Estonian politician; If you’re black, go back

Estonian Politician: “I don’t want Blacks in Estonia; this is a White Country”

Tensions between immigrants and authorities have increased in the wake of Europe’s economic downturn, which has lessened prospects for the thousands of Africans who migrate to Europe each year in search of a better life. In Sweden last week, riots broke out in Stockholm after police shot 69-year-old Portuguese immigrant who had lived in the country for 30 years. It was the third time that riots have broken out in the country in the last five years. Helme, ERR reports, wants to avoid similar problems in Estonia before they start.

“Estonia shouldn’t allow things to go as far as in England, France and Sweden,” Helme reportedly said. “Our immigration policy should have one simple rule: If you’re black, go back. As simple as that. We shouldn’t allow this problem to emerge in the first place.”

The 37-year-old Helme formerly worked for the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Open Estonia Foundation, according to his profile on the conservative Brussels Journal, where he kept a right-leaning blog on social and economic issues facing Europe. In Estonia, he has a reputation for xenophobic viewpoints, at least based on Twitter responses to his latest comments.

Meanwhile, Helme is not backing down from his stance. Asked about his comments by the Estonian newspaper Postimees, the politician said he should be free to discuss his beliefs on immigration without political correctness getting in the way.


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8 Responses to Estonian politician; If you’re black, go back

  1. Wally says:

    Didn’t an Israeli politician say recently that his country was a white country? If some group wants to make a issue out of what this Estonian said, he should ask them if they reported on what the Israeli politician said.


    Had to look up where Estonia is to get a better context. The climate is a bit cold for dark-sjkinned people, and besides, the economy is doing alright without them:
    In the years that it was part of the Soviet Union, Estonia provided the USSR with gas and oil produced from its large supply of oil shale. It is still the world’s second largest producer of oil shale. The majority of its workforce is involved in industry, which also includes mining, shipbuilding, information technology, and the manufacture of wood products, electronic and telecommunications equipment, textiles and clothing, and machinery.

    Read more: Estonia: Economy |

  3. Since they don’t “need” labor, the old “immigrants in search of a better life” rhetoric has to be carted out.
    Keep those birthrates up Estonians or in a few years you will “need” labor from third world countries in order to keep your version of social security going.

    • A.Ralston says:

      Maureen, your concern for the “social security” of old folks befits a compassionate Aryan lady. So it is with respect that I proffer the suggestion Aryans refrain from relying on government bureaucrats to manage their savings, but rather should cultivate financial responsibility at the individual and family level, where motivation, learning, discipline, creativity, industriousness, and long-term success can more naturally take root. With a firm grounding in math, basic accounting, money management, work ethics, and ecomomic common sense, Aryan youth would be better served by taking responsibility for their own wealth accumulation. This does not preclude racial altruism or mutual aid in hard times via fraternal organizations, some of which could be insurance cooperatives, which are more easiy held accountable than tax-funded bureacracies. BTW, an argument can be made that in a vibrant healthy Aryan society, retirement, as currently defined, would fade from popularity, while continued productive work or unusual entreprenuerial enterprises would become the path of choice for senior folks.

  4. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Reblogged this on Aryan Street.

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    It will no doubt surprise us, but we have come to an inflection point where simple easily repeated polemics can be uttered and the other side is helpless.

    But of course those who produce long winded esoteric essays in the mistaken belief it is the only way they can beat the censors, sound smart to the anti-whites or any other reason are behind the times.

    “People that are anti-white are evil.” “Why are you anti-white?” and so if you feel the need for 500 word responses in some comment section do some real work and seek brevity that matches your innate sense that you are in fact morally superior to the anti-whites.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      RobRoy Thanks for staying on task. You are so right!

      Not only are simple phrases like “anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White” effective with our beloved Sheeple but they are so much easier than trying to memorize stats and history etc.

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