The Great Sin of Big Government; Picking Winners and Losers

If there’s one adjective to describe modern American society, it would be with the word “distorted.”

Liberals fear the natural course of things at every turn. Every phenomenon of society can be interpreted as “social injustice” that requires a program, a budget, an office, a staff. And of course society and the economy is distorted to make more money for the monopolists.

But despite all the distortions, one can find the course of the river, because the current of Nature is strong. Think about what life was like before the distortions. That’s how humans live naturally. It’s a lot of work of course, and a lot of cooperation. We’d rather leave both of those things to the experts. But the “experts,” or the “expert distorters,” are going to fail at keeping the Corn Syrup Cornucopia flowing.

The distortion will end, but so will the cheap corn/wheat/soybeans. There will still be corn/wheat/soybeans, but it will be sufficiently expensive as not to be taken for granted. Panem et Circe is doomed.

The world after Panem et Circe terrifies the global oligarchy; hence the NSA surveillance, arming up, and so on. But they will need a budget to keep that up.

they won’t be beaten with military force, but rather by the bribes and folkish espionage of Middle America. Generational succession is also going to change the culture radically, and not in a controlled way like the 20th century was controlled by mass media.

Liberalism or Cultural Marxism is so hated, that it can only be killed at this point. It’s going to go down in history as one of the most hated cult-movements ever, because it abuses children. And the better children grow up to adults to see society distorted at their expense, and they say, “fuck that, I don’t deserve that. This is 2013, I didn’t own any slaves or kill any Indians or Holocaust any Jews. Get the fuck out of here with your stupid guilt trip!”

Creating moral anarchy and racial guilt and Jim Snow hurts White kids, and they grow up and figure out that it was moral anarchy that made their childhood hellish and stupid. And the source of that moral anarchy is Cultural Marxists.

Cultural Marxists lead to Idiocracy and a moral sewer. But enough White people don’t want to live in teh Cultural Marxist Idiocrat Sewer. We fucking hate it, and hate you, Cultural Marxists. And our collective, hundreds of millions strong hate is a strong energy that will indeed manifest itself as an unstoppable force of nature in the world. We got your number, fuckers.


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6 Responses to The Great Sin of Big Government; Picking Winners and Losers

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Even a lot of well heeled Whites have cut back on their hours in favor of a simpler life. This is all to the good. They will have more time to read and to think.

  2. Dan Poole says:

    Powerful and inspiring!

  3. torgrim says:

    Great essay!
    The “Corn Syrup Cornucopia”, will end when the monopolists own ALL of the farm land that the Founder population hewed from the wilderness generations ago. A society that has taken for granted, the accomplishments, such as; cheap food, massive irrigation projects, hiways and a rather safe place to invent and keep the rewards of such, is about to change. Due to the fact that Cultural Marxism, is now the dominate “religion” since 1945. The dispossession of the posterity of the Founders of this nation, and the greed of the corporate elite, will end the cornucopia of cheap food. Yes, the 21st century will not follow the model of the 20th, where a few elite, control the thoughts of the masses. This will in turn require independent and cooperative thought and action for the remnant of the Founder’s posterity, in order to prosper.

    • mindweapon says:


      The monopolists will find that their model of farming is unproductive, as it will either be fossil fuel intense and therefore costly production, or it will be labor intense, which will be costly unless the ag workers are wage slaves. The wage slave monopoly farm model would turn out like the Soviet Kolkhozes or Sovkhozes.

      When I majored in Russian and Soviet Studies, I also inadvertently learned a lot about the history of agriculture. A recurring theme is that the most agriculturally productive model, if you go by yields per acre and Energy Returned on Energy Invested, the small yeoman farm beats the megafarms hands down. If treat fuel as an unlimited, cheap commodity, you can get a lot of productivity out of huge tracts of land. But if fuel is expensive, then permaculturists can out-farm the megafarms as long as the permaculturists can get a fair price for their product.

      If food isn’t taken for granted and suburbanites cooperate, we could produce very nice yields, including meat. A lot of lawns could be used to grow “feed” for animals. People who raise animals always say their biggest headache is “buying feed.” We need to local-source the animal feed for people raising local livestock on a small scale. They would be very happy for this, rather than buying so many bags of chemical stuff from the Midwest.

      For example, pigs are very much like people, and they like potatoes and beans and squash. I estimated that you’d need 1500 to 2000 pounds of vegetables to trade for one 500 pound pig. But it wouldn’t be so hard to produce that much, as long as you could go heavy on the potatoes. And I’d want that pigs manure back of course!

      The big problem is that food prices are too low, and people don’t realize they are eating poison.

      • torgrim says:


        Yes, the Yeoman farmer and his low intensity use of fuel and his incentive to protect the land makes his model of farming sustainable. The forces of cheap/slave wages of the un-protected immigrant into Ag. and the combination of crony capitalism, where those that have access to the FED and It’s member loan outlets, have in my opinion regressed to a modern form of a form of production and trade, called Mercantilism. Sort of like when the Crown, (England,Holland,Sweden,etc.) granted Letters of Credit or Trade to “certain” connected people or banks, such as in “Merry Ol’ England”, for example.
        Those today that call what we have in the uS , free trade or capitalism are either un-read or are sophists.
        When some years ago I read that Henry Kissinger was going into Factory Farming, I knew then the reason for all of the Family Farm foreclosures in the Mid-West.
        It might take awhile longer, but the truth will come out about this modern day “Land Clearances of the Yeoman in America. Century old Family Farms sold off for GD inheritance taxes, when the elder generation on the farm dies and the inheritor is saddled with huge debt and then, as when grain prices where cut by a third, due to the embargo of grain to the USSR, when they invaded Afghanistan,.. with these two whipsaw affects the Farmer’s loans were called due to equity, as land value dropped by a third…..nothing from the government, from something they created, be it on the State level, as in Minnesota or on the Fed level from DC policy. What is really evil, is the media mostly blames the farmer.

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