The anti-white anti-civilization, cargo cultist rabble have always been with us; a reply to Thrasymachus

Thrasymachus bemoans the corruption of at least 40% of whites with leftist, cargo cultist, anti-white ideas.

Theoretically, you can believe that what Zimmerman did was not right, but that he was cleared by the criminal justice system and the matter should be left at that. The Tea Party types love the constitution and Anglo-Saxon customs like common law and the jury trial, and as good Republicans we are supposed to respect the legal system. But this only works one way. When the Alinskyite left wants to use our rules against us, they talk about this, if they don’t like the outcome they ignore it and trash the system screaming “Racism!!!”

If it was just non-whites this would be one thing. Unfortunately some huge portion of the white population, 40% or more, has been utterly corrupted. They have no solidarity with any kind of civilization at all, they are just mobbing with the orcs. And it includes many normal-appearing whites.

That is because there is an echoing appeal in cargo cultist FDR socialism. Social Security and Medicare and Big Labor bought off huge swaths of the white American population and inculcated them with cargo cult thinking. It all goes back to economics.

I study the Left closely. A lot of the commenters at Kos and Crooks and Liars complain about their stingy welfare benefits of some sort or other –generally Social Security Disability and SNAP. They think hating YT that much harder, and getting the blacks to riot against the (White) Man is going to increase their SNAP benefits and Social Security Disability payments. They think stingy racists are keeping back their cargo cult checks, and in a certain sense they are right. There is a vestigial cultural echo of a work ethic in the USA, and we know that millions of people collecting social security disability and SNAP could be doing something to contribute to civilization.

I’ll tell you what they could be doing. They complain of not enough to eat. They could help out at a garden, and do processing and prep for other people who are working, and get free food and sell prepared meals to the working people around them who would rather eat Paleo than corn/wheat/soybeans. They could contribute to quality of lives of others, some of whom would share generously with them, and some of whom, like children and elderly, would just appreciate their work.

It took me all of 50 hours of labor and a few hundred dollars to produce a winter’s supply of potatoes, beans and winter squash. People imagine that producing vegetables by hand is so insanely labor intensive that it’s not worth it, just buy the corn syrup. They are wrong. It’s not that bad at all, and the rewards are physical health and physical attractiveness and even greater economic health, and confidence in one’s abilities to take care of oneself and those around him or her. Even if the garden gets weedy at the end it’s no big deal — weeds are actually good for the land, and every autumn I end up pulling a bumper crop out from a stand of weeds! The weeds are reincorporated into a hot leaves and horse manure compost, to kill the weed seeds, or burned.

Americans don’t contribute to their local community, especially leftist anti-white commenters. THey just want a bigger SNAP disbursement, a bigger SSD disbursement, to go spend at McDonalds and the mall. They want their piece of the cargo cult pie, damnit!

The cargo cult is failing. We are going to go back to something more like Downton Abbey, except a lot cruder and meaner:

If people on SSD and SNAP were to contribute their efforts to a relocalized food supply, or when they are forced to do so, a little town like mine would produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of food per year, and so would the similar towns across country. And it wouldn’t be corn syrup, it would be real food. People wouldn’t be fat any more, and probably have better mental health.

So I have no respect at all for the able bodied welfare parasites who DON’T DO ANYTHING to contribute to the quality of life in their community. The Soviet Union didn’t have welfare, by the way. Would-be welfare parasites and drunks were literally forced to do some job. I remember reading a newspaper article in Ukraine in 1999 about how the drunks would work every other day. After the workday, get a bottle of vodka and get shit-hammered, sleep it off the next day, back to work the day after. food wasn’t an issue — their employers probably fed them.

The welfare rabble think that they have no duty to contribute to the welfare of their community or even their own family. They’d rather feed their kids and grandkids high fructose corn syrup than get off their fat asses and do gardening and processing and trading which could provide their progeny a natural diet free of grains and processed chemistry. They let their kids and grandkids grow up to be fat asses like them. Itz the Republicans fault for not coddling them enough! Where is the FDR dream they were promised? Boo hoo. Now is the age of the FDR Hangover.

