White Barbarians

Slate magazine publishes a photo essay of the 2013 KKK.

White Barbarians

Carl, an imperial wizard of a Southern-based Ku Klux Klan realm (or state-level group), takes aim with a pellet gun at a large cockroach (on the piece of paper just below the clock), while his wife and goddaughter try to avoid getting struck by a possible ricochet.

He looks like he knows pretty well how to aim a gun. I suspect he has spent many hours aiming guns. The liberals are terrified of these people, and they are scary to anyone who lives a bourgeouis middle class life. I grew up in a rural area around a mix of bourgeouis White people and feral White people who stayed up until 3 or 4am drinkign beers and chain smoking, sticky countertops, neglected children, living in run down houses or trailers. I could have gone either way; I went bourgeouis.

These feral White people have always had certain niches in society — they work with their hands, they have skills, they want to be in a union and get a pension so they can rest after 20 or 30 years. Or they just do without and have to find some other income, some other way to get by.

It’s natural that they would object to Blacks being favored in everything and forced on them. It’s these working class Whites who suffer the most from integration adn miscegenation. Nowadays I still know feral White people in the Northeast. I’m not as afraid of them as I was when I was a teenager who feared becoming one of them, but standing around a fire with such people at 3 am and everyone’s drunk, things can get scary real quick. People can get into arguments that quickly escalate into bloodshed, not unlike feral white people for time immemorial. How many times do you think between 1800 and 1900 were some feral whtie people standing around a fire, they get in a heated debate, and someone ends up dead, and then the winner of the confrontation ends up hanging until death by asphyxiation (ouch!).

Those people are still with us. They didn’t modernize. I wouldn’t change a thing about them, except maybe a better diet and better dental hygiene. I’d discourage tobacco use, but that’s a tough sell. But the food problem is created as much by the availability of cheap corn syrup and the destruction of the family farm as by their own choices.

These are the people who are the stuff of nightmares for the liberals. And there are many people in between, who can navigate the bourgeouis liberals and the ferals, and understand them both.

When food prices go up enough that people are actually going hungry, when corn syrup gets expensive, we will have our chance to organize and weaponize the ferals, because they’ll be forced by sheer hunger to create their own local food systems and local economies.


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37 Responses to White Barbarians

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    As you know MW, I am living quasi-feral by choice.

    It’s amazing that I can be just as happy as I was before with less stuff and less so-called stability. Having a purpose in life is more important to me than all these things I used to think I needed.

    There are stressses involved with going feral, but I am (mostly) living my life on own terms).

  2. Raised feral within walking distance of New Orleans. Don’t get the wrong idea. Some of those “Feral White People” are pretty goddamn bright. Read the fiction of Daniel Woodrell–raised feral–for examples.

  3. Brandon says:

    Isn’t that the way everybody kills roaches………?

  4. Thank you for a sharp, affectionate tribute to the most scorned (by Whites AND nonWhites) segment of our people. “Feral” is a good term; I live in the midst of feral Whites and can say that the Empire has good reason to fear them. They are a tough, relentless, highly-skilled lot. Yes, they drink Mountain Dew with moonshine and chew tobacco and pop Oxycontin and fight at even the suggestion of a hat’s drop, and they go shirtless and they use horrible grammar and their houses aren’t always suburban-spic-and-span, but they are formidable. And I love them. Oh, yes, I do.

    I very much liked your remark, “I could have gone either way; I went bourgeois.” My life went exactly the same. I’m reminded of the lyric from the old Don Williams song, “Good Ole Boys Like Me,” (and if y’all don’t know this song, you need to look for it) which goes:

    When I was in school I ran with kid down the street
    But I watched him burn himself up on bourbon and speed
    But I was smarter than most and I could choose
    Learned to talk like the man on the six o’clock news
    When I was eighteen, Lord, I hit the road
    But it really doesn’t matter how far I go

    That was me, man. I learned to use my environment to my advantage around the people who disdain poor Whites, but I never stopped being one of Those People.

    Again, thanks for this post, brother.

    • mindweapon says:


      Honored to have you post here. Great comment.

      If we could organize the ferals into relocalized economies, we could get somewhere in this country. So long as the food and tobacco and booze is too cheap, we aren’t going to convince them to do nothing.

