English celebrity “Big Ron” Atkinson says, “I don’t care if people think I’m a racist”

I don’t care if people think I’m a racist.

Notice how the Daily Mail appends the adjective “shamed” in ALL CAPS no less, to describe Ron Atkinson, but he isn’t ashamed of anything! Good for him and fuck the political correct liberals! We hate you! Shame on you liberals, for destroying White civilization you scum!

Big Ron: ‘I don’t care if people think I’m racist’
SHAMED football pundit Ron Atkinson does not care if people think he is racist, saying: “I don’t feel I have to justify myself.”


In Big Ron’s words:

The 74-year-old was engulfed in a second telly race row while in Celebrity Big Brother after making an anti-Muslim remark.

In his first newspaper interview since leaving the house, the former manager dismissed the fallout over his comment as “something out of nothing” and even hinted of a return to commentating. Ron was branded a racist in 2004 for calling Chelsea player Marcel Desailly, now 44, a “n****r” live on air.

He told the Daily Star ­Sunday: “I am what I am.

“Whether or not people think I’m racist has never been an issue that bothers me.

“I know people might think that’s strange. I don’t feel I have to justify myself in that respect and I didn’t go on the show for that reason.

“People that know me know I haven’t got a problem.

“I’ve lived my life for the past nine years, I haven’t been hiding under a bushel. I’ve had a decent time.”

You tell ’em, Ron! Didn’t back down. Told the Pee Cee anti-white liberals to stuff it! Works every time!

In sadder news, Aaryn Gries grovels before an Asian and apologizes. But what do you expect from a young girl who wants to be a celebrity and doens’t have guidance from people who can tell her how to deal with Hollyweird filth who want to make her grovel and roll in shit?

Groveling seems to be a habit we’ve developed before the Great Oz of Hollyweird. But I think we are unlearning that habit.

Aaryn, that’s all they are — some little men with very bad intentions manipulating us. Dorothy is right, when she says, “you’re a very bad man!”

All Hollywood, movies, tv shows, The View, Big Brother, et cetera, et cetera, it’s all summed up in the Wizard of Oz uncurtaining scene. These people are very bad men, and women, and deserve to be mocked and ignored.


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3 Responses to English celebrity “Big Ron” Atkinson says, “I don’t care if people think I’m a racist”

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Reblogged this on Aryan Street and commented:
    Yeah BIG RON! Aryan Street Alpha of Week!

  2. I’m a hipster racist, it’s more fun than being a regular racist.

  3. Wally says:

    The article about Mr. Atkinson links to the Daily Star website, which is different from The Daily Mail website. If i remember correctly, the Daily Star is jewish owned. But I’m not certain about that.

    It’s important to see how this media source, the Daily Star, attacks the native English people using the “racist” slur. It’s this media outlet which is trying to shame Ron Atkinson. This is another example of the power of the media. People’s opinions can be formed by what the media writes. In this case, this newspaper is telling the native English people that it is bad to NOT be submissive to the invading ethnic groups.

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