Police officer who caught the “911 dancing Israelis” speaks out on American Free Press

9-11 Cop Breaks Silence


The Israelis tried to say, “We’re on your side. Our enemies are your enemies.” LOL.


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5 Responses to Police officer who caught the “911 dancing Israelis” speaks out on American Free Press

  1. Don’t know if this is the same interview, he did one show and basically said, “this is what happened, that’s all I know, stop calling me.” LOL. Can’t blame him.

    There were police reports – broadcast on live TV – that they pulled over a van full of explosives, being driven by “Middle Eastern men” (from an unidentified ME country, therefore) towards the Brooklyn Bridge. They were going to blow it up.

    All down the memory hole, a mostly successful cover-up for 12 years. That’s power.

    The new WTC is almost completed, there will hold some sort of ghoulish public ceremony.

  2. A copy of the NYT opened to this article was displayed on a shelf as an “installation art piece” in the Met around 2005 I think.


    In short, the book belies the extravagance of the feat it seems to document: the covert installation, and brief use, of a balcony on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center, 1,100 feet above the earth. Eight photographs — some grainy, all taken from a great distance — depict one tower’s vast eastern facade, marred by a tiny molelike growth: a lone figure dressed in a white jacket, standing in a lectern-size box.

    Mr. Janka was happy to talk about the project, at least at first. After weeks of planning, he said, one night Gelatin — he, Florian Reither, Tobias Urban and Wolfgang Gantner — waited in the studio until dawn. At the appointed moment, the four, wearing harnesses, unscrewed the aluminum moldings that hold the window in place and used two large suction cups to remove the glass (air pressure adds about 300 pounds to the effort). As warm air streamed past, they outfitted the window with a cantilevered box, big enough for only one person at a time.

    Still, how did a balcony escape the notice of one of the most security-conscious office towers in the world? An examination of the security system revealed that it was focused on the ground floor and basement, Mr. Janka said, adding, ”There’s no surveillance on the facade itself.”

    Uh-huh. That’s like saying they couldn’t shoot down the aircraft that hit the Pentagon because the radar was “pointing the wrong way.”

  3. pluto the dog says:

    “The five Israelis were held for 10 weeks, but were eventually deported to Israel on charges of immigration violations. In November 2001, they appeared on an Israeli TV talk show discussing how they were in the U.S. “to document the event.”
    Did they really say they were in the US to document the event? – Implies they had prior knowlege.

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