Jesse Jackson’s response to killing of Chris Lane being incredibly #FrownedUpon

Duh Revrun Jesse Hmmm Jackson “frowns upon” the thrill killing of Chris Lane. When it was George Zimmerman defending himself against the gay bashing Trayvon Martin, OMG it was the biggest outrage since Emmett Teeah. People frown upon using the salad fork for the main course, or snapping gum in study hall. Racially motivated thrill killing? Jessie will frown upon that in between the soup course and the salad course.


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3 Responses to Jesse Jackson’s response to killing of Chris Lane being incredibly #FrownedUpon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Him commenting on it at all is a tiny, tiny measure o progress for us, is it not? Was there any comment from him on the newsom murders?

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Not really since he is still dominate and picks and chooses when he wants to pontificate and we wait like children or supplicants waiting for authority to bless us.

      But one day our brainiacs will start to infuse the culture with the phrase “anti-white” and it will define, and from the power of being able to drive the conversation we will dominate.

      But for now the Contard training of waiting for a lefty to frame the debate still holds the top spot.

      “Jesse Jackson the notorious anti-white so called civil rights leader feebly responded to the brutal hate crime of Mr. Lane, so what say you Mz. Lefty Clipped Hair spokesperson?”

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