The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

Of course, these questions will never be answered. Because the truth is a shiv to the post-modern, post-Western, anti-white posterity cleansing project. The truth is that there was nothing “random” about this morbidly banal killing; three gutter fiends spotted a white man — an iconic-looking white man jogging in that iconically white way — and gleefully took aim with all the roiling envy and hate their black hearts could muster, channeled into the spear of hot metal that would reward them with a few minutes of spastic joy.

Chris Lane was polar beared, just like Matty Yglesias was polar beared in his gentrifying DC enclave, except Lane took a lethal blow while Mattyboy was lucky to endure a flying fist as the weapon of choice of his insta-haters.

Look at that photo above, Mattyboy. Look at it real close. You know it. I know it. This is degeneracy. Human regression to a primitive prototype. Hate Machine in motion. Idiocracy ascendent. Brutish subterranean vessels of rank disgorged id spit forth from the perforating bowels of a diseased culture that has embraced lies and abandoned truth.


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3 Responses to The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

  1. Dan Poole says:

    The behavior by these black thugs? Genes built that. The noble savages aren’t noble. They are just savages.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      They are.  And that is why they should not receive any consideration from us, be it educational, medical or other humanitarian, until they have proven themselves otherwise.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    At that comment section the usual unfocused comments, by the kind of people a lefty could derail into tailgating with a casual flick of the serpent lips. The phrase anti-white folks is pure focus, but I didn’t see it used once in what comments I read before my eyes got heavy and I had to quit the thread.

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