All around the world everybody knows (White countries for everyone)

Mantra music video


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10 Responses to All around the world everybody knows (White countries for everyone)

  1. I made a comment on AD’s site about the Mantra people. While we’ve always had good writers the art and music and videos, especially those of the Mantra/White Rabbit crowd, are getting better and better. I suspect art and music are going to be more important to the cause than essays.

    • Adit says:

      What’s great about this is that it’s people just doing it because they want to. There is no committee or leader tasking people to do anything. It’s all self-motivated. To everyone’s surprise, some musicians just started doing Mantra music/videos one day. This kind of stuff will prove more effective in saving the White race than any army ever could.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Agreed. We have excellent writers, and they are of incredible value. White nationalist writers are doing their part to build the foundation and intellectual vision of our cause, which is absolutely necessary, but of course not sufficient.

      Art is vital, perhaps because it is more primal, speaking to us in ways that the pen usually cannot. Art carries within it the soul of a people, and it’s clear that the maker of these videos understands this precisely.

      Not for the first time I say that without the artist we cannot win, and with him we will not lose. Artists awake!

      • Trainspotter says:

        I should probably note that a truly great writer is himself an artist, yet that is rare. But given a choice between a merely good writer versus a good non-writer artist, I’ll trade you at ten writers to one artist, and still consider myself to have profited unfairly.

        God I hope more artists enlist their talents in service to the Cause.

  2. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    Gorgeous song! Motivating!

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    Some of our Afrikaner compatriots need to create an Europa style video. Having come back from SA I would say these wonderful people would make a great centerpiece for a series of videos. One tip an Afrikaner man can smile and not look weak, and I would also be cautious about White Knighting these all too pretty actually stunning girls.

  4. oogaboogaman says:

    Love the song and the video. The video is awesome because it shows white people engaged in various activities that are both healthy and wholesome. Whites are the only group that has a wide variety of interests from sports, boating, outdoor activities, music, and art; as opposed to the homogenous interests of other ethnic groups. Niggers with baskaball, cRAP music, and having your pants off your ass (nigs with their high rates of incarceration should know that means you take dick in the ass). Beaners with drinking Tecate and working on their low lows. etc, etc

    The song is great because even your average white mother could listen to this song without being offended, as opposed to WN 1.0s horseshit screamo heavy metal.

    • Adit says:

      I’ve never understood why previously all WN music of any sort had to be heavy metal. There are so many genres of music to choice from and any one of them could have been used to promote White Interests. I’ve always wondered if it actually wasn’t some form of sabotage.

      The only WN1.0 style music which my ears can stand is from Saga since it isn’t all heavy metal. Some of her original music is very uplifting, more of a ‘Pop’ style genre and the lyrics of a number of pieces wouldn’t offend the average White (I think.) Try ‘These Moments’, as an example; it ‘s available on Youtube.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        Apparently, in the 70s/80s there was a subgenre of punk rock that had some overt pro-white elements. I think the most successful place for ~WN music~ these days would probably be the alt country/folk scene. It’s already such a SWPL thing that slipping in some crypto-WN lyrics would be easy. The Civil Wars has a New Orleans concert posted on YouTube, and every time they pan to the audience it’s 96% white people.

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