Support the fast food strike workers; Capital Demands Cheap Labor, Cheap Labor Demands Socialism

The fast food companies don’t care about White people or American sovereignty. They hire illegals in droves, and abuse everyone and everything they touch, from livestock to the land to natural resources to employees to customers. Now the fast food workers, who are a huge part of the US “service economy” are going on strike for 15 dollars an hour and the right to unionize.

Why is this good? Because fast food needs to be more expensive, then locally sourced, locally processed and prepared food becomes price-competitive with Big Mac and Large Fries and Coke. And those poor tormented people working at McD’s and Wendy’s should get 15 bucks an hour at a minimum. They are unhealthy and uninsured and barely, barely getting by. And plenty of them are White.

Fast food strike about to get much bigger

In each city, workers are demanding a raise to $15 an hour and the chance to unionize without intimidation. With fast food jobs becoming increasingly prevalent in — and representative of — the U.S. economy, and embattled unions exploring and experimenting with tactics like those the fast food workers have taken up, their showdown has far-reaching consequences. SEIU, one of the largest U.S. unions, has devoted millions of dollars and dozens of staff to the campaign, which is also supported by a range of local and national progressive groups. In contrast to some past union efforts, said Henry, “It’s more about, ‘How do we shift things in the entire low-wage economy?’”


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10 Responses to Support the fast food strike workers; Capital Demands Cheap Labor, Cheap Labor Demands Socialism

  1. Ryu says:

    Ha ha ha. 15/hour for everyone. Dream on, man. Most of those dudes get 8/hour. I think the cashiers and preppers get 8, the supervisors 9-10, the store manager 40k/year on salary.

    I don’t see how things could work on 15/hour. No one except the SM makes that much currently. They’d have to dramatically raise prices. I wish them luck though. Resturants, retail and nursing is the future of the Murkan economy.

    • mindweapon says:

      7 dollar Big Macs, 3 dollar fries. I hope it happens. People will appreciate food.

      If corn/wheat/soybeans go up in cost the US gov’t won’t be able to keep those prices down anyway. I woudln’t mind if fast food went out of business completely.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        They won’t have $7 Big Macs.

        What they’ll have instead is a robot which dispenses frozen hamburger patties or chicken breasts from a magazine, cooks it to order with a robot spatula to flip it, and sticks it on a pre-split bun with most condiments applied by machine.  Two people in the kitchen will constitute the crew, while the cashiers will be replaced by order kiosks which take bills, coins and payment cards.

        7 people making $7.85/hr will be replaced by 2 making $15, dropping the store’s labor cost by over $25/hr.

      • Adit says:

        Personally, I’ve always been surprised that Mr. Rationals’s idea wasn’t put into practice years ago. Even if we still had the junk Fast food, we’d be better off since there would be less need for “cultural enrichers.” It would probably supply jobs for Whites as technicians as well. The only reason this probably hasn’t happened is because their labor is so cheap. So I say, let’s wish the union the best of luck!

      • Anon says:

        “Personally, I’ve always been surprised that Mr. Rationals’s idea wasn’t put into practice years ago.” – Businesses only invest in capital like that when they have a paucity of labor(and of course are healthy enough to invest in the capital). Machines aren’t free, they have costs of their own, and while it might one day be worthwhile to replace workers with them in this scenario, that will simply create other jobs, and hence other costs for these businesses.

  2. WhiteGenY says:

    Don’t forget education and gov jobs.

  3. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    Why stop at $15/hr? Why not $20/hr? By all means– destabilize the fast food industry. These businesses will close and our culturally diverse brothers and sisters will have even fewer places to spend their EBT bux…

    Anything that disrupts the Cathedral is fine by me.

  4. “Anything that disrupts the Cathedral is fine by me.”
    Yeah, but the fast food companies are part of the problem– with massive immigration to replace European Americans, and hiring these immigrants at slave wages, along with the erasure of benefits, which equals more suffering for Whites. The only thing that’s being disrupted is the ability of Whites to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table (hopefully not fast food….). I’m afraid this will backfire, but I turned my back on fast food a long time ago. What we need is to arrest and incarcerate every Congressman who votes for mass immigration and any other anti-Constitutional laws that hurt, exploit, and discriminate against European Americans in their own country.

    • Anon says:

      perversely enough food prep has been one of the two areas where American teens have been beating immigrant workers. Still there is a labor glut due to the destruction of so much of the rest of the youth employment economy, but here atleast people are very discriminatory.

  5. ben tillman says:

    Keep in mind Peter Schaeffer simple calculation: US workers work 250 billion hours a year; US healthcare care costs are $3 trillion a year; therefore each worker needs to earn $12 per hour just to pay his share of healthcare costs.

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