So don’t despair of these people, Thrasymachus. The scum have always been with us, and always will be with us (unless we get rid of them through scientific eugenics). Reality will deal with them, and the harder they try to maintain the cargo cult, the harder Reality will hit back at them. If they try to raid the local bourgeouis, Bolshevik style, or Nat Turner style, they’ll end up in a very bad way. Their only path to survival will be to be good workers who contribute to the local community.

Update: Ohio governor John Kasich requiring able bodied adults with no kids to contribute 20 hours a week to their community.

Gov. John Kasich’s administration will limit food stamps for more than 130,000 adults in all but a few economically depressed areas starting Jan. 1.

To qualify for benefits, able-bodied adults without children will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 counties exempt because of high unemployment. The requirements begin next month; however, those failing to meet them would not lose benefits until Jan. 1.

“It’s important that we provide more than just a monetary benefit, that we provide job training, an additional level of support that helps put (food-stamp recipients) on a path toward a career and out of poverty,” said Ben Johnson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Leftist blogger Digby calls this slavery. Uh, no. I think the taxpayers are the slaves here.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Slave labor is as American as apple pie (which poor people are not allowed to have)

by digby

Ohio is apparently overrun with lazy bums needing food and whatnot. This’ll teach them:

Right. It’s for their own good to have to work 20 hours a week for an average of $132 a month in food stamps. But hey, slave labor is a great way to replace all those union jobs that Kasich eliminated, isn’t it?

These right wing white guys have always been big fans of slavery. And hunger:

I think doing something besides this:


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33 Responses to The anti-white anti-civilization, cargo cultist rabble have always been with us; a reply to Thrasymachus

  1. He’s bemoaning a lack of solidarity with a Mestizo who killed a Negro. No one would have ever heard of either of these two if it wasn’t made an issue by the media. White people side with Zimmerman or Martin depending on which TV show they watched. It’s a meaningless metric for racial solidarity, because it’s nothing but a TV show. The same white anti-whites that side with Martin because they want to be “anti-racist” are perfectly racist in real life, and probably even making up for that by an elaborate show; the Zimmerman/Martin thing is a great opportunity to “prove” your anti-racist bona fides – *without having to actually do anything.* Remember, there are still plenty, maybe the majority, of whites in the country that barely ever see a person of another race, except on TV.

    WNs love to complain about miscegenation. OKCupid, the dating site, releases their statistics on a regular basis and writes about them, it’s a great insight into the modern dating culture. White women are the most racially exclusive of any group; no matter what their profiles actually say, they only respond to white men. White men are the second most racially exclusive group.

    Everyone is ignoring the reality and following around the show; the circus, which is exactly why the mass media exists in the first place. The only real political issue there is is immigration; good luck with that as the ruling elites of both parties are dedicated to it.

    When it comes to race, whites are in a far, far better position than WNs realize, it’s just they are still trying to get it through their heads that the TV – and internet commenters – do not reflect real life. The professional anti-whites, especially the YKWs, troll for fun, trying to convince people that there is an anti-white consensus. But it’s fake, it’s an inch deep, and it goes by the wayside the second there is a serious crisis, like your peak oil.

    If it ever comes to that, the people who have organized their local community, produce their own food, and saved up resources like the Mormons – those people become the new power brokers, they become the new mayors and the new county commissioners. Those who haven’t fall into line and take orders, or they starve or get kicked out.

    In some ways I see it as a win/win.

    Don’t know how I missed your Aug 20 thread about the collapse and how great it will be. My idea has always been, you need to rebuild the civil society that TV, Bowling Alone, and integration/white flight killed. We had the fraternities, the Masons, the Elks, the churches, the community clubs, the neighborhood associations. Rebuild those – privately – and everything else falls into place.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment Hipster! I agree completely. If local people around here were motivated to build community associatiosn, I certainly would volunteer a lot of time and energy and even some money to do my part for it.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Forgot to say GREAT Comment HR. I actually copy pasted it over at Eradica where everyone’s so demoralized. They need to be Mindweaponized over there.

