Dr. Mercola provides evidence that Roundup, the chemical used in Roundup Ready GMO crops, maybe contribute to the rapid rise in autism

Roundup, GMO and Autism

By Dr. Mercola

In recent weeks, we’ve learned some very disturbing truths about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, which is generously doused on genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready crops.

GE crops are typically far more contaminated with glyphosate than conventional crops, courtesy of the fact that they’re engineered to withstand extremely high levels of Roundup without perishing along with the weed.

A new peer-reviewed report authored by Anthony Samsel, a retired science consultant, and a long time contributor to the Mercola.com Vital Votes Forum, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), reveals how glyphosate wrecks human health.

In the interview above, Dr. Seneff summarizes the two key problems caused by glyphosate in the diet:

Nutritional deficiencies
Systemic toxicity
Their findings make the need for labelling all the more urgent, and the advice to buy certified organic all the more valid.

The Horrific Truth about Roundup

In 2009, a French court found Monsanto guilty of lying; falsely advertising its Roundup herbicide as “biodegradable,” “environmentally friendly” and claiming it “left the soil clean.”

Mounting evidence now tells us just how false such statements are. I don’t believe that Monsanto is one of the most evil companies on the planet for nothing. The company has done absolutely nothing to improve their worldwide influence on human and environmental health.

In the video above, Jeffrey Smith, author of the bestseller Seeds of Deception, says Monsanto, during some reflective moment, must have asked “What would Darth Vader do?” Because what they’ve come up with is a way of pretending that they’re beneficial and then insinuating themselves into the food and agriculture industry, and now it turns out that what they have is very, very dangerous.

Indeed, according to Dr. Seneff, glyphosate is possibly “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies,” including but not limited to:

Autism Gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, colitis and Crohn’s disease Obesity
Allergies Cardiovascular disease Depression
Cancer Infertility Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease Multiple sclerosis ALS, and more
How Glyphosate Worsens Modern Diseases

While Monsanto insists that Roundup is as safe to humans as aspirin, Seneff and Samsel’s research tells a different story altogether. Their report, published in the journal Entropy1, argues that glyphosate residues, found in most commonly consumed foods in the Western diet courtesy of GE sugar, corn, soy and wheat, “enhance the damaging effects of other food-borne chemical residues and toxins in the environment to disrupt normal body functions and induce disease.”

Interestingly, your gut bacteria are a key component of glyphosate’s mechanism of harm.

Monsanto has steadfastly claimed that Roundup is harmless to animals and humans because the mechanism of action it uses (which allows it to kill weeds), called the shikimate pathway, is absent in all animals. However, the shikimate pathway IS present in bacteria, and that’s the key to understanding how it causes such widespread systemic harm in both humans and animals.

The bacteria in your body outnumber your cells by 10 to 1. For every cell in your body, you have 10 microbes of various kinds, and all of them have the shikimate pathway, so they will all respond to the presence of glyphosate!

Glyphosate causes extreme disruption of the microbe’s function and lifecycle. What’s worse, glyphosate preferentially affects beneficial bacteria, allowing pathogens to overgrow and take over. At that point, your body also has to contend with the toxins produced by the pathogens. Once the chronic inflammation sets in, you’re well on your way toward chronic and potentially debilitating disease. In the interview above, Dr. Seneff reviews a variety of chronic diseases, explaining how glyphosate contributes to each condition. So to learn more, I urge you to listen to it in its entirety. It’s quite eye-opening.

The Overlooked Component of Toxicity

The research reveals that glyphosate inhibits cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, a large and diverse group of enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of organic substances. This, the authors state, is “an overlooked component of its toxicity to mammals.” One of the functions of CYP enzymes is to detoxify xenobiotics—chemical compounds found in a living organism that are not normally produced or consumed by the organism in question. By limiting the ability of these enzymes to detoxify foreign chemical compounds, glyphosate enhances the damaging effects of chemicals and environmental toxins you may be exposed to.

