The Nuts And Bolts Of Cathedral Indoctrination

Liberal child abuse via government schools. Teaches children to despise and dismiss parental authority.


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12 Responses to The Nuts And Bolts Of Cathedral Indoctrination

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    Political Correctness is not like a religion it is a religion. I call it religious ecstasy where the human brain pumps out the endorphins when you say something or think something “good.” Its natural in humans but especially in women who live and die most often by these rushes of brain chems. Of course it happens with us men but we often tell ourselves we are completely ruled by logic and reason. Not true even an old Christian man of high IQ gives himself a brain rush when he tells you how smart and how intellectual his Christianity is even if he has nagging doubts about all the dogmas and cant. This is the same for adherents of the PC religion such as male MSM commentators who get brain rushes for spewing idiocy for the masses.

    It is one reason I say there is nothing there when it comes to liberalism, its basically a script for morons to repeat and give themselves a brain treat, beyond that there is nothing. You can find this out easily enough with a bit of effective interrogation. But of course few will do this instead we will respond to this brain treat rhetoric with “facts” and the child like lemming moron will repeat their brain treat phrase over and over. Eventually even the reactionary will be tempted by brain treat PC.

    • I ignore all leftist ideology now, having taken all of them seriously at some point, seriously considered them, and realized they were nonsense.

      Only feminism I can’t ignore. I keep going back to it like a moth to a flame. Guess we all have our weakness.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        They give you any brain rush, or were you there to tap some silly girl’s poon?

        TPTB could I think broadcast Dr. Seuss rhymes and our kiddies would wander about texting and speaking about green eggs and ham in Whoville. ( and be in ecstasy while doing so)

        One of the paleo-CON shticks is to tell us smart types how propaganda does not work and then literally in the same breath denounce the masses. Now there is something I am pissed about wasting my life sending money to, and all I got was some political code talk about “Family values” an shit.

    • Ah maybe that’s it. I get the brain rush from talking to intelligent women, not the ideology itself. Male feminists just evoke a sort of bemused pity.

      Speaking of your Dr. Suess scenario, it’s been done. They called it post-modernism.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Aren’t most of those “intelligent” women just weaklings who use passive-aggressiveness to their advantage, oh the tears and such. IMO its a rare woman who can conduct an intellectual discussion involving disagreement, they simply are not up to that negative brain rush (of course that is the secret to their manipulation). Feminism IMO is dog crap, but again I will say if a woman wants to enjoy the brief respite from nature that the West provides then by all means she should. But this will disappear and unless they can unleash terminator man killing robots of invincible strength against males they had better realize her gay gay is a valuable asset.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      GREAT comment. I remember the rush well, when helping a little brown person.

      Now I get the same rush from ranting about Jews. Haha just kidding. Sort of.

      Anyway, so rather than being a mental disorder, maybe multiculturalism is a symptom of a dopamine addiction.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Sorry for thread jacking but this reminds me of the your exchange with Penis Jew. My guess is that none of his idiocy prompted any brain treat response whatsoever it being merely a moron script to demoralize the white goy.

    But I’ll bet in a jew they get their brain treat rush from the thoughts about how superior they are to the inferior goy cattle. Now here is the tricky part, thinking like this is useful, but it I believe is temptation by evil and must be pruned back occasionally. Its one thing to be a cute little “goy” girl who calls “bad” people “racist” and who loves little animals and “diversity”, that kind of person is an idiot, often generally but NOT completely harmless. But a person who directs the script like a Penis Jew, a PC priest, a leader of any sort to manipulate the public script is power that quite frankly is often misused.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    (and the white representative is, of course, a girl)

  4. Stary Wylk says:

    Let me start by saying I didn’t watch the video the way it was meant to be watched. Videos always seem to be contain ten seconds worth of information per several minutes of sight and sound. I did scan through at ten to fifteen second intervals to read the text.
    This is what I got from the text:
    Here is the like of Saul Alinsky telling six-year-olds how to move the crowd. A bright or average kid who hears or reads strings of emotional words will notice, as he grows up, that someone is using these words to try to push his buttons. Having noticed, he gains a degree of immunity that will wax as he notices other attempts at manipulation. This short-sighted emotionalism is doomed to failure by its own contradictions.
    Some words and phrases stink of the attempt to manipulate. Yesterday I read an open letter from a young Hispanic with illegal immigrant parents who was telling Obama, “…you need to…”, quit deporting illegal immigrants. Have you noticed that when someone uses that phrase they are almost always making a statement contrary to fact? They aren’t necessarily lying; they might believe that crap; but usually. My usual response is,”No, I don’t have that need.” Then I ignore them.
    I noticed that one of the situations in the text was the kids ,”…don’t have anything to do during recess.” When my son went to public school they were forbidden to play Tag at recess because being “It” makes them feel left out. When he told me about this, it was definitely an opportunity to teach him.
    The kids, especially boys, know there is much wrong with the schools. They don’t blindly accept the ethics taught there, unless they’re taught the same elsewhere, like at home.

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    The brain rush of goodness does wear off, at Freekistan I found this

  6. Attila says:

    Wow- if this is what is going on – this country is in worst shape than I thought. What the fáck does this have to do with reading and writing and interpreting texts? “How to write Agitprop” would be a better title for this course.

  7. Have you ever looked at an eighth grade exam from 1895 or thereabouts? It’s amazing. The emphasis was different than it would be today (e.g. translating Ancient Greek and Latin instead of sciences) but many of the questions would puzzle today’s graduate students.

    Think of what Bertrand Russell was studying when he was six or seven years old, and compare it to these textbooks!

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