  2. Jackson says:

    Most of the cosmics I know are employed, they tend to be middle middle class in income, and perhaps upper-middle class in asperations. The people I know doing well, say making $100K a year or more, tend to be more conservative. Some of the cosmics are blue collar labor union, some are public employee types, and some are cultural hippies who grew up hating that man.

    All of them were united in their hatred of Bush, who, to them represents what is out of reach. (And therefore no one else should have it). Prep schools, Ivy Leagues, CEO positions, family influence and wealth. They hate those things more than they hate being mugged by the local diversity.

    It is essentially an emotional problem, a psychological disorder. Rush, of all people, has it right when he says “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. They are self-hating. I’ve heard a 55 year old white guy rage about “fucking old white men”, as if that’s not the category he himself fits in. The same fellow would never rant about any other group that way.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    TAKE NOTE: “The Soviet Union didn’t have welfare, by the way. Would-be welfare parasites and drunks were literally forced to do some job.”

    • Razvan says:

      It’s a bit more complicated than that.
      The drunkards, former thieves, even rapists, and whores were “integrated” in what was called “the field of work”.

      Propagandistic, it was explained by the idea that the environment is defining us, and not the heredity. They thought that with the proper effort anyone can be transformed into a genius, that everyone is replaceable, and dispensable. Of course, everyone excepting the political elite. They were all geniuses, irreplaceable human monuments (until they were breaking the party line).

      The twist was that the dregs were used to spy their “colleagues” or “work comrades”, and especially the designated targets (technical management, the best workers and engineers). They were sure that the dregs were not rebelling, they only wanted to steal something (which was allowed within certain limits), get drunk, party, and fornicate. So they used the dregs against anyone with any potential, culture, education, decency, or a good family. You can’t imagine how fast the despair struck the best people, and how fast the dregs found “followers”. No one could even protest (whistle blowing). You can not imagine how viciously they were attacked by the party, security, police, and most of all by the dregs.

      The job security was so high that almost under no circumstances could someone be fired (even stupidity, incompetence, theft, rape, blackmail, drinking were usually bypassed).

      Their effect on the economic health was of the same magnitude of an atomic bomb. State of the art factories were rendered useless and most of all indefensible. In 1989 they were ripe for the biggest jewish heist in history. I am sure that the “integration of dregs” idea was concocted by jews, and thought as a step in a greater scheme.

      Keeping out of work those types is better than integrating them into “the field of work”. Probably that “one bad apple …” saying has never been more truer. (Also there is another Romanian saying, that you can not convince a whore to become a good housewife).

      As a principle, don’t accept anything coming from a jew. Nothing at all (and we should include here christianity too). No matter how good or right their ideas might seem. Stay away from anything “generous” coming from them.
      Because behind anything he’ll be proposing there will be something to harm you. If you’ll think that you’ll sustain the blow, think that the blow will be in fact one thousand times harder than you imagine.

      In the future white ethno-state the dregs have to be kept out. Otherwise you’ll be inviting disaster.

      • HerewardMW says:

        It sounds like you’re speaking from direct experience. I’ve heard a couple of times recently about the pillaging of the former Soviet Union in the early ninties but can’t find any good sources in English.

        Any suggestions?

      • Razvan says:

        Hereward, I am a Romanian. I speak from my direct Romanian experience. I don’t like to extrapolate, but I am sure that the former USSR, and all the other former communist nations were prepared the “same” way. I guess in the former USSR was worse and the former Czechoslovakia was better.

        As a suggestion, there are many good threads on Stormfront Russia. There are few great things there. Also you can check Alexander Mikhaylov on . I read sometime ago an extensive interview withe a jewish mobster from Odessa, detained now in US for life. Guess it was the best introduction to what was really happening beyond the Iron Curtain. I’ll try to find that link.

