New Link — How to Fight Now

How to Fight Now.

I don’t know Trav personally or his politics, so this link should not imply Trav’s views on politics, race or religion. But I like Trav’s fighting tips and I think it’s worth linking. Also, it occurred to me to link Trav’s site after reading about how a Mexican youf tried to intimidate Maureen Martin of Aryan Street.

Non-whites acting aggressive towards Whites initially proved beneficial to non-whites; they would get the benefits of an intimidated group that is basically morally enslaved to them. But slaves eventually rebel, and Whites are rebelling.

Our fear turns to hate, and our obliviousness and naivete turns to racial consciousness and Jew-awareness.

Mixed martial arts is evidence of this phenomenon — of Whites getting mean again. When I was a kid, whites were into baseball and football and watching blacks box each other. Now Whites are doing the fighting themselves again. This is an excellent development and should be encouraged. Let us promote the pugilist culture, and the math/science nerd culture too. Both are paths to power, more especially when combined in one person — a pugilist nerd who becomes a CEO or a mob boss.


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