cause him some pain, like this nutcase John Bolton said of Putin:

Lots of airline flying, lots of El Al trips of birthright Israel and business trips, lots of immigration, lots of churning. Why?

It is an attempt to prevent the natural cycling of power. Jewish kids in America are also American Jewish kids now. They are fully assimilated video game playing zombies and apathetics, like White American kids. And they are the biggest headache of the high councils of the Jewish Kehillah.

Of course no one is, or very few, and those few are men without means, are doing much of anything for the next genreation of White kids. Some exceptions of course — Mormons are one, though they have gone multicult.

Some Whites do high investment parenting on an individual basis, but we really need to be organizing as a group to help White parents do a better job.

Now here’s an advantage Whites have over Jews (on average). Jews will work hard to get power, with the goal of relaxing on cruise ships in the Caribbeean. Whites will work hard at some craft or math or science or a sport for the love of the work. Now there is a percentage of exceptions on both sides. I merely describe a tendency, and I dare say that the Jews who love to work have a lot of European in them.

Knowing that Whites have this tendency, we need to put what resources we have into it.

Suffering makes us stronger. The ease of the Jews in power makes them weaker. It makes them resemble the movie Ted:

Mark Walberg is like the kids of Jewish power. The men who are able to get power, are not good at raising kids.

This is happening in a large enough percentage that a vacuum of power is opening up. They want to give this power to Indians rather than let Whites get it back. No matter.

Indians in power then? They will teach Whties to be racist right quick.


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14 Responses to The natural fermentation of Jewish power, and the desperate measures to forestall it

  1. Jews are not only lazy, they are as degenerate as hell too. Drugs, sexual perversions, they are a very self indulgent, a moral people. Shouldn’t require much imagination to see how that could be their ultimate undoing.

  2. ckorzeniowski says:

    Jews are still Middle Easterners at hear, and they just want to sit around all day surrounded by opulence and being degenerate. The only jew I’ve ever worked with in a job involving physical labor was extremely lazy.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep. And they despise the energetic Aryan.

    • They certainly don’t seem to have as many problems in Muslim Middle East countries as they have historically have in Christian European countries. They lived in Iraq since the days of Babylon and only experienced problems there in the fifties when Israel decided it made more sense to replace their Arab Muslim workforce with a Mizrahi workforce. One of the biggest obstacles to a strike on Iran is the many Jews who have lived and thrived there, also for centuries.

      Aside from Islam honoring Jesus Christ as a great Prophet of Allah, there are very few differences between the two religions and customs. But there a cynical part of me that believes that a big part of the appeal of having Islamic majorities to many Jews is that Muslims, with their Shariah Law, keep Jews on a very tight leash!

      Christian European countries always give Jews a lot of rope and the Jews know that there are in their numbers certain reckless people who will not be able to resist taking every inch of it until Christian Europeans get totally torqued and start a Jew Pogrom. The big problem for the Jews is that they can never predict what the tipping point for a Christian European host will be.

      Christian Europeans traditionally give bad Jewish actors every benefit of the doubt, but Arab Muslims look for any reason to drop the hammer on the Jews, so the bad actors have to behave themselves if they don’t want to find themselves dispatched by the Sons of Allah.

      • pluto the dog says:

        They’re taught that getting their hands dirty is beneath them Polish Jan was fixing the aircond. duct in a ceiling above a classroom in a jewish school and overheard the teacher instructing the little jewlets about how they are “superior”. Jan was quite horrified, though being close to 60 years and coming from Poland perhaps he wasnt so shocked after all

      • pluto the dog says:

        In relation to the jews and the mooslims togetherness: a high powered jewish guy said when the whites have been diminished and the moosis get the power via the democratic (already happening in Europe) – they (the jews) won’t have a problem dealing with the moosis- in fact that was his preferred choice – he said that.

  3. Peak Finance says:

    Putin seems to have really healthy nationalist tendencies. I wish I can find out what’s really going on over there.

  4. anon334 says:

    Not only are Jews losing the cultural traits that brought them to power in the first place, but their birth rates are a good bit lower than white women. The only reason the Jewish population in America has not declined in absolute numbers is due to Jewish immigration from Russia and Israel over the last few decades.

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on cj303addict.

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