White Woman, with more Balls than most Men, Urges White Idiots to Wake Up from their Racial Slumber!!!

White woman urges her White brothers and sisters to “join Team White” and stop working for Black interests and Black causes because Blacks will NEVER reciprocate. She makes a good point indeed. h/t murder by media


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11 Responses to White Woman, with more Balls than most Men, Urges White Idiots to Wake Up from their Racial Slumber!!!

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Very nice. She looks like Sandra Bullock and I can tell she isn’t “one of us”. She’s still uncomfortable saying certain things, like team White or White brothers and sisters. This actually gives her added credibility as it shows she isn’t brainwashed (like people sometime accuse us of being) but is thinking for herself and coming to her own conclusions (like many of us late-comers have).

    I deleted my google/youtube account. Can anyone tell me her name or where she is from? I would like to get in touch with her.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Also interesting how she works with “wounded” Blacks. I’ll bet you don’t need any certification or anything at all to work with wounded Whites over the phone or in person. I’ll bet there could be some money in it for an enterprising soul.

    • Adit says:

      Well in the bay area, these ‘healers’ get anywhere from $100-$200/hr for their services depending on the area, etc. I know most people want to laugh at the whole thing, but if people are willing to pay that kind of money I stop laughing. Apparently if you are good at ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ actually entails) you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Yes and I doubt you need ANY credentials to do this sort of work. Especially if your specialty is White Guilt healing work, hehehe.

        I hope someone will run with this idea.

  3. Mr. Rational says:

    Listen to her New Age gibberish in the second part after about 12:00.  She’s starting to See, but she’s still deep in Moonbat thinking.

    • mindweapon says:

      She’s a new ager, but that’s fine. We can expect to get New Agers. I sure as hell am not going to insult them when they discover us.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The problem is that such fuzzy thinkers can switch right back from fighting the enemy to trying to “heal” them, letting them inside our gates.

  4. Her sense of fairness and her ideals of reciprocity were offended by the Free Trayvon movement.

    The black guy made a response video and his thought process is revealing. First of all, his voice came across as somewhat frightened and emotionally hurt. He goes on about “those kind of white women” who seem like “nice white people” but are really Klansmen in their hearts. He’s speaking to his “black mothers and sisters” and saying the nice white liberals are also really racist.

    Imagine you are black, surrounded by nice white liberals that are superficially nice to you, and are much smarter than you to the point where you cannot tell if they are being sincere or patronizing you. They don’t want you dating their daughters, so you know that their “anti-racism” is fake. You believe that even the nice white liberals are thinking “nigger, nigger” in their heads even as they tell you they think the Tea Party is racist and Obama is great.

    The black guys is right, sort of, from his perspective. The white liberals are lying through their teeth when they say “race is just a social construct” and at some point, the not-too-bright black guy starts to figure it out, feels deceived and cheated (the smarter black people already know it.)

    Look at how attractive the woman is. Imagine the feelings of inferiority and, in fact, fear seeing a White Goddess breaking the carefully scripted racial code and removing the “moral superiority” of the Oppressed Trayvons.

    Also notice the guy reduces much of it to a battle of TV stations, MSNBC vs. FOX.

    Peak Negro is hitting the Negroes pretty hard. They didn’t get the moral coddling over Trayvon that they expected. They got the first black president but never got their Obama phones. Nothing has changed for blacks under Obama. They still don’t feel “equal” to whites.

    These Negroes should have listened to Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. Instead, they listened to the Jew that wrote MLK’s speeches.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Yep and it is only going to get much, much worse for them. Of course in the future of genetic engineering a screeching half witted white libtard will be condemning racism while ordering a white child with white attributes while Buckbo plays rap music in his corrugated tin shack.

      • Every white person should watch Spike Lee’s film Bamboozled. Realize that this is the dilemma for every highly intelligent black person, especially those who have a lot of white in them. They are stuck between two groups. Understand that they hate that the ghetto blacks even exist, they are embarrassed of them, horrified by them, but still feel a kinship to them because of their shared African heritage, and the fact that they will never really be accepted as white.

        But it’s far easier to be coddled by Good White Liberals and maybe even snag a white woman than to do the hard work of being a patriarch of the Black community, especially when you look at the raw material you have to work with. I personally have always had a lot of respect for the Nation of Islam, in fact, I wish that poor whites had something similar.

        Oh wait, they did. It’s being discussed in MW’s latest thread. It was called the Ku Klux Klan. Both the NOI and the KKK wanted to preserve their race and work in the interest of their people. Both supported segregation (in slightly different ways of course, NOI was mostly in the north) and opposed race mixing. Both are considered “hate groups” by the crypto-Jewish SPLC and “anti-semitic” by the ADL.

        Jews are like a half-race. As long as mom is a Jewess it doesn’t matter who the father is. Both the NOI and the KKK care very much who the father is. So, according to Jews, that’s “hate” – because you wouldn’t want your daughter marrying a Jew – and neither would the blacks of the NOI.

        You know, oogenhand has all of this figured out, but you have to be able to read Sperg. That black youtube preacher that hates Obama spelled all of this out in great detail in his sermons where he described Obama as “white trash” and urged black people to reject identifying Obama as “black” because his mother wasn’t black. (Thus appealing to the black woman in his congregation.)

  5. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Another intelligent Negro who gets it. He is defending April Sims of the the 911 Facebook rant. He also says Whites shouldn’t feel guilty and more. http://aryanstreet.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/black-male-defends-april-sims-racist-911-rant/

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