Tim Wise confuses the American public

Most Americans have no idea what Boers or Afrikaners are. You sounded to the average American like you were saying that Black Africans are racist. To Joe Sixpack, Afrikaner sounds like some kind of black person.

“They have essentially gone in as a white-nationalist, Afrikaner, Boer party,” an MSNBC commentator said Friday about the Republican party. “That’s sort of where they are at this point.”

Here’s what I wrote to Tim about his appearance. I don’t know if he’ll write me back:

Are you talking about Republicans? Bloomberg, who is Rockefeller Republican, or given that he’s a billionaire in his own right, he’s a “Bloomberg Republican.”

Doesn’t this kind of remind you of Rockefeller and the Rockefeller drug laws? Here was a liberal Republican but he needed to establish some red meat conservative cred so he did the harsh drug laws in NY State.

History rhymes eh? Even New York State. Bloomberg is “channeling” Nelson Rockefeller, who famously was found dead of a heart attack on top of his secretary. She coudln’t get out from under him and needed assistance. now that was an alpha!

So are you talking about Bloomberg who is channeling the Boers, or Republicans in general? Or White nationalist America?

There’s a big difference between us and the Boers. The Boers wanted to keep blacks as fairly well treated slaves, which they did. Boers provided cradle to grave medical care and education and social security to the Black Africans. Blacks did not starve or go without medical care in SA or Rhodesia. You can find blacks in both countries who want white rule back. They say it right on youtube, and there’s lot of newspapers articles with such quotes.

White nationalist Americans, by contrast, have no interest in keep black people as slaves or pets. We want to be alone — Whites separate and independent and sovereign. The Boers were very Christian and pro-Jewish — that’s how they ended up with that knife sticking out of their back. They still haven’t figured out who put it there! To this day! When it’s looking them right in the face!

Most Americans have no idea what Boers or Afrikaners are. You sounded to the average American like you were saying that Black Africans are racist. To Joe Sixpack, Afrikaner sounds like some kind of black person.

Funny stuff though. Why not call them Nazis? American conservatives are all a bunch of Nazis and Fascists! And yes, that’s a bad thing! (be sure to remind them of this last thing, I meet a lot of people who don’t know this any more).


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13 Responses to Tim Wise confuses the American public

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    You did not define him, he certainly spends his time spewing non-sense but when he does he really is spending his time defining you and everyone else.

    Facts to him are only useful to define his enemies. They eek out small victories defining us we on the other hand have close losses so we stick with long drawn out comments full of facts and logic in the hope of prevailing.

    When you define you dominate.

    • mindweapon says:

      This post is not about that RRS. This post is about comedy. Don’t you get humor?

      It’s unintentional humor on Wise’s part, of course.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Yep flew right over my head. I just read the response and kind of zoned out, Rockefeller drugs, boers and slaves something or another, sorry.

        But tell us if he gets back to you, oh and he will call you a racist or a Nazi or something.

      • mindweapon says:

        I have a theory that Bloomberg is a very clever fascist. He knows better than to dress it up in scary uniforms and stiff armed salutes. take what amount to substantially the same agendae of population control of undesired people, feed them high fructose corn syrup and birth control pills and masters degrees in Women’s Studies so they don’t breed, and soon the SWPL’s will be able to gentrify the darkest areas of the Bronx.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      They eek out small victories

      They eke out small victories.  Eeking (and ooking) is the nog mode of vocalization.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Finally a WN who can OODA, well at least the first two Observe and Orientate. What I wonder about them is how Bloomie speaks to his inner party, in code or explicit? When he talks to outer party such as the police is it in code or explicit? I ask this because if we follow your great lead then communicating our goals and observations will be a priority, and we obviously cannot talk explicity like 20th century white supremacists.

  2. Sam says:

    “They eke out small victories”. Yes they do but these small victories have added up. We need to do a little ekeing of our own.

  3. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Tim Wise or whoever writes for him is pretty clever. Calling people “White Reactionaries” makes people like us sound like niggers with no impulse control “reacting” not thinking.

    On the plus side, I’m glad he brought up Boers and Afrikaners. Hopefully people will use google to find out more about them.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Rob Roy, please write a letter to Tim Wise and copy it to this thread. I am willing to learn a better way, if there is one.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        I don’t converse with poisonous snakes, no upside. If you do it like you are quoting one of our great intellectuals all Wise will do is cut you out of the herd and call you names which frightens the herd. (see Kruger park)

        See the last two threads at BUGs, I think they are plain enough that it won’t seem like esoteric mumbo jumbo, we are steering the herd.

  4. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Oh and MW could you share the contact information with us so we can all write letters to this maggot?

  5. copywriter@juno.com says:

