Letting Them Be

Farm kids in Vermont build their own shelter in the woods.


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8 Responses to Letting Them Be

  1. Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

    Super Cool!

  2. oogaboogaman says:

    Awesome, this is the kind of stuff I want to do with my sons. Show them how to work with tools, basic electricity, plumbing, car maintenance etc etc. Too many white fathers are lazy and/or never learned how to properly use tools, instead of getting a contractor to do basic repairs why not get some exercise and make it a learning experience for your kid? Also, I’m sick of hearing the bullshit excuse of ‘being tired’ that these cubicle monkey parents use to avoid interacting with their kids. Back in the day farmers and factory workers worked 12plus hours six days a week just to stay afloat so don’t give me that tired shit.

    Also, if your kid’s school still offers industrial arts/shop class encourage them to take it. The dudes teaching the class aren’t pc, its a chance for much needed male camraderie, you learn some useful skills, and it’s FUN!

    • Adit says:

      You see, this is where home owners in suburbia or rural areas have it all over City Apartment dwellers. If I recall MW, did some article or some such a while back about single family homes not being cost effective. The financial numbers may add up, but the problem is that you miss out on all kinds of things. Obviously, YMMV, but generally you can forget learning home repair, advanced automotive repair, agriculture and a great many other things. Why? You have no room or opportunity to do such things, and doubly unfortunate is that nowadays most schools have canceled shop/art classes due to cost or liability. As a child, I would have loved to have those opportunities the kids in the article have, but being in a large city (LA) it just wasn’t possible. Which, if for no other reason, Whites should get out of large cities if you plan on raising children.

      • mindweapon says:


        We need to do house sharing. City people need to make their apartments or brownstones available to the country folk, adn the country folk need to have the city folk stay over for harvesting/processing/butchering.

        It’s funny how it doesn’t occur to white people to share. Urban and rural people have a lot to offer one another.

      • Adit says:


        I’m not sure what the rural people think, but this might be a hard sell for urbanites. The problem being two fold I think:

        1. Many City people have very limited space, and House sharing may be a hard sell to them. For many, they have to deal with loads of people at work, are crammed in with people during commutes and their only refuge to stay a little bit same is to withdraw within their 4 walls and keep the city out for a few hours. Sharing is not big on their list.

        2. The other problem is what I think is ‘low trust societies.’ As usual it depends, where, etc. but for those from mega cities, trust can be a big issue. If you grow up around non-whites you learn to cover your six as much as possible and trust is not easily given and can be quickly withdrawn. Getting people like that involved can be highly problematic. They’re also the people who could benefit the most from such an exchange and they need to learn to at least trust their own people to some extent again.

        I’m sure there would be problems on the rural side as well (we all have problems) but city dwellers can be a rather untrusting jumpy bunch. Your idea is good, but I think it’ll take a lot more selling on the city side than on the rural side. Trust will be the big issue and that’s always a hard sell.

  3. Ryu says:

    That’s all they really need. In many ways, it is not as hard as living in a city as a big shot. As long as they get exercise, a goal, some good food and sleep, they have all they could wish for.

    • And where are they going to find women willing to live in their barn in the woods and have babies with them? Hell, if I didn’t need a woman I’d be perfectly happy with a shack in the woods Unabomber style, but I’ve had difficulty finding a woman willing to live that lifestyle.

      • Ryu says:

        Go to the city and capture them. Modern women will admire that more, a man who doesn’t ask permission. A true alpha. Since women like criminality so much, we must give them what they want:)

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