12 year old black goads his sistahs to bully a 3 year old white girl

h/t to Amren.

Racial Separation Now!


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20 Responses to 12 year old black goads his sistahs to bully a 3 year old white girl

  1. PA says:

    Equality failed.

  2. Cranberry says:

    OT but good way to get muzzies to self-annihilate. Make their women unclean and they can’t marry.

    Mightn’t stem abuse of White women by muzzie men but could help drive them out of Europe/America.

    • conchobar14 says:

      tit for tat

    • oogenhand says:

      Harass them, rape them, impregnate them, convert them, marry them?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        You don’t want to impregnate them.  They lack the NW European traits which make Western civilization possible.

        Dishonor them and their families will do the rest.  Eliminate their breeding stock and they’ll either leave or die out.

      • oogenhand says:

        @Mr. Rational

        But do we have to first neutralize Saudi-Arabia and Iran, or do you think oil boycots don’t have to be a threat? Saudi-Arabia and Iran are busy destroying each other.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        If we don’t need their products, they have no power over us.  Let them embargo their only profitable export commodity… and destroy the Chinese economy.

  3. Cranberry says:

    on topic, I’d hate those kids black or white just for their smug shit-bag attitudes. Just like with the niggas don’t tip thread: any power they have, they’ll take it and lord it over you.

    These twisted little groidlings will be populating the prisons soon enough. Six years to go for a few of them, less if they commit an egregious enough crime that they get tried as adults.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Meanwhile, they make any territory where they have a set like the featured siblings unsafe for White families.  This destroys White wealth as families are forced to abandon (devalued) property and flee.

      It is going to have to go back to territorial defense.  There are going to be a lot of “accidental” fires, “stray” bullets, and the like.  White people will hate doing it, but they will shortly have no alternatives.

  4. Jesse says:

    Separation now and forever

  5. Trainspotter says:

    This needed to be posted, but I have to say that it is painful for me to watch. To force helpless children into environments where they are tormented by these borderline apes is nothing short of evil. The ape is simply following its brutish nature, but what kind of sickness of the soul does it take to engineer such a situation, multiply it by millions, and then smear and spew hate at any who would speak up against it? The anti-whites have an awful lot to answer for.

    What a malevolent and vile world they have created, a world that seems to excel only in spreading ugliness and degrading anything that is good. We need separation from both the apes and the malevolent anti-white traitors that have assisted the Jews in foisting them upon us.

  6. Trainspotter says:

    What we need is self-determination and sovereignty for our people, nothing less, and simple segregation was never a sustainable solution for the long term. The organic ethnostate is the way forward, not seeking to resurrect a failed and unsustainable past. However, how anyone can watch this video and not understand what the old time segregationists were trying to protect us from is beyond me.

    In fact, it could be reasonably argued that those segregationists, especially the more wealthy ones, represented the last generation of “elite” Americans that tried to protect the less fortunate amongst our folk. After all, the wealthy always had the option of private schools and plush neighborhoods. They didn’t need de jure segregation, because they could always purchase it de facto. They could have “gone Brazil” a long time ago, but they didn’t, and that is to their credit and honor.

    Official segregation or not, their own daughters would never be in the above situation, and it was not at all necessary for them to protect little white girls from the wrong side of the tracks, and yet they did. But now? They would head to Elysium if they could, leaving the rest of their folk to rot – and then condemn those whites left behind as racist just to rub salt in the wounds! Such insufferable gall and evil is difficult to grasp, but it is definitely there.

    In any event, it’s clear that the segregationists of old were morally superior by far when compared to their counterparts of the 21st century, the exact opposite of the false moral narrative that is taught today. While they lacked a vision for a sustainable future for our folk (a land of our own!), and were selfish and shortsighted in that they wanted blacks as a labor force, they at least had a sense of duty, honor and obligation to their folk, something that is totally absent today. They were better men and women, plain and simple. Better where it mattered.

    Our current so called elites have lost all moral standing and legitimacy, and do not deserve their power, influence, or wealth. It should all be forfeit, every last bit, and a new elite raised that is capable of doing its duty. An elite that can take on the Jews and anti-white traitors and actually win. Part of its duty will be to ensure that not one of our little white girls is ever again tormented by simians, and that’s just for starters.