But that’s not all. Dr. Stephanie Seneff has been conducting research at MIT for over three decades. She also has an undergraduate degree in biology from MIT and a minor in food and nutrition, and I have previously interviewed her about her groundbreaking insights into the critical importance of sulfur in human health. Not surprisingly, this latest research also touches on sulfur, and how it is affected by glyphosate from food.

“[W]e show how interference with CYP enzymes acts synergistically with disruption of the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids by gut bacteria, as well as impairment in serum sulfate transport,” the authors write.

“Consequences are most of the diseases and conditions associated with a Western diet, which include gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. … [T]he recent alarming increase in all of these health issues can be traced back to a combination of gut dysbiosis, impaired sulfate transport, and suppression of the activity of the various members of the cytochrome P450 (CYP) family of enzymes.”

The Roundup-Autism Connection

For the past 30 years, Dr. Seneff has been passionate about teasing out potential causes of autism, after seeing what it was like for a close friend whose son was diagnosed. She points out the clear correlations between increased glyphosate use over recent years (the result of genetically engineered crops causing weed resistance, necessitating ever-larger amounts to be used) and skyrocketing autism rates.

The rate of autism has risen so quickly, there can be no doubt that it has an environmental cause. Our genes simply cannot mutate fast enough to account for the rapid rise we’re now seeing. The latest statistics released by the CDC on March 20 show that 1 in 50 children in the US now fall within the autism spectrum2,3, with a 5:1 boy to girl ratio. Just last year the CDC reported a rate of 1 in 88, which represented a 23 percent increase since 2010, and 78 percent since 2007. Meanwhile, I remember when the incidence of autism in the US was only 1 in 100,000—just short of 30 years ago!

Dr. Seneff identified two key problems in autism that are unrelated to the brain yet clearly associated with the condition—both of which are linked with glyphosate exposure (starting at 10 minutes into the interview, she gives an in-depth explanation of how glyphosate causes the many symptoms associated with autism):

Gut dysbiosis (imbalances in gut bacteria, inflammation, leaky gut, food allergies such as gluten intolerance)
Disrupted sulfur metabolism / sulfur and sulfate deficiency
Interestingly, certain microbes in your body actually break down glyphosate, which is a good thing. However, a byproduct of this action is ammonia, and children with autism tend to have significantly higher levels of ammonia in their blood than the general population. Ditto for those with Alzheimer’s disease. In your brain, ammonia causes encephalitis, i.e. brain inflammation.

Another devastating agent you really do not want in your body is formaldehyde, which a recent nutritional analysis discovered is present in genetically engineered corn at a level that is 200 times the amount that animal studies have determined to be toxic to animals. Formaldehyde destroys DNA and can cause cancer.

Other research backing up the Roundup-autism link is that from former US Navy staff scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson. She has a Ph.D. in physics, holds five US patents and has authored more than 30 scientific papers and two books on women in science. Ten years ago, she became seriously ill, and in her journey to regain her health she turned to organic foods. Not surprisingly (for those in the know) her symptoms dramatically improved. This prompted her to start investigating genetically engineered foods.

She has meticulously collected statistics on glyphosate usage and various diseases and conditions, including autism. A more perfect match-up between the rise in glyphosate usage and incidence of autism is hard to imagine… To access her published articles and reports, please visit Sustainable Pulse4, a European website dedicated to exposing the hazards of genetically engineered foods.

When Food Is Poison…

What the biotech industry, spearheaded by Monsanto, has managed to do is turn food into poison… quite literally, and in more ways than one. Here, we’re just talking about the effects of Roundup. There are plenty of indications that the genetic alteration of a crop itself can pose significant health concerns. So with the vast majority of GE crops, you have no less than two potentially hazardous factors to contend with, glyphosate toxicity being just one part of the equation.

