Norwegian Documentary film-makers exposes official academic fraud based on political correctness. So gay is biological (I agree) but somehow gender and race are not biological? The libtards weasel out by saying that “biology is not interesting.” Steven Pinker begs to differ.


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36 Responses to Brainwash

  1. Denise says:

    Simon Baron Cohen??? AGGHH! That’s the surname of that monstrous Talmudic freak “Borat” Sascha Baron-Cohen. England is SCREWED. Murdered via Talmudic ritual murder. Blood murder

  2. Denise says:

    John Money is one of the most evil devils that ever befouled the Earth. He murdered those twin boys.

    • The worst part of it is, his “success” (yeah right) with the Reimer twins led to many intersex kids being surgically altered and forced to live as one sex or the other. It also led to people taking 2-6 year olds (!) seriously when they claim to be the opposite sex, and putting them on a track to become a parody of that sex when they get older…

  3. Good find of a good find.

    The bigger issue here is that “science” has been co-opted to justify an agenda which has very questionable basis in reality. Not only are the scientists not proving anything, but they are fighting tooth and claw to refute any research which doesn’t follow a political mindset.

    The “Brainwashed” series is pretty interesting. It’s telling that the “approved scientists” aren’t willing to look at certain aspects of a complex system in a search for truth.

  4. lagunabeachfogey says:

    WN 1.0 is coming back faster than you and your comrades think–but this time, though, the practitioners have been upgraded. Like Varg.

    This is going to be interesting.

    WN 3.0

  5. oogenhand says:

    Excuse me, my anger got the better of me.

    • Denise says:

      Real Whites don’t believe in slavery. Whites are the only ethny that does not approve of slavery. For a host of reasons.

      You are obviously copulating with a Jewess. Thanks for tipping us off.

      • oogenhand says:

        Maureen and Denise do resemble Alte, a Twitter and WordPress follower of me, who admitted she was filled with jealousy; Alte is black.

        I did get my very dark eyes from my mother, however.

  6. This gender bending stuff is outright creepy. If an adult wants to do whatever, whatever, but operating on kids and giving them hormones? This is just child abuse. I really think it’s doctors finding crazy people who are willing to be experiments.

    There is this very weird neurological disease where someone might think/feel that an arm or a leg does not belong on their body, as if it’s a tumor or a growth, and they sometimes wind up cutting off their own limb. It’s a problem of their brain, not their body. I assume “gender identity disorder” is something similar.

    I’m sure when I was a kid I told my mom I wanted to be a dragon or a wizard at some point. Girls that like “rough and tumble play” with the boys, as opposed to play with dolls or whatever, we just call them “tomboys” and they often grow up particulary athletic, but there’s no “gender” problem. A boy that is bookish or artistic or plays dress up or whatever, we’ll often stereotype them as gay, but chances are they actually aren’t. I knew a kid that was sort of like that, and some people thought he was gay, but he turned out to be just about the most “alpha” ladies’ man I have ever known. It was odd, women would just chase this guy around, and he wasn’t particularly good looking or tall either. I suspect he was one of those “dark triad” people. It’s scary, but sociopaths can often be the most charismatic and sexiest people.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      With two brothers, no sisters and no girl neighbors to play with, I was the consumate tomboy growing up. I didn’t even like playing with dolls, although I tried. Still I ended up loving children and housekeeping and couldn’t wait to get married. The tomboy thing was just a stage I went through.

    • Yeah, I find operating on little kids’ genitalia and giving them hormones just intensely creepy. In The Man Who Would Be Queen, the author describes a psychiatrist who basically tries to get very feminine boys to accept the sex they were born with. Of course he was treated as an enormous monster for doing that.

      Here’s an ironic thing about Dr. Money’s legacy: he was trying to promote the idea that gender is totally socially constructed. But if that’s true, then surely transsexualism can be cured (without hormones, surgery, etc.) just by therapy and changing their “social constructs,” right?

      • @WI

        I’m sure I’m the most liberal, if not libertine, of the people that post on these sites, you all have read my blog, I’m the opposite of a prude. I suspect that transsexualism and homosexuality are biological caused; a hormonal disorder, and I feel sympathetic towards them.

        But look what they are doing to these kids:

        “Little Billy, it’s ok if you play with the pink Barbie car.”

        “Ok, mom, I want the pink barbie car.”

        “You see, doctor, he’s clearly a transsexual. Let’s hack him up and pump him full of hormones before he hits puberty.”

        Part of it really is the difference between sex (biological) and “gender” (as the libs define it.) There are clear, obvious, biological differences between women and men. There are also “social reinforced gender roles” that are based on biology, but also partly cultural. First they say, “don’t stereotype the kids by sex, let the girls play with Legos and the boys play with dolls.” Then: “oh, look, they chose the toy of the opposite gender, must be a transsexual!”

