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12 year old black goads his sistahs to bully a 3 year old white girl

h/t to Amren. Racial Separation Now! Advertisements

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Black woman wants to start hate group, “Bitches Against Non-Tipping N’s”

Worth watching! Catch her comparison of black patrons versus white patrons at 2 minutes. It’s funny, I’ve acted exactly like her description of a white patron. I’m very nice to any person working in service even if they make a … Continue reading

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A Dying Culture’s Malignant Tumors

A white single mom (if photo is accurate) has amassed a grand total of seven children by at least three different men, one white, one hispanic, one black. This model mom is trying to regain custody of two of her … Continue reading

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Entomoculture; the Black Soldier Fly and composting

I’ve been on the lookout for some way to produce protein rich chicken and pig feed, or even animal protein for people, and I found it. Black soldier fly cultivation Here’s a workshop at Clemson University in South Carolina this … Continue reading

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28,472 comments and counting at CNN story about Chris Lane murderers tweeting how they hate White people

Suspect in killing of Australian Chris Lane tweeted: ‘time to start taken life’s’ By Randi Kaye, Hilary Whiteman and Josh Levs, CNN updated 8:32 PM EDT, Thu August 22, 2013 Hunter Wallace is talking about having a C of CC … Continue reading

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Scariest graphic ever

12 million barrels per day increase from 1995 to 2005, or a rate of 1.2 mbd per year. 2 mbd increase from 2005-2012, or .28 mbd increase per year. A 75% decline in production increasing rate. This is why there … Continue reading

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Tim Wise Part II; Bloombergism as a kinder, gentler, racial fascism using corn syrup and sexual deviancy

In this video: Wise also says that “only 10% of stop and frisk results in an arrest, and only 0.2% result in finding a weapon.” As if that’s a small number! Let’s say there’s a million people of color who … Continue reading

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