Michael Savage says the only reason Obama wants to bomb Syria is to take out Syria’s air force on behalf of Israel

It should go directly to the quote, but if it starts at the beginning, go to 31:50


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9 Responses to Michael Savage says the only reason Obama wants to bomb Syria is to take out Syria’s air force on behalf of Israel

  1. Starets says:

    I agree, the planned attack on Syria is most likely on behalf of Israel.

    I also suspect it is an indirect way to manipulate the US into war with Iran. That has been a long term goal of Israel, but the US public and military has resisted. However, Iran supports Syria. So, very likely Israel hopes that a US attack on Syria will blow up into a wider regional conflict including Iran.

  2. Denise says:

    Wow. He probably agrees with this. But he actually admitted it.

  3. LoL, Barack Obomber…

    Savage’s point about Obomber being a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and yet he is presiding over an aggressive war machine; he gets a pass ’cause the MSM won’t criticize a black person. It’s a brilliant strategy to have him there on behalf of TPTB, but eventually true-believers in the anti-war movement will turn on him.

  4. StukaPilot says:

    Actually it cuts a little deeper than the Jew Savage admits. When Bush shoved Iraq back onto the petrodollar with his ’03 war, the Shia majority took over. That – inadvertantly – completed the so-called Shi’ite Crescent running from Iran through Iraq and Syria and on into S, Lebanon where Hezbollah rules. Over the next 3 years, Iran used thus supply line to further arm and train Hezbollah, to the point where, when Israel attacked Lebanon in ’06, the Jews got roughly handled. Israel doesn’t fear Syria’s clunky air force; they do fear the Hezbollah militia and went them disarmed. Much, say, as the Jews in America want the Whites disarmed and for the same reason: planned extermination.

    • Peter Blood says:

      Who in their right mind really thought it was a great idea to shove the Jews en masse into Palestine with a giant plunger? Jews riding the USA power machine, of course. Look at this page if you need a map to see what I mean. The only countries not recognizing Israel are the ones surrounding it. Basically the whole plan was to inject nitro-glycerin into an explosive area, and see what happens. When it all blows up, stroll in and pick, up the pieces. In 1948, the Jews knew they had the USA in the can–the USA was the first nation to recogonize Israel and, having the USA, knew they had serious global power at last. The same plot continues today.

      • Tom Bowie says:

        The up side is that you have a tiny little country often taking center stage and being the tail wagging the dog. After a time some of the more alert people begin to notice.

        I listen to NPR (Keeping my enemy close so-to-say) and I’ve not known a day to go by without hearing Israel wants, Israel needs, Israel this, Israel that, Israel, Israel, Israel. They can’t help doing it and the tone is getting more desperate as time goes by.

        The fact is that the usual overreaching psychopaths decided they wanted Israel and now they’re stuck with it as they try and hide its misdeeds from an ever increasing alertness to its actions.

      • aryandawn says:

        In 1948, the Jews knew they had the USA in the can

        Gore Vidal said that JFK told him that Harry Truman was pnly elected President because jews gave him a bag of Money, literally!

  5. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Michael Savage?

  6. ZOG-HO says:


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