        As usual, liberals do what they accuse others of doing. What would they say if someone said, “oh your girl is really good at math, that’s a traditionally male talent, so therefore she must really be male, let’s hack her up and give her drugs.” How is it any different?

        Full Disclosure: I played with dolls as a child. We called them GI Joe.

      • I haven’t looked this up, but I suspect virtually all of these childhood hormonal treatment and surgeries are being done to boys to turn them into girls.

        That’s no coincidence. If a girl is showing “gender masculine” traits, that’s good, that’s empowering, right? But if a boy is showing “gender feminine” traits – which could be something as simple as artistic talent – that’s a gender problem.

        This is just part of the “War on Boys.” I swear there must be something in the food. Oh, there is, synthetic estrogens.

        P.S. – there have been stories of moms who wanted girls instead of boys that would dress their boy up like a girl long before the medical age. What’s new is medical professionals finding these abusive/crazy moms and pretending it’s the problem of the child.

    • ckorzeniowski says:

      There’s an Alternative Right article out there (I can’t find it offhand) about an East German scientist who did research into what caused homosexuality and he determined that the hormones the fetus is exposed to might make a man “feminine” in some ways (artsy, dandy/peacockish behaviors, feminine appearance) but he’d still be robustly heterosexual in his bedroom tastes. Then there’d be square jawed meatheads who’d be gay as a daffodil.

      Unfortunately most queers tend to be leftist culture destroyers. I don’t have any illusions about what they are, but I wouldn’t mind them so much if more of them were like Jorg Haider.

  7. RobRoySimmons says:

    That you people find it amazing that the cult minders of the left are sociopaths or psychopaths is a testament to the waste of time that Contardism is or was. “Respectable Conservatism” exists to normalize the left, not point out that it is run by crazy nutters. Of course you all participate to some degree, your blogs will highlight the goofs and screwballs of the left, its very base, and then in another turn in the same essay warn us lil’ chilluns of the omnipotence of these very same people.

    The Indian Christian’s film “The Village” very much tells us where white people are today, browbeaten by scary storys and bad props.

  8. If gender is strictly a “social construct”, then why aren’t more males trying to transition to female in an age of feminism? Why aren’t we seeing an epidemic of Negroplasty in BRA? Why aren’t we seeing Nose Augmentation in an age of ZOG?

    Biology is important, and despite what the Norwegian “scientists” want you to believe, very interesting.

  9. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Discussion about transsexuality.

  10. I suspect this story is somewhat related. So this woman, let’s call her Sally Soccermom, has just moved and enrolled her son and daughter into public school. At some point, the teacher tells her her son has ADHD and needs to be given Ritalin, or the equivalent. She’s pretty skeptical of this idea. Sure, her son can be rambunctious and a handful, but needing to given drugs seems a bit much.

    So, she starts asking around, talking to the other moms. She finds out that in this class, *every* boy, and *every* girl, with the exception of one girl, the shyest, quietest one, has been prescribed serious pharmaceuticals for ADHD, or other various ailments.

    Now, what are the chances that every single kid, save one, in a typical suburban school class somewhere, all have serious enough mental problems they need to be prescribed drugs? Basically, no chance. Almost certainly this class had been singled out for some sort of drug experiment, who knows the teacher may have been getting paid. I’m sure these “gender issue” kids are being singled out in the same way.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow that’s so evil!

    • This was a popular joke at my old high school:

      “When you go and see a psychiatrist, he’ll ask you if you hate school. If you say yes, you have ADD. Then he’ll ask you if you hate your parents. If you say yes, you have bipolar disorder.”

      I’m not doing the joke justice, but that was the general attitude to psychiatry at the school.

      I don’t know about the teachers getting paid directly to run a drug experiment on kids. My observation is it’s more of an institutional “consensus network” where guidance counselors, administrators, psychiatrists, general practitioners, etc. all decide that these drugs are the answer to kids “acting up” in class. Sort of like how gay marriage became the latest cause celebre.

    • ckorzeniowski says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that used to happen, but the use of mind altering drugs on kids is so widespread now we’re far past the testing phase. I never took ritalin, etc. as a kid but as I’ve grown older I’m shocked at how many people were on ADD meds, anti-depressants, and other poisons as kids and continue to take them. Doctors are definitely in bed with the pushers; I had to go to the walk in clinic a few times over the last month and there was always a pharma salesman there.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        The Pharm industry is HUUUGE and they had to pass laws (in California, I believe) so that Pharm reps could no longer basically bribe doctors into prescribing the drugs they were pedalling. I’m sure the crooks have found a way to work around this though.

        I’m shocked at how many women are on either anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds. Even some of my friends I never thought would take anything are considering it. Ugh.

  11. Attila says:

    Grow a bushy beard, wear loose clothes and look vaguely Mid-Eastern – and you’ll be left alone- even by the PC-libtards – at the everyday working level Americans are scared stiff of appearing “unfair”.

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