Smart People are Racially Aware too!

Smart people are still racist, just better at Al-Taqqiyah. h/t to Maureen Martin


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8 Responses to Smart People are Racially Aware too!

  1. As Viking Manx says, “It’s all fun and games and great theories until it affects your kids.”

    I grew up in a leftist whitopia, so I’m very familiar with hipster/SWPL racism. I don’t think most are consciously aware of what they’re doing (see this James Kirkpatrick quote) but they enjoy having an opportunity to feel superior to other, lower-status white people, which is the real meaning of life!

  2. White Dragon says:

    Just in from everyone’s favorite DWL YKW “paper of record”, Roger Cohen warns his readers about the perils of a one-state solution.

    Oh, what a seductive illusion (at least to some). Let’s set aside for a moment that the regional examples of such multiethnic states — Lebanon, Iraq and Syria come to mind — are not encouraging. Let’s set aside that such a state would have a hard time every May deciding whether to mark a Day of Independence for its Jewish citizens or a Day of Catastrophe for its Arab citizens.

    Multiculturalism is a nightmare? Who knew?

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    That article was awful, typical cult witch hunting. Imagine if instead of planning the perfect White Republic we instead offered to liberate whites from the anti-whites “racist” witch hunts?

  4. PA says:

    On the bright side, this study validates the proposition that “anti-racist” is a code for ” anti-white.”

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    Hey MW flash news the rodeo clown prezdent is going to ban ammonium nitrate, things are just going to roll our way. The price of negro/white hippo trash feed going way up.

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