As discussed above, glyphosate has a number of devastating biological effects. So much so that it may very well be one of the most important factors in the development of a wide variety of modern diseases and conditions, including autism. In summary, these detrimental effects include:

Nutritional deficiencies, as glyphosate immobilizes certain nutrients and alters the nutritional composition of the treated crop Disruption of the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids (these are essential amino acids not produced in your body that must be supplied via your diet)
Increased toxin exposure (this includes high levels of glyphosate and formaldehyde in the food itself) Impairment of sulfate transport and sulfur metabolism; sulfate deficiency
Systemic toxicity—a side effect of extreme disruption of microbial function throughout your body; beneficial microbes in particular, allowing for overgrowth of pathogens Gut dysbiosis (imbalances in gut bacteria, inflammation, leaky gut, food allergies such as gluten intolerance)
Enhancement of damaging effects of other food-borne chemical residues and environmental toxins as a result of glyphosate shutting down the function of detoxifying enzymes Creation of ammonia (a byproduct created when certain microbes break down glyphosate), which can lead to brain inflammation associated with autism and Alzheimer’s disease
How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from This Systemic Poison

It’s important to understand that the glyphosate sprayed on conventional and genetically engineered crops actually becomes systemic throughout the plant, so it cannot be washed off. It’s inside the plant. For example, genetically engineered corn has been found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, compared to zero in non-GMO corn. At 13 ppm, GMO corn contains more than 18 times the “safe” level of glyphosate set by the EPA. Organ damage in animals has occurred at levels as low as 0.1 ppm. If that’s not reason enough to become a label reader to avoid anything with corn in it, such as corn oil or high fructose corn syrup, I don’t know what is.

You’d also be wise to stop using Roundup around your home, where children and pets can come into contact with it simply by walking across the area.

Until the US requires genetically engineered (GE) foods to be labeled, the only way you can avoid GE ingredients is to make whole, fresh organic foods the bulk of your diet, and to only buy 100% USDA certified organic processed foods. Meats need to be grass-fed or pastured to make sure the animals were not fed GE corn or soy feed.

Last but not least, do not confuse the “natural” label with organic standards.

The natural label is not based on any standards and is frequently misused by sellers of GE products. Growers and manufacturers of organic products bearing the USDA seal, on the other hand, have to meet the strictest standards of any of the currently available organic labels. In order to qualify as organic, a product must be grown and processed using organic farming methods that recycle resources and promote biodiversity. Crops must be grown without synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers, or sewage sludge-based fertilizers.

Join Us in Your Right to Know by Getting GMOs Labeled!

While California Prop. 37 failed to pass last November by a very narrow margin, the fight for GMO labeling is far from over. In the past few weeks, Connecticut and Maine have passed GMO-labeling bills, and 20 other states have pending legislation to label genetically engineered foods. So, now is the time to put the pedal to the metal and get labeling across the country—something 64 other countries already have.

I hope you will join us in this effort.

The field-of-play has now moved to the state of Washington, where the people’s initiative 522, “The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act,” will require food sold in retail outlets to be labeled if it contains genetically engineered ingredients. Please help us win this key GMO labeling battle and continue to build momentum for GMO labeling in other states by making a donation to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA).

Remember, as with CA Prop. 37, they need support of people like YOU to succeed. Prop. 37 failed with a very narrow margin simply because we didn’t have the funds to counter the massive ad campaigns created by the No on 37 camp, led by Monsanto and other major food companies. Let’s not allow Monsanto and its allies to confuse and mislead the people of Washington and Vermont as they did in California. So please, I urge you to get involved and help in any way you can.

No matter where you live in the United States, please donate money to these labeling efforts through the Organic Consumers Fund.
Sign up to learn more about how you can get involved by visiting Yeson522.com!
For timely updates on issues relating to these and other labeling initiatives, please join the Organic Consumers Association on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.
Talk to organic producers and stores and ask them to actively support the Washington initiative.


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22 Responses to Dr. Mercola provides evidence that Roundup, the chemical used in Roundup Ready GMO crops, maybe contribute to the rapid rise in autism

  1. Johnsonas says:

    Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as and commented:
    Suprise, surprise..