        The real history of the nineties is yet to be written in its all intricacies. What’s sure is that everything was prepared from the eighties by subversion. In the nineties it was a lightning fast blow.
        I read that Larry Summers had an entire department at Harvard to conceive the methods for the economic heist in the East. After that we all know the names of the jewish rich men of Russia from the nineties.

      • mindweapon says:

        good point Razvan! Thanks for the great story!

      • Razvan says:

        Thank you too, MW.

      • HerewardMW says:

        Thanks for the info, Razvan. It’s something I’m fascinated by as it’s one of those instances where what was actually happening and the story that was projected by the media at the time were so completely at odds and very few people know even though it’s hardly secret anymore.

      • Razvan says:

        Hereward, the interesting thing is that they experiment somewhere only to apply later on a greater scale. Many things that happened in Europe are now happening, slightly adapted in US. Conversely, what they learned in US they are aggressively pushing in Europe a little later.

        This is why many histories are kept if not secret, certainly under blackout and obfuscation. Because “Historia magistra vitae est”. The jews are so afraid of these four words that they are trying really hard to discredit them.

        This is one of the motives why I am following MW. I simply learn what’s in the store for us in my own neck of the wood. Conversely, if I sense that my story might help someone I post it with all my heart.

      • zogbeech says:

        i agree with razvan – dont trust anything coming fm a jew, or a jewish source – nikola tesla said the same over a century ago:)

  4. Ryu says:

    I think we’ve got a ways to go in that. Few survivalists actually do anything other than spend money. One senses that we’re at least 20 years from that right now.

    • mindweapon says:

      I brought about 30 pounds of buggy fruit and vegetables to a local farmer to feed to his chickens and got some goat milk in return for barter. Also put up some winter squash, and got some ideas from the farmerr about winter storage of vegetables using tool racks from Home Depot.

  5. Part of the problem with a lot of this dependence on ‘the system’ is the fact that our ‘government’ is completely against private land ownership. They WANT EVERYONE to be dependent on the ‘government’. They don’t want you to own land, so that you’ll be dependent on the ‘government’ for all of your needs. They don’t want people that can live independently from the ‘government’. The ‘government’ wants and needs a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, lazy, and fearful slaves to keep it in power. The banking bailout, the home loan scandal, the inflated home prices, the inflated land prices, and the ‘laws’ that were passed during the last forty years were set up to prevent home ownership. If you do own a home and some land, you will keep paying a ransom to the IRS and the government forever. If you don’t understand the farm seizures that started in the 1980’s, and the corporate takeover of our food supply, then you are not as informed as I thought. Monsanto and ConAgra are the two biggest food controllers. The small-time American farmer has been all but obliterated. You want to sell fresh produce from a produce stand? You have to have a license, and you have to pay, pay, pay. You want to give food to the homeless? It’s against the law. The hunting laws, the fishing laws, the licenses that you have to buy, the laws forbidding rainwater collection….it’s all part of it. So is the EBT card. So is the support of single mothers. The ‘government’ hates the family, the clan, and ethnic pride for Whites. The ‘government’ wants EVERYONE to be ghetto. Make no mistake about that. While I agree that there are some Whites that are just plain worthless, it is my belief that most poor, hardworking Whites have been displaced in their own country–by affirmative action, corporate greed, racism, ‘multiculturalism’, academic discrimination, and other Whites that hate them.

    • mindweapon says:

      I disagree. I own land. It’s no big deal to own land in the USA.

      Laws forbidding rainwater collection are indeed absurd.

      It’s still legal to hunt and fish.

