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The Face of Hate! Cue sinister music — Richard Spencer!

The face of HATE OMG be very afraid! September 29, 2013 | Richard Spencer sat sipping his chai latte at the Red Caboose, a train-themed coffee shop in downtown Whitefish, Mont. Clean-cut and restrained, he reminded me of a hundred … Continue reading

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A Vision Of The Future Of America

Chateau Heartiste updates Orwell’s boot stomping on a face, forever.

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The Aryan Mafia prophesy reprinted in full

Two future members of the Aryan Mafia: RISE OF THE ARYAN MAFIA by Guillermo Coletti BLOOD OR MONEY Introduction I started writing this piece with the idea of explaining a phenomenon that I think is going to be an important … Continue reading

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Viking Mafia?

Rise of the Aryan Mafia predicted. My favorite line: Additionally, I believe that the Aryan Mafia will get started by a natural process of its own. I think that nothing can be done to precipitate its formation, as I … Continue reading

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Mouiznieks takes credit for the prosecution of Golden Dawn

Jew Mouiznieks waves his dick at Greece as he takes credit for arrests of Golden Dawn leadership.

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UPDATES: Golden Dawn America Podcast Episode 10

Excellent podcast by Greek-American supporters of Golden Dawn regarding the arrests of the leaders.

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Math question – 2ln(1/2) + 2ln(1) = 2ln(2) how is that possible

-2ln(1/2) + 2ln(1) = 2ln(2) why is this? I don’t understand how those add up to that. I know the rules like you can multiply the terms that you are adding but I don’t see how this comes out. Properties … Continue reading

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