  2. Cranberry says:

    This is why I tend a garden and rely on hunted meat for 80% + of our food. It’s not just about self-sufficiency. Our food is literally poisonous to the very gut flora to which we owe our sanity and our immune systems. It’s now known that the gut produces serotonin and regulates dopamine more than the brain does. It really isn’t all in our heads! And the gut is the primary line of defense against diseases of endocrine and pathogen origin.

    Monsanto &co. have a lot invested in making sure Mercola is seen as quackers, but the evidence in favor of organic methods and against glyphosate is building. TPTB won’t be able to keep a lid on it much longer.

    Excellent, MW.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Cranberry!

      According to the Precautionary Principle, we should not be ingesting all these new things. Monsanto is like, “shut up, it’s not bad for you, sit down and shut up and eat your glyphosate soaked transgenic corn!”

      they tell us “it’s not bad for you” and fill the web with scientific jargon and aggressive rhetoric, but it comes down to us NOT WANTING TO BE FUCKING LAB RATS IN THEIR UNCONTROLLED HUMAN TRIAL OF LONG TERM EXPOSRE TO TRANSGENIC CROPS AND GLYPHOSATE.

  3. Cranberry says:

    To promote a healthy gut biome:

    1) eat local and organic as much as possible
    2) do not be overly-fastidious when washing your locally-grown produce – the gut biome synchronizes itself with local microflora. The dirt on your veggies is literally populating your gut with the good stuff needed in your temperate zone
    3) if you don’t live in Mexico or some other climate that fosters growth of tropical plants, don’t make avocado or plantains a staple in your diet
    4) eat lacto-fermented foods daily, preferably from a few different sources (kefir, kombucha, fermented sauerkraut or pickles)
    5) if you’re so inclined to eat wheat and tolerate gluten, get a grain mill and buy organically grown whole berries and grind just enough for each baking. Sprout them and dry them before you grind, or use a three-day sourdough process to pre-digest the tough proteins and starches in the grain.

    I spent my day recreating by doing some of my favorite activities: making fermented pickles and kraut, putting up a few batches of lacto-fermented beets and turnips, prepping a new batch of kefir, and grinding spelt to make bread later this week. Your gut will thank you.

  4. Craig says:

    I only found out yesterday one of my step nephews has come down with Autism, it occurred after a cold and coarse of antibiotics. It seems some gut scientists may come up with a cure one day, perhaps with more specifically targeted gut flora probiotics ( I wonder if probiotics is a epigenetic supplement?), and diet. At least it’s more manageable with diet and probiotics. As always preventative care if possible, which I think it may be, is always best.


    Be it Agent Orange, Glyphosate or Glycophospate, if the chemicals use synthetic hormone disruptor’s, or the DDT derivatives that break down into dioxin, well that all bad shit to be exposed to, probably equivalent to depleted uranium(Thank fuck I missed out on that).

    It was made mandatory down here to have GMO labelled, bastards get away with GMO Canola by having the product process denature the Canola oil, so no more food with Canola oil in it.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      I only found out yesterday one of my step nephews has come down with Autism

      Nobody “comes down” with autism.  It becomes unmistakable at a certain stage of developmental divergence, but I have read that the signs can be read far earlier.  If you consider that autism is more or less the extreme of the linear-thinking male brain, it’s not a disease so much as a range on the continuum.  We have more autism because we have more geeks mating successfully with other geeks.  Once the genetic basis is understood, counselling can prevent the severe cases.

      • Craig says:

        Layman’s or medico Latin, I think most people prefer layman. Genes are rock solid, epigentics to a certain extent lets you work out side the box 80% of the time. The Geeks I know have very few babies, particularly at the extreme end of the IQ bell curve. In fact most kids I know with Autism come from working class, just as my step nephew does. I’ve not seen this boy for a long time, so I’m not sure if he has a high or low functional Autism. I endeavour to find out soon.

