Woman calls Savage, talks about how Talmudic Jews hate Christians

It should go right to the clip, but if not, it’s at 14 minutes! Happy coincidence!


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6 Responses to Woman calls Savage, talks about how Talmudic Jews hate Christians

  1. Antiochus says:

    Wow this is truly funny – typical, he lies about the Talmud and defends it, denying the anti-Christian statements in it. But then, he goes on to attack Jews for not defending Christian coptics in Egypt, and he attacks the concept of circumcision and a Jew who calls in, calling him a racist for being so ethno/judeocentric. This guy is so confused and has many internal conflicts, but he still is there to keep kosher conservatives and right-wingers pro-Jewish.

    • mindweapon says:

      Stuff gets through though! The 10 million listeners just heard, “Talmudic Jews call Mary a whore . . .” and Michael’s denial was faint-hearted and insincere.

  2. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    I am not a Christian, but truth is truth. Hebrew is a very useful skill. It must be noted that Muslims teach very different things about Jesus and Mary. Again, truth is truth.

  3. Arturo says:

    “14 minutes” as in : the fourteen words.

    It makes me feel serene and almost safe knowing that I am down with the significance of that esoterria.

    Not as many as should be, are.

    It’s almost as good a feeling as when the Chateau H posts something unapologetically pro-white.


    – Arturo

  4. Dan Poole says:

    Here’s one way to look at it:

    -20-25 years ago, the mainstream media became discredited in the minds of Middle America. They turned from ABC, NBC, CBS. New York Times, and Washington Post to talk radio, Fox News, and various neocon newspapers like the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal.

    -It seems like over the last couple months, Middle America has grown disillusioned with talk radio, Fox News, and all the neocon print rags. Hannity has seen his radio audience cut in half and will soon be replaced on the 9:00 prime time slot by Megyn Kelly (who is a looker if nothing else) and on the 3-6 radio slot by…yup, Michael Savage. While we all know Savage is a fraud, the fact is that he successfully exploits the disillusionment of normal Whites, and especially White Christian males, nationwide.

    -Savage won’t be able to keep up the ruse forever. He might be the last link in the chain – the final “transition” phase that leads to a critical mass of Whites becoming fully radicalized. Savage has no idea about the kind of fire he is playing with. The Overton Window can only move so far until the people who thought they were controlling it lose control of it.

    Hail the collapse of Conservatism Inc. and the ushering in of a real opposition with real teeth!

  5. Sam says:

    We’re hitting PEAK JEW!

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