      The minute the consumables get too expensive, I’m going to try to organize the ferals to take back our niches.

  5. Adit says:

    My suspicion is that most Pro-Whites come from the demographic between the bourgeois and the feral.

  6. Brandon says:

    The cable networks have latched onto the “making fun of the hillbilly/rednecks/ignorant crackers” syndrome with their “reality” shows. I note especially the bunch of bearded swamp guys on Duck Dynasty who, in a sense , have turned the media’s covert ridicule into a money making enterprise, thereby turning the tables on them so to speak. Their coffee cups and t- shirt logoed merchandise is selling like the proverbial hotcakes all over the place….along with their hand made duck calls.

  7. Surprisingly the selection of photographs seems relatively even handed and humanizing.

  8. PA says:


    There was an article about Matt Heimbach and Towson University’s White Student Union in Salon that I commented on as being humanizing of white nationalists. Two data points, trend?

    I wouldn’t rule out any thought of such trends.

    That photo, by the way, is quite good.

  9. How many times do you think between 1800 and 1900 were some feral whtie people standing around a fire, they get in a heated debate, and someone ends up dead, and then the winner of the confrontation ends up hanging until death by asphyxiation (ouch!).

    That’s the problem… they hung the victor. In “more barbaric times”, the victor would have taken a step up in the village/town heirarchy. Kill the weak, kill the strong, you end up with mediocrity.

  10. Craig says:

    You can judge the size of the white feral demographic as to how many white single mums are housed in the local town. Another way is how many white mums at the school/s are single parents, it’s about 50% here. Which is pretty high, compared to where and when I grew up. It’s the largest demographic welfare recipient that’s for sure. So the churches do bonza business with this demographic, I always wondered why there were so many churches.

    I remember some one joking about second wives here, funny thing is, it’s highly possible with all the MILF, and even young women. I only say this as I’ve already had offers, and (cough), joked with the wife about it. šŸ˜€ My wife even said I could handle it, but she would be too jealous. Funny that the wife was all for open relationship before kids and marriage, and now well.. hahaha

    • oogenhand says:

      The welfare state feralizing Whites, and making them more dangerous? Polygamy requires patrilinearity.

      • Craig says:

        Dangerous, no, some differing degrees of feral yes. Polygamy is fairly secret, particularly if a white man practises it, I’ve heard of a few blokes ending up out of town with another family in another town that they have sired over a few decades. Very clever for those blokes financially under our laws though.

  11. RobRoySimmons says:

    White people who just don’t give a fuck, now there is a scary proposition. I’ve been debating Hunter W. over at his site on and off that the first thing is to defang the word “racist”, and he insists that any moment millions of southerners are going to just up and defy the powers that be and secede. I insist that these fine folks are frozen in place by propaganda and their own intellectual pretentions are what hold them back. Now these Kluxers have no intellectual pretentions in common with Slate, and so it is Slate and their DWLs that are frozen in place, “What do you mean the word ‘racist’ has no effect on this white trash?”

    • oogenhand says:

      To place the invective “racist” in the proper perspective:


      “R.A. Torrey remarks: “It is appalling that any people should be utterly put to the sword, but it is even more appalling that a society of people should have become so corrupt and debased that such treatment is deemed necessary in the interest of humanity. The Canaanites were a moral cancer threatening the very life of the whole human race. The cancer had to be removed in order to save the body, just as a surgeon inflicts pain and suffering in order to remove a malignant growth in the body (Difficulties in the Bible. R.A. Torrey, p. 47).”

    • Defang the word “racist” huh? I almost think one could start a blog with a funny name, like “Hilarious Racist” or “Hip and Cool Racism” and start linking to various general interest blogs. You know, make it a lark, something to be laughed at, or taken as ironic, or not, or who knows?

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        If it works. In boot camp they used physical exercise as a bit of torture, especially the threat of endless torture sessions, hours long sessions (I know). But towards the end of boot camp you want these sessions, and in that it is time to end boot camp because they have nothing on you and you must leave or boot camp becomes nothing.

        What you propose is to embrace it as HR, and FWIW I think it a splendid idea.

        Hunter on the other hand thinks everyone an intellectual like himself and he thinks himself immune to propaganda, of course he is wrong on both counts.

