Racially envious Moroccans cut face of blonde Danish 15 year old girl, Nicole Zanlith, with a broken vodka bottle in Marbella, Spain

hat tip to Top Conservative News

Enrich and purify your elementary and radioactive hate for the liberals, who made this possible and are laughing about it right now. Nicole is a casualty of a racial-religious war against Whites that she is probably not even aware of. Only one side is fully cognizant of this war, for now. But as we keep taking casualties, it only makes sense to ask, “who the fuck let Moroccans into Spain?”


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10 Responses to Racially envious Moroccans cut face of blonde Danish 15 year old girl, Nicole Zanlith, with a broken vodka bottle in Marbella, Spain

  1. Dan Poole says:

    “more of the same” said it best on OD:

    Muslims in their own countries: Evil, barbaric, war making, intolerant of other religions, peoples, haters of Israel. They need to be bombed! bombed! bombed!

    Muslims in White countries: Peaceful, loving, tolerant of other religions and peoples, just want to be good citizens. Only evil, racist White people don’t want them for neighbors. Those racists need to have their lives destroyed! destroyed! destroyed!

    Nicole Zanlith just had her life destroyed by sub-human beasts.

  2. anon334 says:

    Was she hanging out with them? Kind of looks like it.

  3. PA says:

    Jealous females, at least in the American black-white dynamic, generally lash out at white girls who hang around with or flirt with black males.

  4. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Her Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/nicole.zanlith.9

    Note the peace sign on her t shirt.

  5. Llew says:

    More info about it here (use a translator):

    Apparently, they had an argument with the Moroccans about a taxi cab. It seems to me that they were only there to brawl with anyone who crossed their path (IMO, seeing the modus operandi). The girl and his friend had gone to the disco to see a Dj without their parents´s knowledge. The corrupt bouncers letting in two minors into the disco is another question to ponder. Marbella is one of the most corrupt cities in my country.

    About the main question: who let Moroccans to enter in Spain?, that´s a tough one. Mind you that we have two autonomous cities in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceuta), with a huge population of ethnic Moroccans. Those have Spanish nationality. Besides, they´ve been smuggling in there illegally in growing numbers, since the last couple of decades (like with the mexicans in USA). Under Franco´s government, Moroccans were pretty much controlled, after that, the leniency of our traitorous “democratic” governments have made the numbers to grow exponentially. Another point of entry has been the border with France, specially after the Schengen Treaty: Moroccans and Argelians that worked in France crossed over Spain every summer to visit their kin in their countries. No one knows how many have been smuggled into the EU that way. Another problem that have favoured this Moroccan invasion have been the game in the balance of power in the region between Spain, Morocco and France. The worst of all is that our politicians have been making good business with the corrupt Moroccan monarchy. The muslim problem is becoming so awful that there ´re now even towns in Catalonia with almost a 50% of muslims on them. Our traitorous NGOs (Christian or atheist, it´s the same) have a lot to answer about it also.

    By the way, Moroccans are the most hated “minority” to Spaniards (and for good reasons); they are to us like the blacks in the USA are: thieves, rapists, swindlers, etc. They´re pretty much linked to hashish and cannabis dealing.
    Well, I don´t know if have explained it a little or entangled it more. If you have any question, let me know,

  6. Brandon says:

    The manner in which she’s UN dressed in the jewbook/facecrap thingie says a lot about her character.

  7. Robot Sam says:

    The problem is that it seems women have to have a severely life altering experience to just get the idea that these monsters are not human and to avoid them.

  8. nile says:

    In no way do I defend what there guys did but these girls get a little too cocky when they are way out of their depths…

    Some how believing that there is some great force protecting them. In this case it has been made more than a little obvious that turning and walking to the back of the taxi queue would have been the appropriate action instead of stepping forward in the belief this could not happen.

    I have see it so many times, in the taxi queues here in Marbella bunch of little princesses jump the queue at the disgust of the 150+ people who have been orderly waiting their turn… These girls just jumped in front of the wrong guys that night and it would have been the same story for any guy that tried the same thing but that would not have been news worthy…

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