      • Mosin Nagant says: SWAT team shuts down another urban farm last month for code violations: “Men and women in their official capacity during the raid were responsible for the destruction of blackberry bushes, okra plants, tomatillo plants, numerous native grasses and sunflowers which provided food and bedding for animals, and essential material for building projects and provided cool and shade for crops that would otherwise be dead due to the intense summer heat. The Garden of Eden gets producing tomato crops all summer long which is almost unheard of in the middle of Texas heat, and those crops are now dying because of exposure to the full power of the summer sun. Cucumbers are also now dying because of sun exposure due to the destruction of the land. This included 55 gallon barrels which are used for rain water collection, animal water feed tanks, aquaponics systems, and many other uses, glass doors which are used for green house purposes and solar dehydrator and solar water heating apparatuses, two refrigerators which are were to be used for solar hot air collectors to heat buildings without electric or gas heat and had also been used for other sustainable realities, and lots of wood for building tables, benches and chairs for the new commons room to be built. Multiple axles to be used to make a home made trailer were taken, as were other valuble items documented in an AFFIDAVIT OF DAMAGES….”

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        What AE said is true. There is a trend in that direction. That’s why politics ARE important. Local and otherwise.

  6. Craig says:

    That’s pretty much what we have down here for whites, they must study or work if able, or no dole check. Under the Geneva convention, indeed work for the dole could be classed as slave labour. I meet a university fellow who had been at Uni for 10 years, then went onto the dole, when he was forced to work for the dole, he took it to court under the Geneva convention. The government rather then fight it paid him out so he gets the dole regardless if he works or not, it’s like a little pension for him. I guess a small price for the government to pay to prevent a court precedent if he was successful.

    Imagine all the dole bums taking the western governments to court for work for the dole? hehhehe. It would certainly make revoking the Geneva convention and the UN mandate more appealing for the elite over time.

    You have to know your rights to conduct legalistic MWar.

    Add to that using both sides of the political coin to conduct MWar, could shake it up into the direction we want it to go.

  7. Dan Poole says:


    I don’t think economics is the primary reason why so many normal-appearing Whites have no solidarity with any kind of civilization at all. It seems like there are two things going on:

    1. Brainwashing.

    2, Genes.

    Wait what, genes?

    Yes, genes.

    Here’s a comment that I read on the Occidental Dissent a month and a half ago:

    The solution is to build a better people. It has been known for quite some time that traits as common as religious fervor to cognitive ability and personality type are substantially genetic in origin (80% of your cognitive ability is purely genetic by the time you reach your 50s).

    Recently, scientists have announced that they are closing in on the genetic underpinnings of conservative vs. liberal mindsets (it probably has something to do with cortisol levels). Why not use this information to our advantage?

    Even within the most liberal European countries, there are millions of very conservative and/or very religious white Caucasians. Imagine, using a psychological and genetic screening process to select and encourage (through tax breaks, free education, etc) the immigration of those individuals to our country to replace DWL defects, illegals, and others as they emigrate to California?

    As Europe becomes ever more totalitarian due to the very public disproving of egalitarianism, it will become ever easier to encourage these people to emigrate out of those repressive countries to yours, where European people and culture are celebrated.

    Since those traits (religiousity, groupism, nationalism, etc.) are all likely heritable to some degree, it will be possible to build, through immigration, a naturally conservative population that could succeed under any form of government – democratic or not.

    Middle class and working class Whites are more or less subject to the same economic conditions and the same corn syrup utopia. I’ll admit that economic leftists are more likely to fall among the 40% of Whites who show no solidarity with any kind if civilization, but to be brutally honest, I don’t see how the capitalist-loving libertarians and patriotards are much better. Here’s an excerpt from an email exchange that I had with a life long friend recently:

    “I will continue to be a thoughtful, careful conservative. One who cares about people of all colors, a person who tries to understand those who are hurting, and figure out what is the best way to help them. And yes, I do want the races to get along and live together, and I absolutely do not think one race has any attributes better than another.”

    Utterly corrupted? Check.

    No solidarity with any kind of civilization at all? Check

    Mobbing with the orcs? Check.

    Materialism is materialism whether it manifests itself as communism or laissez faire capitalism. Economic leftists on the Daily Kos, though a contemptible lot, aren’t the only whites who hate what we in the pro-White movement stand for.

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