Smart People are Racially Aware too!

Smart people are still racist, just better at Al-Taqqiyah. h/t to Maureen Martin

Aryan Street

Says the Almighty Salon Website.  Ha!

I could have told them that!  After all, I’m a smart person and I’m racially aware, even after a lifetime of listening to lies!

ImageMy mammy was White.  Just sayin’.

Apparently most “smart people” mouth the egalitarian platitudes but in practice are against “affirmative” action, “fair” housing and so on.

Apparently somebody’s been reading Stormfront, LOL!  Now we have a ANOTHER study to prove how naughty White people are.  Imagine that!  Those smart White people don’t want to live in a hellhole?  RACISTS!  Ha!  They want to get good jobs?  RACISTS!  Hehehe!

If you are a “smart person” I hope you will just embrace your “racism”.  You are already a “racist” if you are White.  Get it?


It brings to mind a song by Barney the big purple dinosaur.  “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family, with a great big…

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8 Responses to Smart People are Racially Aware too!

  1. As Viking Manx says, “It’s all fun and games and great theories until it affects your kids.”

    I grew up in a leftist whitopia, so I’m very familiar with hipster/SWPL racism. I don’t think most are consciously aware of what they’re doing (see this James Kirkpatrick quote) but they enjoy having an opportunity to feel superior to other, lower-status white people, which is the real meaning of life!

  2. White Dragon says:

    Just in from everyone’s favorite DWL YKW “paper of record”, Roger Cohen warns his readers about the perils of a one-state solution.

    Oh, what a seductive illusion (at least to some). Let’s set aside for a moment that the regional examples of such multiethnic states — Lebanon, Iraq and Syria come to mind — are not encouraging. Let’s set aside that such a state would have a hard time every May deciding whether to mark a Day of Independence for its Jewish citizens or a Day of Catastrophe for its Arab citizens.

    Multiculturalism is a nightmare? Who knew?

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    That article was awful, typical cult witch hunting. Imagine if instead of planning the perfect White Republic we instead offered to liberate whites from the anti-whites “racist” witch hunts?

  4. PA says:

    On the bright side, this study validates the proposition that “anti-racist” is a code for ” anti-white.”

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    Hey MW flash news the rodeo clown prezdent is going to ban ammonium nitrate, things are just going to roll our way. The price of negro/white hippo trash feed going way up.

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