      • Dan Poole says:

        “Racist” will be defanged when a critical mass of Whites automatically associates “racist” with “normal White person.” That’s what the BUGS swarm exists for. I think its futile to make the R word into something positive, such as “proud racist.” It’s a clever gambit, but like Mr. Charles from Inception, it’s just that: a gambit. The sub-conscious of White people has already been militarized against itself. We can’t “trick” them out of it. We must fight fire with fire. When our enemies say, “you’re a racist!” we say, “you’re anti-white!” Constant repetition until the sub-conscious is militarized in favor itself and Aryan Skynet is fully online. When that happens, our enemies “dream” of White GeNOcide collapses.

      • mindweapon says:

        until the sub-conscious is militarized in favor itself and Aryan Skynet is fully online. When that happens, our enemies ā€œdreamā€ of White GeNOcide collapses.

        Good stuff bro!

  12. Carp says:

    These look like my kind of people… One day, they will come out of the wildlands, and kill all the dark-skins, and their jewish masters too. I will join them when that day comes.

    14/88 from Romania .

  13. @PA,

    I’m 80% convinced that the “internet media powers that be” are paying more attention to us than they are Al Sharpton or Bill O’Reilly or some Marxist retread. Salon, Slate, Gawker, Reddit, whoever else, not to mention the “mainstream” media like the NYT, WSJ, WP, etc. Just read the comments on the $PLC and the ADL, or whichever else “social justice” nonsense websites. The Fortune 500 pay for media. That’s everyone from Chase to Ford to Apple to Google to Walmart to Home Depot to McDonalds to Microsoft to Citigroup to Lockheed to ADM.

    They have all the money. Which websites are they paying, if any? Which “social justice warrior” are they giving a paycheck to?

    This game is winnable for us.

    You want enlightenment, I’ll harp on this forever. Go read the $PLC and ADL blog comments. Then read MWIR, or Eradica, or any of the “Aryan Skynet” blogs, even dare I say it, HipsterRacist. Who is driving the agenda here? Who is perceiving reality? Who is likely to actually buy products from these corporations?

    I didn’t bother to mention the “conservative” bs artists, I think everyone has already dismissed that shit out of hand. If you want to know what a “conservative” believes, just figure out what a liberal believed 10 years ago.


    “humanizing” – yep, another example of us winning, just like how they backed off that white woman that got fired from Dallas 911. They want and need to co-opt people like us because they simply do not have the numbers and the revenue that they used to.

    The libtards are basically a paper tiger. I give them a couple more years, at best.

  14. Tom Bowie says:

    It could be called a bit prideful of me liking this story as much as I do.

    I’ve become enamored of a fairly good Internet Forum and a wonderful Broadcast on TalkShoe. They’re a Wed-Site that has started to promote positive action and networking, I guess some may call them Barbarians as they’re Skins, Klansmen and, others.

    They’re a small site but they’re networking with other organizations and web-sites despite minor differences and the message is to do something positive and unite. I’ve become drawn to the more positive aspects and they remind me somewhat of the Blog-Roll you see here.

    One step at a time and no task is too small. From collecting Coke reward points, to resurrecting an organization that fell by the wayside and even a lady putting together a limited print “The White Family Cookbook”. Few in numbers vast in spirit http://malevolentfreedom.org/blog I’m catching up on WP Radio: LX as I sit here. I even enjoy their “Two Minutes of Hate” segment; wonder where they got that idea from.

    While I’m still thinking of my Feral Brothers and Sisters:

    http://scotshistoryonline.co.uk/rednecks/rednecks.html From the Site: “Many Covenanters signed in their own blood and wore red pieces of cloth about their necks as distinctive insignia; hence the term “Red neck”,”

    As for the language http://www.wvculture.org/history/journal_wvh/wvh30-2.html if it was good enough for Shakespeare it’s good enough for me.

  15. trouble says:

    It’s like “chavs” in the UK who spawned out of the old industrial working class after the factories were all offshored by the banks. A lot of people think chavs are a decayed form of white and they are but at the same time i love ’em *because* they’re so feral. When it all comes crashing down they’ll be scarier than all the ferals that have been imported to get rid of the white people.

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