Tim Wise Part II; Bloombergism as a kinder, gentler, racial fascism using corn syrup and sexual deviancy

In this video:

Wise also says that “only 10% of stop and frisk results in an arrest, and only 0.2% result in finding a weapon.”

As if that’s a small number! Let’s say there’s a million people of color who get stopped and frisked. How many needed arresting? Why, only 100,000! How many were carrying an illegal weapon? A mere 2,000!

This is why it’s important to study math. Tim Wise is trying to pull one over on people. He is using his tone of voice to say one thing, while his numbers say something quite different.

I definitely learned and reverse engineered MindWar from watching Tim Wise on youtube and reading his articles. He’s like a magician, but I went to his magic shows so many times I saw how he’s doing the tricks.

I have caught him using, or attempting to use, the tactic of “convince people that they are losing, and this makes them lose.”

MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all parties in a war that we will win that war.

So here’s what I wrote:

That’s worth stop and frisk! That’s as city of millions of black people. 1 in 50 has a weapon, that’s how many in a million?

1 million POC means that 100,000 need arresting, and 20,000 are carrying a weapon! In just one city! The rich people don’t feel safe with those numbers Tim!

I think it’s just lovely that it’s a liberal city like NYC that is the vanguard of racial fascism! It’s the only way to make multiracialism work after all. Get the women of color on birth control, turn the boys of color gay, and lower their population in a very liberal, humanitarian way.

Compare that to Afrikaners, who let black people be black people. They jsut made them work, and not work too much. Who’s worse? Welcome to the Brave New World Tim. Team Liberal pretends to respect human rights so much, that they will use technology and culture distortion to do kinder and gentler population control — both fertility control and behavior control. Why do you think so many people are fat? That’s a behavioral control over people with bad future time orientation. Fat people are less likely to rob rape and murder.


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10 Responses to Tim Wise Part II; Bloombergism as a kinder, gentler, racial fascism using corn syrup and sexual deviancy

  1. fnn says:

    Yes, Wise proves that NYC is the most extreme right-wing fascist place in America.

  2. anon334 says:

    10% of S&F resulting in an arrest is quite high really

  3. Stary Wylk says:

    Here’s a comparison: what percentage of those searched before getting on a commercial flight are arrested?

  4. trouble says:

    His answer also leaves out that the primary purpose of stop & search isn’t to find people with weapons but to *deter* them from carrying weapons.

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