With this, There Is Victory! Εν Τούτω Νίκα!

A decade was spent and the once “mighty” pseudo-democratic , going from partner to partner, in the four corners of the globe, shaking hands and looking for crumbs or people they can sell our land off to. These charlatans in political leadership, begging nations of barbarians, trying to salvage their political careers ( of which they want transferred to their children and grandchildren so they can inherit the kingdom of corruption), they perform with masterful submissiveness taking slave commands from their masters, leaving the Greek people to die.

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For a people to march into the future, It requires two important conditions.The first and most important is leadership.The second condition is a vision backed by an idea.  Exactly a century ago, the Greek people were poor and suffering from the hardships of life, pulling their swords from their sheaths they expelled the barbarians and freed their enslaved brothers and our native Greek homelands. Macedonia, Epirus, Thrace and Ionia, were a culmination of a national expansion by a people who honor a long military history. The Greece of the early last century, was not economically strong.  The Greeks however, were undoubtedly the people with the strongest will to survive and it was this will that wrote the golden pages of our glorious history that will be referenced as long as free people exist in this world.

In the early 2000’s Greece looked strong  but it was…

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