Resisting Defamation; tips for talking to reporters and professors

Dateline: Sunday, Aug 18, 2013


When reporters and professors come calling, the diverse white American activists need to be aware that 100% of mainstream reporters are insincere, don’t care about your well-being, and will cherry-pick your remarks for comments they can twist to demean you. Professors, however, claim to be more intellectual but, in 95% of all cases, their job is to enforce an orthodoxy that characterizes the diverse white Americans as not diverse, not American, and somewhat less than human….as columnist Richard Cohen says, as big apes.

So how does the activist come out on top of these encounters — very difficult to win, but you don’t need to lose.

For starters, never answer a question with a “yes” or “no.” Give a full sentence, otherwise you are permitting the question to be characterized as an “admission” or a “claim” or a “denial.” And don’t expand on your one-line answer, that’s where you will be tripped up. The camera is never off, and there is no such thing as “off the record” for you.

Here are today’s five common questions with one or more suggested answer. Pity the activist who believes that either professors or reporters want to understand all the fine points of extended remarks, or your personal point of view.

Q. Why do you claim to be oppressed?
A. We’ve been repressed into silence about our name, label, definition, and description for the past 45 years.

Q. Are you a white supremacist?
A. It’s way too much work for way too little gratitude.
A. Only a supremacist of another kind would even think to ask that question.
A. We have our hands full helping white Americans, no time to construct such a philosophy.
A. You are revealing your own bigotry in asking that question.

Q. What name do you want used for whites, if you don’t like the one in use?
A. The diverse white people will decide that when the time is right…in the meantime try not to slur or slander us.

Q. When you say “the diverse white Americans,” who do you mean as white?
A. We are the people under constant attack as white people by the politicians, media, films, professors, and talking heads on TV.

Q. What about “white pride”?
A. We just want our kids to grow up with a healthy and decent sense of self-respect.

That’s it for Sunday, Aug 18, 2013.


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4 Responses to Resisting Defamation; tips for talking to reporters and professors

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Excellent-gonna save this one.

  2. Brandon says:

    Attention Jared Taylor, Mathew Heimbach and all the other so-called spokesmen for the cause the next time you talk to dumb Timmyjew, and the skinny bespeckeled spokesfem on RT.

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    Never allow them the notion they are morally superior, ever. That is the weakness of our intellectuals, the anti-whites make some silly assed charge and our side takes them seriously and then wanders off into details about this or that trying to sound smart like you have something to prove.

    So remember you are not the “racist” they are the anti-white and they are locked in with you.

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