Announcing new link, “Western Spring”

h/t to Trainspotter Western Spring

Here’s an article Trainspotter referenced from Western Spring, “The Bugle Call” It’s about creating White enclaves in England. It is very inline with our discussions here, in particular about keeping it discreet. Some might say they are “stealing our ideas,” but it’s better than that. It’s the hundredth monkey effect — we are all having the same ideas at the same time.

Real WN’s are creating communities that you haven’t heard of, unless you are part of one of them. Sure, you have heard of the PLE in Kalispell, but do you know of any of the people in it besides April G? Of course not. It doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I know, it would be nice if we could all publicize each others participation in enclaves, but for obvious reasons, that’s not a good idea. In the immortal words of the famous leftist and racist, Che Guevara:

The Patriots have the same idea. Here’s how NOT to create an enclave.

Trainspotter’s excellent comment about how whites are getting “froze out” of jobs, school, neighborhoods by non-white invaders, and how we can do the same — that’s how it’s done. No publicity, no announcements — it just happens.

It was done to us. We have to learn to do it in our turn. Simple as that. When we learn to be the freezers instead of just the frozen, we’ll begin to regain ground again.

We can only begin to recover from the defeats we have suffered to date if we gather together in sufficient concentrations such that we can begin to dominate the cultural life of our people within specific localised areas.

Arthur Kemp has outlined in his recently published new book, ‘Nova Europa’ just how essential it is that we European peoples strive to create exclusive White homelands and this strategy beginning with the first cluster of many White enclaves that we intend to create across Britain, will form the basis for just such a homeland here in Britain.

Some people view this strategy as the acceptance of defeat and our acceptance of the status of a defeated people living in ‘reservations’ like the Red Indians of North America, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The future development of these enclaves very much depends upon us and how determined we are to see them expand, coalesce and eventually evolve to form an autonomous ethno-state. If we approach this matter feebly making only half-hearted attempts to assert our right to exist then progress will be slow or completely absent, but if we are bold, assertive and courageous, and most especially, intelligent in the way that we approach this matter then we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

The creation of White enclaves will serve many purposes:

First, as already explained, they will create reservoirs of unsullied White people possessing unsullied White genes, and this alone will ensure the biological survival of our people until such a time when circumstances will favour our kind once more;

Second, they will create ‘cultural space’, that is, places where we will be able to determine and control the social and cultural environment. This is important as our people cannot live healthily and achieve our full potential living in an environment in which our enemies determine all of the cultural mores and norms and deny us any authentic form of folk or ethnic identity;

Third, they will provide places in which our people can enjoy physical safety, and job security, free from attack by agents of our enemies;

Fourth, they will serve as ‘show communities’ in the same way that show homes serve to demonstrate what a house builder intends to create. In this way our enclaves will stand out as examples of what the rest of Britain will be like once we achieve political power. Our enclaves will be ‘beacons of light’ within a grey and darkening Britain in decline; and

Lastly, they will become beachheads from which a new and revitalized British people will expand outwards until we recover the whole of these islands and regain our self-determination.

This then will not be a political struggle in the electoral sense, but a political struggle in a socio-biological sense, based upon an organic expansion that denies access to our ‘living space’ to outsiders and to our racial enemies.

Membership of our ‘new nation’ and therefore access to our living space will be dependent upon an individual’s state of ‘awakening’, i.e. embracing our political aims and our philosophical outlook.

We will be a nation of the ‘awakened ones’ and we will attract and win new members from among the indigenous British and other kindred European peoples, who constitute the ‘stock’ from among whom ‘awakened ones’ can be drawn.

As Britain descends into chaos and corruption as a result of continued mass immigration, many will ‘awaken’ and apply to join us, boosting our numbers and adding their land and their wealth to our living space, but we must be realistic and expect that others will never awaken and will be permanently lost to us through miscegenation and childlessness, and perhaps through racial violence at the hands of our enemies.

As Britain progressively declines, poverty will become prevalent and the quality of life will progressively diminish and this decline will over time serve to make our enclaves highly attractive to those living outside them. In the fullness of time therefore, there will be no shortage of people willing to embrace our political aims and our philosophical outlook, for ultimately their very survival will depend upon it.

In the short-term however, we need to make our enclaves a reality and if we are to attract more than just a few hundred dedicated White nationalists to this task, we must create a way of making life within our enclaves more attractive to prospective settlers than the lives they currently lead outside. This will take money and much skillful planning and to this end, we are drawing together a development team consisting of people with specialised skills and we are building up a network of sponsors many of whom are already donating considerable sums on a regular basis and a significant number of which are in a position to make substantial one-off financial donations to our cause.

We plan to buy land in and around the periphery of existing target settlements upon which we will build affordable housing that we will make available to approved settlers at cost price or at below cost price in situations in which their will be restrictive covenants to protect our interests. This will enable us to introduce significant numbers of new residents to these settlements, all of which will be militant White nationalists committed to our plan of creating exclusive White enclaves.

We will provide grants to White entrepreneurs so that they can create businesses within the enclaves to provide employment for our settlers, and we aim to acquire control of any existing businesses that have the potential to expand to provide further employment.

