Pro-White military bombmaker back on the job with the Army

Found on the rabidly anti white One Peoples Project (couldn’t find any other sources), my apologies.

Now that’s what an Aryan Mindweapon looks like!

The mechanical engineer working with explosives for the Army’s at its Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) in Maryland, returned to work Aug. 19 after a suspension was lifted when an an investigation determined that his associations with pro-white groups did not violate any Army or Department of Defense (DoD) standards.

John Stortstrom was suspended with pay May 28 after it was reported that he was one of 150 persons who attended the American Renaissance conference in April, as well as also a former member of the pro-white group Youth for Western Civilization and a close associate and supporter of pro-white activist and fellow YWC member Matthew Heimbach, who gained fame and accolades while advancing white nationalism as a student at Towson University and now promotes love for the White race through his new organization, the Traditionalist Youth Network. In May, Heimbach spoke at a meeting of the Rt. 40 Republican Club in Edgewood, MD, of which Stortstrom is a board member.
“After a thorough investigation, it was determined that Mr. Stortstrom has not committed any misconduct nor has he been associated with any organizations which violate Army or DoD policy,” Don Kennedy, ECBC Public Affairs Officer, told One People’s Project. Stortstrom produced non-lethal incindiary devices at the time of his suspension.
The news comes as Department of Homeland Security employee Ayo Kimathi was similarly suspended with pay from his job where he works on, he procurement of guns and ammunition for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, after a website he authors sufaced where among other things, he calls for the mass murder of whites and promotes anti-gay laws. His investigation is still pending.


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8 Responses to Pro-White military bombmaker back on the job with the Army

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Too bad he wasn’t taqiyya !

  2. ckorzeniowski says:

    I’ll bet you this guy is too valuable (and potentially dangerous) to fire, which is a lesson for us: be indispensable.

    • Craig says:

      Pretty much, it probably cost millions and years to train another. On top of that most of the Top Brass are still white, and will still be white if the USA and UN want to maintain the US military as a super power. Which TPTB certainly want to maintain.

      Interesting article I found in one of Hipsters links, it seems that the US politicians want to maintain the white population in the rural area’s or more specifically the culture, as it maintains and the US military as a superpower.

      • Anon says:

        well they aren’t totally braindead, but they’d have to turn many of their policies around to reverse this decline.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Interesting.  This suggests that the rural Whites could take the system down by dropping out.  Mindweapon, indeed!

  3. Anon says:

    Shows you what freedom of association is worth.

    • That a guy gets suspended from the military for going to AmRen, it could not have been much worse in the USSR. Jared Taylor is about the most moderate, soft spoken, uncontroversial writer and speaker I can imagine. I’ve read they used to broadcast the AmRen conference on C-SPAN in the 1990s, that’s how bad it’s gotten since then.

  4. TheRangedMartialArtist says:

    Awww, another antifail!!! These guys need to see this as a small “victory” because “he’s on the radar”, just like a heroin junkie needs that little fix to keep from killing themselves!

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