A Dying Culture’s Malignant Tumors

A white single mom (if photo is accurate) has amassed a grand total of seven children by at least three different men, one white, one hispanic, one black.

This model mom is trying to regain custody of two of her bastard spawn, who are now under the care of her parents.

Her current boyfriend is a Class A badboy who has hit one of the kids with a belt and exposed himself to another.


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3 Responses to A Dying Culture’s Malignant Tumors

  1. ckorzeniowski says:

    I once knew a blatino woman who claimed her father had amassed a grand total of thirty-two children by various woman.

  2. Heligoland says:

    Heartiste jumps the shark with his “Hitler was beta” post, and is too cowardly to let my reply comment past moderation.

    Here is the un-publishable comment:

    Oi vey.

    Do smell whiskey on your breath this fine evening, Heartiste?

    But enough, I’m tired of being “Hyper-troll”. I will be a good boy and recite the Catechism Heartiste:

    What was Hitler’s great flaw?
    Hitler’s great flaw was not his disregard for human life, a trait which, after all, he shared with great men like Trotsky. Hitler’s great flaw was his anti-Semitism, the worst and only sin.

    Why was Hitler an anti-Semite?
    Hitler was not an anti-Semite because of massive Jewish over-representation among Bolsheviks, gangsters, Ponzi schemers, oligarchs, pornographers, “modern artists”, open borders advocates, Boasian/Freudian/Frankfort pseudo-scientists etc. After all, the erudite herr Foxman has proven that said over-representation is a CANARD CANARD CANARD, and he has also proven that said over-representation, while true, is actually laudable. In reality, Hitler was an anti-Semite because an Aryan woman rejected his sexual advances.

    How could Hitler have avoided becoming an anti-Semite?
    Hitler should have manned up and admitted that “alphas” were “better men” than “betas” such as himself. History proves that “betas” such as Andrew Jackson accomplish nothing worthwhile, while “better men” such as “alpha” Casanova lead great nations. Furthermore, Great Books For Men such as The Illiad teach us that “betas” such as Hector are contemptible compared to “better men” such as that embodiment of the dark triad, the “alpha” Paris.

    • conchobar14 says:

      lol #rekt i hate that stupid dichotomy it is too simplistic like “good” and “bad”, when in reality there is a whole spectrum of reactions to certain actions, a man cannot be “alpha” at everything, in certain situations others will have superiority. but for basic critique it is useful.

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