Older black teens jump younger white kids, gang beat them, then play the racism card

Racial bullying of White kids in Wisconsin.

The negro attackers were totally lying, and the cops caught them in their simple minded lies.

This is why White kids need to be raised to fight. If negroes don’t fear them, then they will racially bully them.

Where’s the hate crime charges agianst the blacks? Oh, of course liberals will say “its not a hate crime, the blacks (who were clearly caught lying) claimed the white kids called them slurs and jumped then and accused one of them of muh-dicking!”

When officers arrived on the scene, they met with four teens that had visible injuries, reports said. Oak Lawn paramedics were summoned to Wolfe Wildlife to provide medical treatment.

According to the report, three of the teens were walking along the trails by the bridge at Wolf Wildlife, when they encountered five black teens.

The three boys, who are white, told police that the black teens “fanned out,” forcing them to walk single file on the trail.

A 15-year-old Chicago boy told police that one of the black teens said something to his friend before he was struck in the back of the head and once in the face, reports said.

These facts were confirmed by the 15-year-old’s friend, who added that he was charged from behind and shoved in the back, police said. The second youth also alleged that he struck several times by a black teen.

While police officers were speaking to the injured youths, they noticed five teens that matched the descriptions of their alleged assailants, walking from the bridge along the wooded trails.

A police officer, who was by himself, stopped and handcuffed the five teens, one who was identified as Randall.

Police found the other teen that was charged, Hyde, reportedly hiding on the trail, reports said.

Hyde allegedly told police that he was walking home with his friends and brother, “when a bunch of white kids” started fighting with him. He claimed to have been struck in the face several times by an unknown white youth, police said.

Two other teens that were being detained said they met up with their friends and Hyde who said they had gotten jumped by some “white kids” and were looking for them. Police said both youths insisted they had not been involved in the alleged fight, but had arrived after it had ended.

Another of the five stated that he, Hyde and Hexadore were met by a group of “white boys” near the trails and that one of them shouted some racial slurs. His friend then “pushed one of the white kids,” causing a fight to break out, reports said.

Police said the black youth could not identify which of his friends had pushed the white teen. Instead he ran away when the fight began.

Randall reportedly told police that he was “walking with my godbrother,” through the Wolfe Wildlife trails when they encountered “five to six white boys” who exchanged words with the group.

One of his friends, Randall allegedly told police, “pushed one of the white kids” and a big fight broke out. Police said that Randall admitted to punching three white youths in self-defense.

Police spoke to Hyde, who stated that a white youth accused him of touching a girl with his penis, reports said. He then changed his story to say that the remark had been made the previous day, police said.

Hyde further stated that a group of white kids were yelling racial slurs at him and his friends. One of his friends, Hyde said, pushed a white teen and a fight ensured, according to police.

Police said that Hyde also admitted to punching one or two of the white youths, before hiding behind a bush, where the officer eventually found him.

Another alleged victim, a 14-year-old boy, arrived on the scene, who was soaking wet and muddy up to his waist, reports said.

The 14-year-old said he had been walking along on the trail from the bridge, where was approached by a black teen that was running toward him.

According to the 14-year-old, the black teen punched him, causing him to fall backwards into the creek, police said. During the alleged encounter, his iPhone fell from his pocket.

Police said the 14-year-old was able to positively identify both Hyde and Hexadore; no other identifications were made.

Based on the identifications and alleged statements made by Hyde and Hexadore, bother were placed in custody and taken to the Oak Lawn police station.

The other youths being detained were taken out of handcuffs and released without being charged.

Two youths were taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center where they received medical treatment.

There, a black teen who was being treated for injuries told police he was jumped by a group of white youths who yelled racial slurs.

A detective found the 14-year-old’s cell phone on the trail at Wolf Wildlife.

Both teens are to appear in court on Sept. 27.


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11 Responses to Older black teens jump younger white kids, gang beat them, then play the racism card

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    I read the highlighted header and I thought, “oh no not TDO”, but then thank god we get your practical advice.

    So let me say again MW thanks for your work of helping to break down the old failed reactionary paradigms.

  2. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    Amanda Lindhout tells of her captivity, torture in Somalia – Alberta journalist writes about rejected ransoms, sexual abuse from captors in new book


    But then returns to Africa. Slow learner.

  3. conchobar14 says:

    i have seen the exact same tactic used before when i was in public schools. the ability of blacks to garner “kipling-ian” sympathy from public employees (who sit through hours of in services with nigger “diversity” counselors) is disgusting. i recall blacks hitting white girls for giving them lip and not receiving any trouble. i even recall niggers using the same strategy of falling back on the race card to get away scott free. the trick seems to be to always know your surroundings. even more important than fighting skills (which are great) is the knowledge of how blacks operate. groups of 4 or more, get the fuck away from them. niggers always surround the target, don’t let them surround you, they usually start cackling in support of the original belligerent, but consider them as targets, they will sucker punch you.

  4. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    Highly recommended ….

  5. Anon says:

    Thank god they have no future time orientation, or the 5 of them might have gotten their story straight.

  6. As a freshman I was in a social studies class and had a sophomore ( she had failed the class the previous year) Mestizo sitting behind me. Every time I got up she knocked my books off the desk. I mentioned to one of my “friends” that Sonya was being a bitch. Of course ” freind” ran to Sonya to tell her what I said so after school I had Sonya and her friends waiting for me when I went to get on the bus. My friend Michelle, who had been my best friend since 3rd grade disappeared the minute she saw what was up. Sonya confronted me, I admitted that I referred to her as a bitch. I had an armload of books. Sonya started slapping me in the face. Pretty soon my books fell and I figured that I should hit back. ( never having EVER been in any kind of fight in my life). I faked with my left and hit her with my right. Pretty soon she stepped backwards, tripped over a parking block and hit the ground. Then her friends held my arms as she pummeled me. It didnt stop until a little stoner named Pam ( never will forget her) jumped in and said ” three on one is not fair”. I almost missed my bus. It was Friday. On Monday the word got around school I had kicked Sonya’s ass and knocked her down. I didnt argue with that version. Never had to fight again after that. Thing is that I should have had some form of training and knocked the crap out of all of them because even with no training I was able to hold my own with gang member Sonya…

    • mindweapon says:

      Great story April! Children of WN families should definitley get hardcore fighting training from 5 years old, like this kid:

      • Part of the problem was that I was a girl, and the oldest in the family so I was instructed not to hit back when my younger brother and sister hit me or did anything. Thus I was totally unprepared for a fight. Unlike Lynx and Lamb who have been all out sparring since they were 2. I never interfere. I figure that it is good training and honestly I really feel sorry for anyone who ever picks a physical fight with either of those two.

  7. trouble says:

    “This is why White kids need to be raised to fight. If negroes don’t fear them, then they will racially bully them.”

    Althought that is true it’s not enough imo. I’ve seen this happen a lot of times and generally when an area is being “diversified” the boys and young men become outnumbered very rapidly and if the older men try to even up the odds on the street then the media will set the police on them. I think when it comes – and the HUD announcement was basically announcing the endgame imo – the older men have to even up the odds for the boys and young men *but* in a non-public way. Think Tongs and Triads, think “Breaking Bad” and amateur STEM knowledge. No need to elaborate more than that. The aim being simply to even up the odds so your boys and young men aren’t always getting attacked 6 to 1.

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