    Obviously the author of the passage below is quite confused when he states:”There’s a big difference between us and the Boers. The Boers wanted to keep blacks as fairly well treated slaves, which they did. Boers provided cradle to grave medical care and education and social security to the Black Africans.White nationalist Americans, by contrast, have no interest in keep black people as slaves or pets. We want to be alone — Whites separate and independent and sovereign. The Boers were very Christian and pro-Jewish”.One has to realize that South Africa as a country contains several nations or peoples (‘volke’). A volk is an ethnic unit of which the individuals that make up that unit have a similar genetic and historical origin, a common heritage and history, and a common culture, and a common language, and a similar vision for their future.The Afrikaner group and the Boervolk in South Africa are two not the same volk/people/nation at all, although there are confusing similarities: both the Afrikaner group and the Boervolk are indigenous South Africans who settled in South Africa in 1652, i.e. before or simultaneously with the arrival of Bantu (blacks) from the north. Before that time, there were no black folks in the area which later became the country of South Africa.The white people arriving from Europe in 1652 came as employees of a Dutch commercial company that intended to supply Dutch and other friendly ships with fresh meat and vegetables when these ships rounded the Cape of Good Hope (Cabo de Boa Esperanca) on their way to India. The idea was not to settle people at the Cape, but very soon, some of the farming employees obtained permission to farm (‘boer’) for themselves. The farming activities soon spread widely away from the area of the then small town called Cape Town (Kaapstad).The Dutch-speaking community (of which many if not most young guys were actually German rather than Dutch) was swelled by the arrival of a relatively large number of French Huegenots, who, despite their reluctance, were rapidly assimilated.The Company-administered area by then stretched far into the interior of South Africa, and some of the people had become quite independent from the influence of the Governor and had trekked into the interior as roaming livestock farmers (Trekboere). They eventually did not recognize the authority of the Cape governor or any government at all.When the Cape of Good Hope was invaded and colonized by Britain, the invasion was first resisted by the local population, but the so-called “Cape Dutch” (later called Afrikaners) soon accepted the invaders and cooperated with them. The people who did not accept the invasion trekked away, opening farmland for themselves further into the interior. They called themselves ‘Boere’ (farmers), and tried to move out of the area governed by Britain, but as soon as they moved into an area, it was annexed by the Brits, who proved to be a real pest.When they reached the Fish River, the Boer farmers encountered the first black tribes, the Xhosas. These blacks considered the farms easy prey, and pillaged and looted the white communities until the whites in self defence declared war. This caused the Brits to annex the area and intervene in the wars, afterwards punishing the white victims for acting against the attackers. Several such ‘border wars’ or ‘Kaffir wars’ ensued, with Britain ALWAYS taking the part of the Blacks.This, along with other maltreatment by the Brits caused the white Dutch-speaking farmers (whose language by then no longer was pure Dutch) to rebel, and to organize a mass emigration or trek to the north in several independent groups. These trekkers (1838 and later) called themselves the ’emigranten Boeren’ (emigrant farmers) as opposed to the Cape Dutch “Afrikaners” who had no problem with the British masters of the “Cape Colony”.The “Trekboere” and “Boere” and “emigranten Boeren” as separate freedom-minded groups together formed the origins of what we now call the Boervolk. The Cape Dutch and those who accepted first the Dutch, then the British masters, and today the Black (Xhosa) based ANC-government, call themselves Afrikaners, and have through the centuries, tried to be politically correct.The Boere (Boers) established 13 separate Boer republics, most of which were annexed by Britain soon after they were established.Eventually two large republics were established, namely the Orange Free State and the ZAR or Transvaal Republic.Gold and diamonds were found in the Boer republics, and Britain and its Jewish masters coveted these and decided to grab these countries in order to get hold of the underground treasure. The Afrikaners fought in British uniforms against the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War, and sold captured Boer Women to black British troops to be raped. The Afrikaners were the traitors who took the side of Britain against our German kinsmen in the First and Second World wars. The Afrikaners propagate the lies about the so-called Jewish holocaust that originated after the second World war, while keeping silent about the Boer holocaust during the Anglo-Boer War, when approximately 40 000 Boer children and women (one third to one half of the Boer population) were wilfully killed in concentration camps (hell camps) by the then Jew-governed Britain and their Afrikaner and other troops.After the Anglo-Boer War, the Cape Dutch Afrikaners started a massive campaign to gain political power, and had to combine the votes of the Boer survivors with those of the Cape Dutch Afrikaners in order to achieve a majority at the polls. They convinced the Afrikaans-speaking Boers, Afrikaners and other Afrikaans-speaking white minorities that this could be done it they all categorized themselves as Afrikaners. This false identity was then conferred upon all Afrikaans-speaking whites, and is the identity most of us grew up under.However, the Boervolk several times during the last century tried to rebel against this false identity, but the Boer rebellions were called Afrikaner rebellions, or far-right-wing rebellions, and violently suppressed by Afrikaner government, who did not want the Boers to split off from the “Afrikaner” main body. One had to comply with the “establishment”. One had to be a member of one of the three mainstream Afrikaner churches (actually one had to belong to the NG church) and be a selected member of one or more secret (Jewish front) organizations such as the Freemasons and Afrikaner Broederbond in order to get promotion. At the end of the last century, however, many people realized that this false identity is not us.We, the people whose ancestors were the citizens of the Boer republics realize that we are Boers, NOT Afrikaners.The Afrikaner, or some of them gladly accept and collaborate with the repressive and extremely discriminatory ANC government which is bent upon the destruction of the Boer nation. Compare the songs they and their youth league sing: “Kill the farmer, kill the Boer”. The Boer whose killing they propagate is me, myself, and my family, my dogs and cats, my livestock. Yet many Afrikaners are quite comfortable with living with this, and with collaborating with the ANC government.As you can gather, there are two main Afrikaans-speaking white “nations” in South Africa, namely the Jew-infested and pro-Jew Afrikaner on the one hand and the non-Afrikaner Boer (of which some families and individuals speak English, German, Italian and other languages at home, but who are Boers at heart) on the other hand. In fact the Afrikaner is NOT a nation (volk) at all, whereas the Boer is a recognized nation (volk) and has been for more than one and a half century.I need to explain further, but this is getting too long, so I will break my explanation up into more parts.Part two will follow later.RegardsHenry H. Pinkham Pretoria

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Thank you for this Henry. It clears up a lot of misconceptions. Will pass the information along.

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