    I write this defense of segregation, though I advocate something different, in part because I recently learned of the death of Harry Byrd, Jr. Those of you familiar with Virginia will recognize that name, as the Byrd family was incredibly powerful in the Commonwealth back in the mid twentieth century (and well before). Byrd’s father, Harry Byrd, Sr. was the architect of “massive resistance,” and while before my time, I have come to admire him.

    Again, the people of that generation lacked a vision for the future and failed in their effort to defeat the anti-whites, so there is much to criticize. They were utterly ineffective against the Jewish attack on our people, and I must emphasize that conservatism is not the way out of our predicament. Still, men like Harry Byrd, Sr. and his son represent the last meaningful effort by the modern white elite to protect their folk instead of going Brazil. They also represent a better and more beautiful Virginia, an Old Dominion that is now no more, what was once normal now surviving only in fragments and remnants, truly gone with the wind.

    The Byrd family has won honor for itself in a meaningful sense, and though that honor is not recognized in our corrupt and degenerate era, one day it will be amongst our folk, at least those that descend from these parts.

    We remember, even those that were not yet born, that Byrd fought for our folk, our people. Long live Harry Byrd!

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, of course, we need something much more comprehensive than mere segregation. We must do our own stoop labor, and only have our own images and our own voices in our art. No negro music or art or actors or sportsmen.

      • Cranberry says:

        I know how you feel about Christianity MW and I’m not going into exegesis, but rather a practical matter. When discussing Christian identity, the subject of how watered-down post-Vatican II Catholicism has become often comes up. How weak the words from the pulpit have become, how weak Catholics have become not only in practicing their own daily faith, but as living witness to others as to modes of dress, behavior, and living standards.

        It seems that Whites have the same problem. It is not enough for Catholics to identify as Catholic on a census form or in casual conversation – Catholics have to live their faith as their identity – a crucifix or a casual mention is not enough. WHITES have to live their whiteness as their identity – skin is not enough. Identify with clothing that suits your work but also confers dignity, and dress a level above the occasion when work is done. Identify Whiteness with your bearing of dignity that brooks no opposition.

        Whites, like Catholics, have lost their identity. No unifying sense of purpose or belonging exists in the common mind. At least, not yet. It’s getting there. I sense it, sometimes, it’s coming from the ground up which is good and bad. Good because the poor Whites who are sick of this stuff are many, bad because it’s easy for the elite to blame poor, raciss Whites for the beatings and burnings that will surely start once this hits critical mass.

        Evangelize Whiteness. The early Christians were commanded to evangelize and suffered for it. Jesus said he came not to unite, but to divide. Evangelizing is hard when you see but those around you, while not blind, refuse to see, and will stone you for your beliefs. I think I’m on the verge of losing contact with a few friends over my recent FB activity (nothing more than posting news stories of vibrant-on-White violence and wondering where Obama/the MSM are to decry the hate crime, but some are wondering why I’m so raciss…). I have to NOT care about that. My faith and my race are both dear to me. I know it sounds like there is a conflict there, but Catholics don’t preach the diversity Gospel in the way some modern evangelicals do. We recognize that living in peace with our brothers means respecting boundaries, cultural and physical, as long as we’re one in faith we don’t have to let all aspects of our lives mingle.

      • Trainspotter says:

        MW: “We must do our own stoop labor, and only have our own images and our own voices in our art. No negro music or art or actors or sportsmen.”

        Very good point, MW. Art carries the soul of a people, and it is essential that we cleanse the corruption. The only exceptions that I would make to non-whites in our future art are images of their atrocities committed against whites…and images of the non-whites being run out of our territories.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        We must do our own stoop labor

        We will use video cameras, computers and robot manipulators to eliminate stoop labor.  We already have mechanically harvested blueberries and cranberries.  Cherries were once picked; now they are shaken off trees.  There’s a robot in development to thin lettuce plants.  Soon a machine will go into the field under a canopy of PV panels, and deposit crates of produce at the end of each row.  Another machine will pick up the crates, where more machines will wash, drain, grade, and pack the crop for shipping.

        Our elites are all out for amnesty now, because they know that their stoop-laborers are going back across the border in just a few years unless they can get them on welfare; there will be no work for them in the fields ever again.

  7. anon334 says:

    Seen scenes like this a million times growing up in Las Vegas(non-white bullies). It is fascinating that a video of this kind of thing is a shocking thing to people out there.

  8. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Use of honor culture against Muslims. It might be a better idea to destroy the patrilinear nature of their system by driving a wedge between converts and crade Muslims. Better attack males than females.

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