Our belief is that the prospect of subsidised and therefore inexpensive housing, coupled with the prospect of secure employment will provide sufficient attraction to draw in the numbers of settlers and initially pioneer settlers needed to make this project a success.

Some critics have suggested that when we establish enclaves, our enemies will attempt to frustrate our efforts, however we do not intend to accompany their establishment with a fanfare of publicity. Our strategy of stealth means that the creation of our enclaves will go unannounced and we will employ disinformation to draw the attention of our enemies away toward ‘decoy’ settlements in which we have no immediate interest.

Furthermore, as we intend eventually to create in excess of one-thousand enclaves, it will be almost impossible for our enemies to prevent any significant number of them from developing.

In terms of local politics, our aim within the enclaves is not to field overtly nationalist candidates. We will continue our practice of ‘entryism’ encouraging our settler members to join and take over the local branch of whichever political party holds office in the area comprising their enclave. Thus in a Labour dominated area for example, our members will all join the local Labour branch and in such numbers that we will be able to influence their choice of election candidates, and thereby secure as the local candidate, one of our people.

When elections come around, our members will obviously all vote for the candidate we have chosen and so will all of the ‘dyed-in-the-wool’, ‘Labour till I die’, Labour voters.

In this way our candidates will secure election as local, district and county councilors, nominally representing the establishment parties that have ruined this country, while covertly advancing our policies and serving the interests of our people.

As our members move into the settlements targeted as new enclaves, we will seek election to the boards of governors of the local schools, we will seek election to the parish councils, to residents’ associations, church committees and every conceivable body representing local people, with the aim of dominating every aspect of the social and cultural life of the area. In this way, we will be able to influence the way in which the national curriculum is taught in the local schools and we will be able to ensure that nothing of interest to ethnic minorities will ever take place locally and no support services will be provided to encourage their encroachment.

Ethnic minorities will not be attracted to our enclaves because there will be nothing for them. We will not need to physically exclude non-Whites nor establish any explicit rules forbidding them entry, the ‘Royston Vasey’ effect is all that will be required – “this is a local shop, for local people, there’s nothing for you here!”

Furthermore, by pooling their resources, our members within any enclave will be able to buy any properties that become vacant and in this way we will be able to control who is able to buy and own property there.

The creation of these enclaves will not be easy and they will not be established without great effort and without unforeseen problems occurring. However, the survival of our people depends upon us making them a success and the good news is that as we progress in this task we will through our actions, buy ourselves more time.

Through this strategy we do not need to wait until we have been elected before we can begin turning the tide, we can begin working immediately and with each enclave we establish, the point at which our people will become swamped and dispossessed will be progressively deferred and pushed further and further into the increasingly distant future , thus increasing the potential for us to finish building a new revitalised and militant British nation before the available time runs out.

Bugle Call 3What we need from our supporters at this time is for people to come forward who feel they have the qualities necessary to be a local community leader, i.e. to be one of the people entrusted with the responsibility of managing and directing the creation of one of our enclaves.

Successful candidates will need to by dynamic, self-motivated people with strong influencing skills. They will need to be determined, self-reliant, highly organized, have a high level of achievement drive.

Local community leaders will receive training and support and will be able to call upon our development team who will be available to help overcome any problems encountered.

These positions will be well remunerated, although applicants should view this opportunity as a vocation rather than a career. Your ambition should be to become one of the saviors of our nation and all other personal considerations should be sublimated to this end.

If you yearn to be more than just a witness to history, if you feel that you have untapped potential and wish to play your part as one of the saviors of our nation, then this is your bugle call. Please email your CV to me now: .

By Max Musson © 2013


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8 Responses to Announcing new link, “Western Spring”

  1. PA says:

    There area many innocuous, legal things that make black people want to avoid an area. Classical, country, metal, or bluegrass music is one such thing. Classical in particular; as someone else said, it disturbs them because they can’t pick up on the rhythm. DubStep fucks with them too because of the “crazy white” sound effects sampled in that unsettles them.

    There was a list of other things they don’t like, including bright flower gardens. Others?

    • ckorzeniowski says:

      I’ve read that they dislike Victorian architecture. Creating social life centered around activities blacks don’t like and/or are bad at works too because it drives them away or lowers their social status if they choose to participate. Classical and croquet keeps the niggas away.

      • mindweapon says:

        And vegetable gardening. How many times have liberals said, “let’s start a community garden for underpwiviweged Afweekan-“Amewikan Chirrun!” Of course the chirrun have no interest whatsoever in such an activity, and it becomes a project of Whites and Asians and maybe some light Hispanics.

        Working in the field is their biggest nightmare; guaranteed repellant, like garlic to a vampire.

    • Tom Bowie says:


      Additionally even the lowest grade car audio device can suffocate the blaring noise coming from the 5K ghetto-stereo that pulls up beside you at a stoplight. (Even an 8-track in a 76 F-150 will do it, trust me on this.)

  2. Telemaco says:

    Im Spaniard and I see this very interesting plan, I see that today our countries relations are somewhat difficult (Problem Gibraltar) but that is to create division between us and create smokescreens, I hope the British enclavs prosper, I wish good luck and 14W.

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