Nick Griffin, leader of BNP, goes on emergency human-shielding peace mission to Syria

Nick Griffin and Clive Jeffersion to Syria as human shields

Good for him! Glenn Beck was admitting today that he was wrong to support the Patriot Act and the Iraq invasion, and that his listeners opposed both of these things and were right and he was wrong. I was amazed to hear this. Now Beck and Savage are opposed to attacking Syria.

It’s good to see mainstream conservative radio hosts opposed to the Syria invasion. Limbaugh is mostly mocking it without taking a position, but at least not supporting it.

So the grassroots conservatives have overpowered the neocon influence on talk radio. This is a very good sign. Fuck the neocons!

BREAKING NEWS: Nick Griffin MEP, accompanied by BNP National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and BNP Head of Publicity Charlie Wythe, have dramatically cut short a conference in Brussels to embark on an emergency BNPeace mission to war-torn Syria.

The whole country is watching as another British prime minister defies the British public, rejects common sense and casts aside all moral decency by threatening to attack a foreign and sovereign nation with military strikes.

Warmongers William Hague and David Cameron have refused to reach a solution by diplomatic means and are rushing headlong into war. The BNP considers it a criminal offence to interfere by way of military strikes on nations which do not threaten our own.

For the duration of Nick Griffin’s BNPeace Envoy to reach a diplomatic solution and avoid another war, the only British Member of Parliament with balls – Britain’s bravest MEP will be posting regular reports on Facebook and Twitter directly from Damascus.

Once again Nick Griffin is putting his life on the line to stop the Cameron regime from committing war crimes in the name of the British people, and, if we cannot prevent it, the least we can do is make sure that the British people know that the only member of parliament with any balls is campaigning for peace while Cameron’s regime is committing more crimes in the name of the British people.

We in the BNP urge everyone to contact their MP urgently to ask them to vote against any military action in Syria by the UK. Remember, every cruise missile dropped on Syria will cost £1million – money much better spent here in the UK on doctors, nurses and schools. You can find your local MP, and details of how to contact them, here.


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9 Responses to Nick Griffin, leader of BNP, goes on emergency human-shielding peace mission to Syria

  1. From a strictly Constitutional perspective, America can’t engage in war without Congressional approval. There are reps and Sens from BOTH parties opposed to US action in Syria at this time. Even accounting for the War Powers Act, Presbama can’t legally act in Syria, as neither Americans nor American interests have been attacked. Not that that will stop him…

    It’s funny hearing about how Syria used “Iraq’s WMD’s” in the chemical attack. Iraq was clearly questionable at best. Anyone interested in the intelligence failure should read “Way of the Knife” by Mark Mazetti. I don’t accept it as canon, but the book carries a lot of subtext as to the breakdown of American intelligence.

    • mindweapon says:

      I hope you are right. I’m so sick of the US atrocities in the MIddle East.

      • Well, just because there is opposition, doesn’t mean it will win out. And just because there is Constitutional law in effect, doesn’t mean it will be followed.

        I found an interesting InfoWars article from April 30th 2013. Apparently former congressman Dennis Kucinich tweeted about chemical weapons in Syria being part of a false flag conspiracy… shrug.

        Far more interesting than Miley’s tantrum at the VMA’s.

  2. Starets says:

    I apologize for nitpicking, but I believe the correct spelling is NeoCohen.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    White Nationalism and the War on Terror, often considered the Greater Islamophobia.

  4. Contaminated NEET says:

    Apparently Griffin doesn’t understand the concept of “human shield.” It doesn’t work when the adversary would like to kill the “shield” as much as or more than the target he is shielding.

  5. exBNPer says:

    This is a rather desperate attempt by Nick Griffin to get some much needed positive publicity. The BNP (aka the Griffin Family Business) has lost two thirds of it’s membership, most of it’s experienced activists, and elected officials since 2010..

    Here is a table showing BNP election results over the years:

    Griffin needs support to get re-elected to the Euro Parliament in 2014 to gain the ‘gold plated’ pension that those with 2 terms are entitled to. That’s what he’s really after. Bit of a shame really just when nationalism is taking off elsewhere in Europe but that’s what he gets for being an arrogant, untrustworthy, pathological liar with no respect for the membership.

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