        I know a geek who has such a high IQ he’s 56, still a virgin and never had a girl friend, yet his research into next generation computers what ever they are will be remembered forever. His genes may even be blessed on one of his great nephews one day.

        How many children do you have Mr. Rational? I’m working on my 4th.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        No kids here.  I’m still looking for a woman I want to have kids with who wants to have kids with me.

      • mindweapon says:

        Mr. Rational,

        I hope you are an avid reader of heartiste.wordpress.com

    • Mr. Rational says:

      For what it’s worth, it would also be good to counsel the illogical-emotionals not to mate with each other.  People who cannot recognize a logical necessity if it has any emotional negatives are neither good workers nor good citizens.

  5. A.Ralston says:

    “Last but not least, do not confuse the “natural” label with organic standards.

    The natural label is not based on any standards and is frequently misused by sellers of GE products. Growers and manufacturers of organic products bearing the USDA seal, on the other hand, have to meet the strictest standards of any of the currently available organic labels. In order to qualify as organic, a product must be grown and processed using organic farming methods that recycle resources and promote biodiversity. Crops must be grown without synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers, or sewage sludge-based fertilizers.”

    The problem is not that simple. The author overlooks the corrpution of the BigAg-controlled USDA, which co-opted the use of the word “organic” and then legally redefined it, imposing onerous regulatory mandates, such that the small-scale local famers and growers, who lacked the staff, time, or resources to manage the draconian reporting submittals, were effectively driven out of the market, thereby forcing them to use other terms, such as “natural” or “locally grown” to characterize their produce.

    Our recourse, as MW has repeatedly preached, is to establish informal, under-the-radar interpersonal networks between our rural and urban folk.

    Otherwise, good article.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      I don’t actually trust many supposedly organic brands of food. I’ll probably be thought of as paranoid but I think we’ll find out later that the USDAs certification process is rife with corruption.

    • Cranberry says:

      My local farmer’s co-op is looking into alternatives to organic certification. The “Organic” label is an expensive and time-consuming process and yields little to no benefit after the costs of time and money are considered in the market value of crops. In NJ we are looking at “certified naturally grown” which would mean no non-organic pesticides, use of crop rotation as a means of discouraging pests and diseases, complementary planting and planned succession of crops for same, and use of locally sourced feed and fertilizers (organic or not) for crop production.

      I am on board with this. I worked on farms from the time I was 14 until I was 19 and moved on to restaurants and cubicles. Using what is available in your local environment, organic or not, is 1000% more profitable for you and your neighbors than is using organic methods certified by some body in a state 2,000 miles from you and in a different Ag zone. And if engineering profitable, interdependent local economies is what WN 2.0 (.5?) is all about, then we should go local before organic. Chances are your local farmer is less apt to use glyphosate large-scale anyway. Look for the guy with a few acres of corn, cows and/or sheep/goats at pasture, and a veggie stand. Important markers: no in-ground swimming pool, new trucks/tractors, or a recently renovated house. Farmers with that kind of bling are taking gov’t dollar$$$ big time. The humble guy will usually, as always, deal with you square even if his methods aren’t up to snuff with the hipster ideals of Seattle, Portland, and Brooklyn.

  6. Robot Sam says:

    We don’t need a global food supply. We need about 4 Billion less people.

    • Cranberry says:

      And enough of the right ones. The ones who are “committed to sustainability” have good ideas, but also the lowest birth rates, thinking (wrongly) that restricted birthrates means better outcomes for the planet.

      One of the great flaws I see in the anti-populationists is the “kill yourself” mentality. They gladly restrict their own genetive efforts while championing the expansion of populations of low-IQ, r-selected herd types who will gladly use up all of the resources we eschew. It’s like watching insanity unfold in the slow-motion of a dream where all of your actions are like moving through cold molasses.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        You said a mouthful, Cranberry.  That is what I have been noticing about the “mainstream” environmental movement for a long time.  They have all abdicated on the immigration issue.  In the case of the Sierra Club, they were bought off.

  7. Cranberry says:

    “And ^not^ enough…”

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